Investigating Conspiracies with Shane Dawson


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    I'm so proud of this video and I hope you guys enjoy it. Thank you for letting me make stuff like this and for supporting our channel. We appreciate it more than you'll ever know. -Shane & Andrew

  2. Rais Cooper

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    Lol last reply

  3. Emma Mclean

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    shane so I have no idea if Shane will even see this but, my family actually owned part of a Chuck E. Cheese. My mom and I both worked there and I can Vividly remember going as a kid and having a few birthday parties there. While I worked there I can for sure tell you that we did not take pieces of pizza and put it together but that young teenagers were definitely making your pizza. However to go with the gambling thing this might just be a far stretch but I don’t think it is. My family didn’t only own half of Chuck E. Cheese but we also owned the casino literally connected to Chuck E. Cheese like I am not joking there was a door that if you opened it from the back where the workers are you would get into the casino. They were and are currently right next to each other. I live in Billings Montana you can literally see it if you search. I have also seen firsthand how young kids would be angry if their parents wouldn’t. buy them coin‘s,and how if they won or didn’t win that would really affects them. It was kind of like a competition, and the whole getting one ticket is definitely like a tactic to keep you coming. I have personally played every game and I don’t think I’ve ever actually gotten the jackpot and I have played for the last 18 years. This Might be a far stretch but honestly I don’t think so..... parents would drop their kids off to basically gamble their money away while the parents left to go to our casino and also gamble their money. If Shane wants to know more I’ll tell him.

  4. Erin Connelly

    Erin Connelly23 hari yang lalu

    Shane... where are you? Where have you been? Why are there no comments asking this? Did you already say something on the channel? Due to all of the very serious things in this video, I’m concerned..

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  6. Luke Axolotl

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    I tested the lyrebird thing and it was very accurate and creepy

  7. Stephy

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    Wow he is so happy....... how is that like? Depression 100

  8. Cup quake

    Cup quakeJam Yang lalu

    I feel so sorry for the boy.. the thing is he will have to learn about this stuff when he's older and trust me I know it's not a great experience

  9. Rouge_BLOX

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    Wait hold up, i'm Croatian, RIGHT NEXT TO SERBIA

  10. Lyssa Bird

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    I love that at the end you decided to show his face, cause he deserves it after what he did to Brittani. btw, Brittani, you are so strong for telling your story and I hope that so many good things come your way and that the psychopathic prat stays away from you. love you guys heaps

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    holy crap this scared the fuck out of me for the 2nd time..........AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH

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    Shane meeting you in person would be amazing but I live in the middle of the fucking boonies. #fuck Missouri

  13. julie 2019

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    OMG something really creepy just happened so at 2:21 when that girl said "it's 4:30 in the morning and I can't sleep" for me when I was watching it I looked at the time and it was 4:30 and I couldn't sleep too😯

  14. Anastasia Zinnecker

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    Apparently Chuck E Cheese employs over 15,000 employees, so, that explains the dislikes lol.

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    I sent a message on insta

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    35 million veiws... *slowly claps yet 1mil ikes... MATH AND LOGIC ARE NOT HeRE

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    It ain’t scary it just the stupid editing

  19. Chloe Kirsten

    Chloe Kirsten11 jam yang lalu

    The Chuck E. Cheese thing about gambling is literally UK arcades

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    Any one here in 2020? Cause I’m not

  21. Shelby Smith

    Shelby Smith11 jam yang lalu

    The part where Brittani’s mom tells you congratulations makes me low key wanna cryyy. She’s so proud of you to see you before you were famous and now seeing everything you have done for yourself, ugh you should feel so proud of yourself Shane!! I’ve been a big fan of yours since the very beginning wayyy back in the Shanaynay days so I’m really proud of you to see how much you have grown and expanded yourself as well!! Keep kicking ass 😍

  22. hi_im_jc 123

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    Someone out there, will be freaking out right now, because their boyfriend is Milos.

  23. Emely V.

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    Why does he look like Jake Gyllenhal tho. It’s creeping me out. 1:32:08

  24. Isabelle

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    Shane are you still uploading because I haven't seen any of your videos past this point hope you are ok 😊

  25. Isabel Li

    Isabel Li14 jam yang lalu

    I just started binge watching all ur videos yesterday and I could not think of one reason to not love you! You are just awesome and great and fabulous and everything, having such courage and honesty. I would want to become a person like you one day, be honest and be my awesome self. All in all, love your videos and keeping being great as you already are :)

  26. Alison Hunter

    Alison Hunter15 jam yang lalu

    This is amazing

  27. Lindsay Ladd

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    The E. in Chuck E. Cheese stands for enterprise. Chuck Enterprise Cheese! WTF

  28. Lóránt Papp

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    Is there any shops in america which is not a big fckin company ?

