Ionic Native Push Notifications + Firebase Cloud Messaging


  1. Fireship

    FireshipTahun Yang lalu

    Get up and running with FCM and Ionic Native... There are a few caveats with native push notifications for iOS and Android builds, so I recommend following the full article where I explain in more detail. Hit me up on Slack if you want to chat :)

  2. Manish Khandelwal

    Manish KhandelwalTahun Yang lalu

    Angular Firebase I have a doubt , help me please.

  3. Huidong Ji

    Huidong JiTahun Yang lalu Sorry from the tutorial's app.component.ts part it has some syntax error

  4. Martin Meiring

    Martin Meiring14 hari yang lalu

    Use firebase-x plugin instead ( or else you won't get this working any longer.

  5. Jad Ayash

    Jad AyashBulan Yang lalu

    angularfire2 is not any more available

  6. Elvis Edmar

    Elvis Edmar3 bulan yang lalu

    Es una mierda tu video, explicas pesimo

  7. Ngọc Ánh Nguyễn Thị

    Ngọc Ánh Nguyễn Thị3 bulan yang lalu

    Free personalized push notification with

  8. Anil Kumar

    Anil Kumar4 bulan yang lalu

    public firebaseNative: Firebase, 'Firebase' refers to a value, but is being used as a type here..

  9. Duane Hodges

    Duane Hodges5 bulan yang lalu

    This is a great tutorial...but how about a messaging app where you want to send notifications not based on subscribing to a particular topic but whenever you get a new message from a particular user?

  10. mohammed riyaz

    mohammed riyaz5 bulan yang lalu

    its shows me run time error , while i am giving ionic serve, on the same time while see the console, its shows me ERROR cordova_not_available , please anybody give me a solution for this i fought only because of adding , this code ionViewDidLoad() { // Get a FCM token this.fcm.getToken(); // Listen to incoming messages this.fcm.listenToNotifications().pipe( tap(msg => { // show a toast const toast = this.toast.create({ message: msg.body, duration: 3000 }); toast.present(); }) ) .subscribe(); }

  11. Asphixia

    Asphixia5 bulan yang lalu

    ionic native FCM is the best alternative in this moments

  12. shailendra kumar

    shailendra kumar6 bulan yang lalu

    Hi team, Can you please make a new video for FCM with ionic angular

  13. Rishabh K

    Rishabh K7 bulan yang lalu

    I have a problem.. while build my app on android back button not working?? Can u please help.. i tried so hard but i dont understand whats the problem.

  14. Modir Arabezy

    Modir Arabezy7 bulan yang lalu

    generate provider fcm not worck

  15. Modir Arabezy

    Modir Arabezy7 bulan yang lalu

    Many of the mistakes are clear that the old explanations no longer work with the determinations Please help me with a very simple explanation for the latest release

  16. Mike Settecasse

    Mike Settecasse9 bulan yang lalu trows error when deploying functions doesnt let me put 2 data.. it's still not working this

  17. Mike Settecasse

    Mike Settecasse9 bulan yang lalu

    the subscriber collection is not created ! i followed ur steps but i cant see the subscriber collection on firebase

  18. हँसी तो खुशी

    हँसी तो खुशी9 bulan yang lalu

    hello sir please make a video for select option with search in ionic 4 npm install ionic-selectable@4.4.0 --save this is not working

  19. 임창수

    임창수9 bulan yang lalu

    Are you going to make an ionic course too?

  20. Deepak Chaudhary

    Deepak Chaudhary9 bulan yang lalu

    Not working with me. In browser it saying "cordova_not_available", But in android app, its also not working. Please help

  21. sergio sanchez

    sergio sanchezTahun Yang lalu

    action buttons ???

  22. Eva Casitas

    Eva CasitasTahun Yang lalu

    Hi, i followed everything but it does not generate device token.. can somebody help me please. thank you so much

  23. BrainWork

    BrainWorkTahun Yang lalu

    Thanks man

  24. lawson temudo

    lawson temudoTahun Yang lalu

    Is there any tutorial for ionic 3 crashlytics ?

  25. Mitchel Awesome

    Mitchel AwesomeTahun Yang lalu

    Awesome tutorial! One question, when i send out the messages, they are not "flagged" as received in the Firebase console. Is there a special command to acknowledge opening of the message?

