Investigating Conspiracies with Shane Dawson


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    I'm so proud of this video and I hope you guys enjoy it. Thank you for letting me make stuff like this and for supporting our channel. We appreciate it more than you'll ever know. -Shane & Andrew

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    Thanks ;)

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    I'm the last comment! ily Shane!

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    I am soooo proud of you

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    Lol last comment

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    Lol last reply

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  8. Juels Genua

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    What if milos mom was just a lady trying to buy the baby.

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    Stop making a fucking thanos snap thumbnail

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    Damn!!!!! That ending go shane 🤪😂❤️

  11. Sarah Cherry

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    I wish Brittani had her own video here instead of it being included in a conspiracy video. This is a really serious subject. I'm still dealing with a crazy stalker ex, but her story is scary since theres a child involved and could most likely involve human trafficking that I'm surprised Shane was confused by. He could do a whole series on human trafficking alone. He needs a Netflix show.

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    You can never trust a Serb....

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    freedom. of. speech.

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    Is it bad that I’m craving pizza now 💀

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    I fricken love Shane Dawson I have pepper spay and my mom knows how to handle a gun yeah thats normal but shouldn't she know to handle a gun ? but whatever I feel so bad for her and no one can relate to what happened to her it's just so sad that the world has to be like this there has to be stupid dangerous guys who all want is your money so ladies watch out for stupid men like these men

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    Stop jumping from conspiracy to conspiracy stay on track

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    does anyone else think the girl taking about chuckie cheese is really over dramatic

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    The baby his eyes remind me of peep? Am i the only one? 😅?

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    What if you go to Chucky cheeses and ask the pizza to be uncut...

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    I love u but still 2 videos put together that have nothing to do with one and other. Still love u.

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    1:01:04 there faces though and the music

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    Wait is a real story??

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    19:57 what is that baby doing

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    All I thought When it said seatgeek I thought David dobrik 😂💀

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    Her baby looks like lil peep when he was little.

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    Can the FBI just hire Shane as one of their agents already! Plot twist : they already have

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    Please make a part 3

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    I love the way you edit your videos

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  30. CE Nelson

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    Ahh you get us with the switching subjects like I came here for the pizza theory and now I’m interested in all that stuff lol


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    I'm going to bed soon and i'm gonna have nightmare about this ;_; 1 rip= peace 4 me

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    *hey wassap you guys, yes*

  35. irrepresible monkey

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    Even though Shane’s blurring out Milos’s face it’s super easy to find on the internet. Literally all you have to do is go to Brittani’s channel and scroll down on her video list. He’s in heaps of thumbnails.

  36. kaylee heitz

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    so as I am laying in bed watching this for probably the 5ith time now I realized that the "lyebird" or however you spell it, is probably saving alllll of those recordings of peoples voices in a file that ways whoever is behind the making of the app has access to whoever they want and can control what the people " said" this could just be how they get peoples voices to manipulate and the words.....not sure if this makes sense but hopefully someone understands what I'm trying to say

  37. Carla M

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    Why is he not in prison??????????????? I mean i Guess you could give an answer to that but geez the system is so fucked up! Wtf. I hope Rex and his mom and grandma can live happily despite the bullshit. Sjdjdbfk

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    i want more conspiracies by shane, the makeup stuff is boring :(

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    It's a rat making pizza what did you expect?

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    I was so pissed off when he changed conspiracy theories on the good part but then I’d get used to it until he changed it again 😂

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    Um how old is she? Bullship that she didn't know she get pregnant Did she really say that🤣🤣🤣

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    What's the song in te end?

  44. Diana

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    Every time i get to the moment where its like "Fuck Milos' privacy and face blurring because he fucked up and did this to himself and the world needs to know " i cry. Every single time even if just listening to the video i feel the exact moment and i cry. I'm happy Brittani got out of that abusive toxic situation.

  45. xiaoman yu

    xiaoman yuHari Yang lalu

    Omg I so know her feeling. I have an ex who has so many similarities like him. Once I have to hind in the bathroom to avoid him. Fortunately at last I had the courage to call the police and one officer came and warned him.

  46. marissa barrett

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    i fricken loved how shane decided to unblur his photos at the end, i was like YES KING U FUCKING GET IT ❤️😂😂😂