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  30. Ghost Player1

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    Puppets in chucky cheases reminds me of freddy fazzbears pizzarea

  31. Erica Polo

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    About CEC, all it takes is to get someone in the kitchen, after an order is made (knowing someone else has left a pizza). They could "accidentally" walk in the kitchen, hidden camera, & see what goes down back there. OR pay a CEC chef (promising them anonymity), a considerable amount of money, & have them tell the truth. 🤷🏽‍♀️🍕

  32. Wildchild 3

    Wildchild 317 jam yang lalu

    Say allegedly so u don’t get sued. Love the video. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😊

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    I swear Shane should have a Netflix show.

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    I think the baby is Todoroki....

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    Mom said one more video before bed

  36. Charlene Herrella

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    This video is about exposing chuck e. cheese, exploring Shane’s friend’s fucked up love life, and Lyrebird (voice generator).

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  38. rat king leo

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    make the voice thing say shidd and fugg

  39. dont expect much

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    Can Shane please go to the 51 Raid and just record the whole thing for future generations to cringe at!

  40. Clobo

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    I admire how shane did show milos's face in the end. A guy like that doesn't deserve privacy, and to be protected. After what he did, he deserves to be on the Internet so everyone knows who he is, and what he has done. I really hope he is punished. Well done shane for being a supportive friend when Brittani needed you most 👍

  41. Zaklina Gabric

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    I live in Europ in Serbia and Milos is a Serbian name

  42. Zitsy

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    So cringed...

  43. MARIO Lol

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    Once I begged my mom to go to Chuck E. Cheese but she said maybe but we never went the I saw this pizza thing sooooo ya I feel safe now!!!!

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    He has to make a Area 51 documentary like that would be fireeeeee he would prob get 50 mil views for sureeeee!!!!!

  45. iiAsh_potato

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    Okay sO as like I live in Montenegro and like its really close to Serbia and like I can actually understand what hes saying is creeping me out. I also have a theory that the woman who was saying that shes Milos's mum was the woman who wanted to buy Rex,its weird to me because she always called him her baby. I dont know how to feel about it but I wish Rex and Brittani all the best

  46. iiAsh_potato

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    29:45 he said "Imas veoma lepe oci" which as they translated means you have very beautiful eyes.I know this because im actually from montenegro and like serbia and montenegro are really close and are similar languages.Um so yeah idk his voice seems freakily familiar to me and its kinda scaring me i have no idea why-

  47. ray the person

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    That kid with the "hardcore" gambling problem had me laughing my ass off it was cringey that he was trying to be a "cool adult" saying he has a serious gambling problem with his 15$ unlimited day pass

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    "He's so happy... What is that like? " Shane if you find out please tell me ;-;

  51. Zoe Elkington

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    "Taste like it" Me: ok wow XD all scary vibes GONE

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    You should do one on the walking trees. They're kinda spooky. 😉

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    Should've asked them to bring out the pizza un sliced.

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    the first 45 second sof the video already scared me..

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    Wow Completely shook

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    The employees play tetris with the pizza slices.

  57. Fatima Gozon

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    Ngl, i kinda fear for Andrew’s life. Like shane probably has high tech security and has cameras all over his house and doesn’t even leave the house but idk about andrew...😬😰

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    ❤️ you Shane and nothing (including cats incidents even though it’s didn’t happen and it was a joke) can possibly change that

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    1:30:55 I laughed so hard idk why

  60. ICONIC

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    Conspiracy : What if Shane is hypnotizing Us into liking his content Jk I will love his content till The day I die 😂

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    Shane I’m so proud of you.

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    The intro creeped the fucking shit out of me!💩💩💩

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    Am i the only one who thinks this video is a little scary

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    Oh my god is that plush time wins

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    Omg it’s August now and what will happen now?

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    the moment i see milo activates jojo stand

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  68. Charlene Herrella

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    27:30 his face is sooo blurred wooww LMAO AHAHAHAHAHA

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  71. Charlene Herrella

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    Eww Shane wears beats

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    I could see Shane working at chuckecheese.... suspect

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    who actually watched this to the end???

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    Now I have something to say we look at movies we think oh there are way to many crazy shit going on murders explosions acrobatics story lines but when we actually look around the world it's much more crazy

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    @shane dawson i cant believe she went thought that what a dick

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    He just ruined chucky cheese for me I shall now call chucky cheese (chunky cheese)

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    Shane, just watched this video today. First one of yours I ever have. Much respect for showing his face at the end...that was savage but very necessary. #NewFan

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    Omg Shane, I miss your conspiracy theory videos but have you heard about the cartoon movie Planet 51????? I was on Hulu two days ago and that movie popped out and I freaked because the talk about Area 51 is so big now. I’m just sooooo shook.

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    Why did he change his name from shane dawson to shane

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    He had 35 million euros and there’s 35 million views on this video conspiracy Shane is milos jk😂😂😂😂

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    Milos looks exactly like odds1out OMG.I can see through the blurs

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    The intro is so scary