  26. Steven Hines

    Steven HinesTahun Yang lalu

    Decent overview but skipping the Firebase to iOS push notification configuration is a big gap

  27. Jijish Thomas

    Jijish ThomasTahun Yang lalu

    can i use it for ionic v1?

  28. poimsm

    poimsmTahun Yang lalu

    not working

  29. Rahul Kamboj

    Rahul KambojTahun Yang lalu

    Keep updating about the a ionic tutorial...i will definitely subscribe to it and if rates are genuine will sure buy you have any courses on udemy? Let me know. Btw really nice overview.

  30. Vipul Dimri

    Vipul DimriTahun Yang lalu

    Notification works if app is running or in background but how to display notification when after app is killed.

  31. Mitchel Awesome

    Mitchel AwesomeTahun Yang lalu

    The notification will still be send to your device. When you click on the notification, your app will open.

  32. Harun Davut

    Harun DavutTahun Yang lalu

    Hello everyone dear friends.. My problem is, how to do 1 time local notification per every 10 minutes or every per 1 hour? Because i couldn't set it more than about 5 minutes because app take itself standby mode after 5-6 minutes and it is not sending the local notification for a information reminder application project... Please help me, thank you...

  33. Anass Hl

    Anass HlTahun Yang lalu

    does anyone knows how to make intro slider page pls

  34. David Eduardo Cermeño Pinzon

    David Eduardo Cermeño PinzonTahun Yang lalu

    Are you are using ionic 4?, because with an ionic 3 (attached to angular 5.2 thanks to the framework) it says some angular 6 modules are needed for that.

  35. Sibabrat Swain

    Sibabrat SwainTahun Yang lalu

    in your push notification icon is showing .

  36. Faizal John

    Faizal JohnTahun Yang lalu

    I wish i could be a pro member, awesome tutorial... cant wait for part 2 with ionic 4

  37. Kristín Helga Magnúsdóttir

    Kristín Helga MagnúsdóttirTahun Yang lalu

    Great tutorial, thank you ! Important: If you are using this to build iOS apps, then you need to run with "Legacy build system" if you are running it on Xcode 10. See: Just before someone else spends wayyy too much time on trying to figure out why the push notifications are not delivered to your iphone.

  38. Kouagny Béliessou Clément Guénolé KOUADIO

    Kouagny Béliessou Clément Guénolé KOUADIOTahun Yang lalu

    Good evening, please can I have a github link of the project ?

  39. Vivek Gawande

    Vivek GawandeTahun Yang lalu

    Did anyone manage to get it working on iOS Edit: I got it working. Read the blog it has a link to an article for iOS

  40. Higor Tavares

    Higor TavaresTahun Yang lalu

    Hello how to make it in a ionic 1 aplication, I am triyng to make it in my job but I'm not have success :(


    ESWAR DUTTA11 bulan yang lalu

    Hello Higor , do u succeed in you attempt.if so help me

  42. RooT Kai

    RooT KaiTahun Yang lalu

    Hmmmm do this work even if the app is killed?

  43. Madhu Magar

    Madhu MagarTahun Yang lalu

    It is not working as shown `platforms/android/app/src/main/java/com/marianhello/bgloc/ error: cannot access zzbfm if (lastActivity.getType() == DetectedActivity.STILL) { ^ class file for not found`

  44. Soru

    SoruTahun Yang lalu

    Great tutorial! Followed it and works like a charm. However, I need to be able to make use of collapsible notifications. Therefore I need to add a collapse_key, but this cannot be done via sendToDevice(). Do you know how this works and what I should do differently? I'm referring to

  45. Andrés Pérez

    Andrés PérezTahun Yang lalu

    Hi, i have this problem Property 'pipe' does not exist on type 'Observable' Does this happen to anybody else?

  46. Sami Haroon

    Sami HaroonTahun Yang lalu

    Please do a tutorial on FCM plugin by ionic.

  47. Manish Khandelwal

    Manish KhandelwalTahun Yang lalu

    Help me please, I have a doubt. In the new documentation of FCM for version 1.1.0 . I have seen all tutorials regarding the Firebase FireStore. Like you are querying from the FireStore in this notification part, but I have data in Real-time Database, can we do the same thing which you explained in this video, from Real-time Database and not using FireStore? If yes, can you show me the code.

