Introducing Christian Serratos as Selena Quintanilla.


  1. Anna Monroe

    Anna Monroe5 jam yang lalu

    Looks nothing like her .. from the hair to the voice and the body disrespectful ..I won’t be watching ..smh

  2. Jonha Martinez

    Jonha Martinez5 jam yang lalu

    No putas mames 😂😂😂😂 cara de caballo

  3. appletater

    appletater6 jam yang lalu

    Christian Serratos does not look like Selena or JLo! She's not built like Selena and it looks like they used prosthetics to give her "curves". No one wanted or asked for this new Selena movie.

  4. unapologetic gemini

    unapologetic gemini6 jam yang lalu

    Jlo didn’t look like her either but were y’all complaining or had a choice noooo

  5. Manuel Paredes

    Manuel Paredes7 jam yang lalu

    There was no soul in that singing.

  6. Brittny Paz

    Brittny Paz9 jam yang lalu

    No offense to J Lo but Christian Serratos is a better actress and I have faith that the show will be good. Remember the flack J Lo got when she was cast as Selena?

  7. Adolfo Jr Replays

    Adolfo Jr Replays9 jam yang lalu

    Oh shit it’s Suzie Crabgrass from Ned’s declassified

  8. Dealio09

    Dealio0910 jam yang lalu

    honestly still waiting for her and Moze to throw hands tho. Jk glad they made up

  9. Josh Flores

    Josh Flores12 jam yang lalu

    Rosita is playing Selena 😄, irie I’m in

  10. Buffi Winkler

    Buffi Winkler16 jam yang lalu

    Why aren't they using Jennifer Lopez to reprise this role, besides Selena herself Jennifer Lopez was the only one that could play her for me!!!

  11. MyMadonna12

    MyMadonna1220 jam yang lalu

    Not like Selena ,more jlo

  12. WonderBoy1515 Action

    WonderBoy1515 Action20 jam yang lalu

    Susie Crabgrass (Ned’s Declassified School Survivor Guide) and Rosita (Walking Dead) as Selena! I’m curious about this biopic tbh

  13. SINternet Entertainment

    SINternet Entertainment23 jam yang lalu

    I like the movie better and this is just a trailer for the show on Netflix.

  14. jacqueline gabriela

    jacqueline gabrielaHari Yang lalu

    am i the only one excited for this?

  15. cindirellita

    cindirellitaHari Yang lalu

    I think there are better Selena personificators out there this girl doesn’t look at all like Selena

  16. Nathan Skywalker

    Nathan SkywalkerHari Yang lalu

    That's Rosita from walking dead I heard she got new role in a New show guess this is it

  17. Vampirebear13

    Vampirebear13Hari Yang lalu

    The woman who murdered Selina should've been been directly taken out & fed thru a chippershredder.

  18. DalitAcranine Gaming

    DalitAcranine GamingHari Yang lalu

    Everyone in the comments are so judgmental. This is supposed to honor Selena and inspire people to be like her. Just because the actress doesn't look like her dosen't mean its not gonna be good.

  19. JJ Fresh

    JJ FreshHari Yang lalu

    Why does she keep poking out her mouth like she just got her lips done. I hope she doesn't do the duck lip pout the whole time.

  20. Justin Williams

    Justin WilliamsHari Yang lalu

    Regardless. I’m ready to binge watch the series. We grew up on the movie so I’ll enjoy the behind the scenes stuff more. Stop hating on how it looks and sounds.

  21. Casey McLeod

    Casey McLeodHari Yang lalu

    Make a Aaliyah series

  22. Shawn Holland

    Shawn HollandHari Yang lalu


  23. Breezy Godiva

    Breezy GodivaHari Yang lalu

    Idk how i feel about this.

  24. Level100Studios

    Level100StudiosHari Yang lalu

    I’m excited bring back the love of Selena enough of the negativity at least we can see that Selena a true artist is not forgotten, plus my girl serratos is bad as hell and a great actress cant wait

  25. jdub. spice

    jdub. spiceHari Yang lalu

    Why she gotta be selena😒

  26. A C

    A C2 hari yang lalu

    It’s like they were looking for someone who looks like Jlo dressed as Selena

  27. m s

    m s2 hari yang lalu

    awful choice. Selena is not about "red lips"!! Selena is about VOICE and BEAUTY! how could you choose this ZERO ACTRESS?

  28. Torrie Noel

    Torrie Noel2 hari yang lalu

    I'm sorry Netflix but no. Nopeeeee.

  29. QUI Z

    QUI Z2 hari yang lalu

    Where did that butt come from?!

  30. LivingDeadGirl Melissa

    LivingDeadGirl Melissa2 hari yang lalu

    Bruh that's crazy..she almost looks similar to Selena, it's amazing how they find people that look similar to the original sometimes its on point it depends but this actress is WOW! but regardless there will always be one Selena and I'm very excited to see it on Netflix

  31. LivingDeadGirl Melissa

    LivingDeadGirl Melissa2 hari yang lalu

    Honestly in my opinion Christian looks a little more like Selena than JLO did.

  32. Naturally Nikki7997

    Naturally Nikki79972 hari yang lalu

    Yeah that’s a no for me...but I’m probably gonna watch it anyways just to find what’s wrong with it just like watching a car accident Like most of the other folks in the comments section 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  33. Tracey Rivera

    Tracey Rivera2 hari yang lalu

    It looks like they are copying jlo’s version of Selena. It looks more like jlo lol.

  34. Aaliyah Hunt

    Aaliyah Hunt2 hari yang lalu

    Some karaoke shii smdh

  35. Joahana Garcia

    Joahana Garcia2 hari yang lalu

    I Actally like Her as Selena, for people Saying she Looks Like jlo As Selene are Stupid, yall dont even Inow Selena or how She Looo back in the Day

  36. M Elle

    M Elle3 hari yang lalu

    Selena is such an icon.. like NETFLIX you needed to bring out your A game on this and not cut corners but I can already tell you did with cutting out her original music... WTF.

  37. BLTKellys

    BLTKellys3 hari yang lalu

    We already have Selena the movie. This series should have been about the aftermath of Selena’s death and the production of the film, with Christian playing Jennifer Lopez,

  38. Jason R

    Jason R3 hari yang lalu

    If my family can continue to benefit after my death without destroying my legacy, I say do it

  39. Mehrunissah93

    Mehrunissah933 hari yang lalu


  40. AnnaKev

    AnnaKev3 hari yang lalu

    They gonna keep exploiting that woman’s life? We already know how she got famous, when, why & we already know gruesome details about her death. Let her Rest In Peace already. Her family needs to find something to do & stop leeching off their dead relative.

  41. Sarah Collazo

    Sarah Collazo3 hari yang lalu

    Why do you guys care if she looks like Selena or not. It's not about if she looks like Selena or not, it's about her story. Y'all should be more focused on if they have the storyline right.