  48. THE ROYAL 11

    THE ROYAL 11Tahun Yang lalu

    I have solved it, If you want I can send you the solution. But I am now having problem in the foreground notification part. The user ID sent as data is showing null for opening the profile in FirebaseMessagingService class.

  49. Syed Sabbir Sunny

    Syed Sabbir SunnyTahun Yang lalu

    You did not require to login and select app for firebase function.. Ss specified in docs. I sm confused.


    TANKTWISTATahun Yang lalu

    What if i'm not handling my user login via firebase?

  51. Sindbaad Tech

    Sindbaad TechTahun Yang lalu

    Why do we use wrappers like angularfire2 or even ionic native mobile plugin when the core npm firebase does it all?

  52. Vivek Gawande

    Vivek GawandeTahun Yang lalu

    Thats how Ionic works I guess. Many of the npm cordova plugins require messing around with javascript windows and declaring variables which does not look like readable code at all

  53. Sindbaad Tech

    Sindbaad TechTahun Yang lalu

    All of the firebase videos that I see use the web api config in the app.module.ts. But you showed in completely other way to download the file. What is the difference? Why do they not follow this method? Or am I mistaken? Confused for sure.

  54. Sindbaad Tech

    Sindbaad TechTahun Yang lalu

    Ok sorry. I see you put the configuration as well in the app.module.ts

  55. Fireship

    FireshipTahun Yang lalu

    You need to follow these steps if you plan on deploying to native mobile platforms, like Google Play or Apple App Store.

  56. Simbarashe Maunga

    Simbarashe MaungaTahun Yang lalu

    Works but won't compile on Adobe Phonegap Build :(

  57. Santosh Humnekar

    Santosh HumnekarTahun Yang lalu

    Great 👍👌👌

  58. Atique Akbani

    Atique AkbaniTahun Yang lalu

    how to send images with the messages from cloud functions??



    Hi. Excellent tutorial I have this error: typescript: C:/ionic/fcmapp/node_modules/angularfire2/, line: 10 Class 'FirebaseApp' incorrectly implements interface 'FirebaseApp'. Property 'automaticDataCollectionEnabled' is missing in type 'FirebaseApp'. Thank you.

  60. Ojt Werk

    Ojt WerkTahun Yang lalu

    Can you make a tutorial for sending notification to a specific device? For example , I clicked a button , theres a function that will send notification to other device

  61. Rebar Ahmad

    Rebar AhmadTahun Yang lalu

    The Admin SDK Example is old and not FCM conform. With that solution you won't be able to send costom images, etc. for Android. I know Phonegap Push Plugin & Ionic recommand that, but the official FCM-Documentation is better. Maybe I'll do a tutorial for that

  62. sunil kunapareddy

    sunil kunapareddyTahun Yang lalu

    hey hai ... app installs on iPhone but the token doesn't saves in storage ... how to achieve it ??? please help with this issue... and even it asks for permissions soon the app installs for first time

  63. Sandro Maceno

    Sandro MacenoTahun Yang lalu

    Does anyone have an example of a mobile-only message delivery? It is more useful for our day to day

  64. Huidong Ji

    Huidong JiTahun Yang lalu

    I think there are still some errors on the tutorial code.

  65. Karthi Keyan

    Karthi KeyanTahun Yang lalu

    In ionic this firebase plugin was beta?.Shall we use this plugin in production ?

  66. Fireship

    FireshipTahun Yang lalu

    That is true, but it is a well maintained plugin. It is basically your only option aside from building your own from scratch.

  67. iñigo Hernandez

    iñigo HernandezTahun Yang lalu

    The icon is always white? Why does this happen?

  68. Hidung Pesek

    Hidung PesekTahun Yang lalu

    how can i send automatical message real time using firebase when json data was updated??

  69. Martin Gitehi

    Martin GitehiTahun Yang lalu

    Jeff, I got a weird error with the firebase plugin here. How best do I resolve this? * What went wrong: Execution failed for task ':processDebugResources'. > Error: more than one library with package name ''

  70. Fireship

    FireshipTahun Yang lalu

    Hmm, have not seen that one yet. Looks like it's a hot button issue right now