Introducing: A Brand New Netflix Experience On TVs | Netflix


  1. Logan Rosales

    Logan Rosales2 bulan yang lalu

    lol old days

  2. TheAtom

    TheAtom10 bulan yang lalu

    The user interface is mindbogglingly stupid & I’m disappointed & appalled by the lack of settings. All it has is login settings & literally nothing else. Seriously these developers are fucking mental. They need to include a way to disable autoplay trailers & a way to disable the info text for Roku. Apparently user friendly doesn't seem to exist in their vocabulary. I can't believe Netflix expects people to pay for this shit & not fix anything & to top it all off they plan to jack up the cost of membership for more originals instead of giving us shows & movies we actually want & care about like how they used to think ten or so years ago back when Netflix was at least decent.

  3. Mermaid 107

    Mermaid 1073 tahun yang lalu


  4. Hugo Nobre

    Hugo Nobre3 tahun yang lalu

    I prefer Kodi XD

  5. Fuck you

    Fuck you4 tahun yang lalu

    FUCK THIS NEW INTERFACE Also. PC one Pisses me off

  6. Stolid Liquid

    Stolid Liquid4 tahun yang lalu

    FUCK THIS NEW INTERFACE, CANT FIND SHIT with boxes this big i cant see anything __________________________________________________________ I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I_______________________I____________________I______________I why did we remove something we can actually use ____________________________________________________________ I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I____I____I___I____I___I____I___I____I___I_____I___I___I___I___I__I way easier to go through lists, when you can look at more than 5 at a time, and see reviews/recommendations instantly, and names. LOOKS ARE NOT AS GOOD AS FUNCTION

  7. Stolid Liquid

    Stolid Liquid4 tahun yang lalu


  8. GamerRamon

    GamerRamon4 tahun yang lalu

    The new UI blows

  9. Daily Studios

    Daily Studios4 tahun yang lalu

    Netflix should make something like an apple tv and they should call it the Net TV

  10. Pumpkin_Masher

    Pumpkin_Masher4 tahun yang lalu

    So where do you read the reviews with the new layout?


    LOVEUNBOUND4 tahun yang lalu

    I hate the new UI on Netflix so much.

  12. Richard Brenkley

    Richard Brenkley4 tahun yang lalu

    Why is there no way to browse by the full list of genres on the TV experience? This is included in the web browser version, and on iPhone and iPad apps. Why omit it from the TV interface? It doesn't make sense.

  13. Valerie Romine

    Valerie Romine5 tahun yang lalu

    It doesn't look like you respond to these comments, but I'll roll the dice. Is there any way to change the font size? I use an xbox and even on a giant TV it is very hard to read this layout.

  14. Better Than

    Better Than5 tahun yang lalu

    How the hell do I view categories?!?!!

  15. Juanita Marshall

    Juanita Marshall5 tahun yang lalu

    I absolutely LOVE Netflix!!! There's so much to choose from in every category. Keep up the good work,Netflix!

  16. Juanita Marshall

    Juanita Marshall5 tahun yang lalu

    I absolutely LOVE Netflix!!! There's so much to choose from in every category. Keep up the good work,Netflix!

  17. jewelbell5

    jewelbell55 tahun yang lalu

    can't even find my own movie list!! Fuck you Netflix

  18. 1311sully

    1311sully5 tahun yang lalu

    Still waiting for this update on my PS3!!

  19. Albert Finny

    Albert Finny6 tahun yang lalu

    The new interface is horrid. I had a long talk with Netflix Chat (much good that will do). I have the original Roku and decided to get the Roku 3 recently. Well, the new look is thankfully only on the 3. It offers wasted screen space, unreadable fonts and the credits at the end are now shown in a tiny window in the upper left. WTF??? Because of this I have returned my Roku 3 and went back to my original Roku, which has the old interface. Yes, the Roku 3 is appreciable faster in loading but its like the old saw "The food was terrible but there was a lot of it."

  20. Silent Killer01

    Silent Killer016 tahun yang lalu

    Bring to roku 2

  21. MattFrotto

    MattFrotto6 tahun yang lalu

    Hey Netflix is there any chance this update will come to the Vizio smart tvs? I have it on my xbox 360 and ps3 but I use netflix mostly with my smart tv.

  22. John Nomend

    John Nomend6 tahun yang lalu

    I'm confused with all of netflix....I just got it and its cool but I feel like Netflix is missing A LOT of shows because even simple shows like Spongebob arn't even on there when i search them....

  23. TheAtom

    TheAtom10 bulan yang lalu

    It’s because they are more focused on originals now. Most shows like Spongebob seem to have migrated to Hulu. Netflix only has a limited handful of cable TV shows. Sad really.

  24. Kate Boykin

    Kate Boykin4 tahun yang lalu

    @***** m bnm. Mockup harrowing... m Jovovich

  25. matt22blaster

    matt22blaster6 tahun yang lalu

    If you're going to feed us this garbage at least give us the option to switch back to the old layout. The more I think about it the more its pissing me off! I'm sitting 14' away from a 110" screen and I can barely read the titles. There is absolutely no reason that over 1/4 of the screen should be screen shots. I wouldnt even be mad if half the screen was a synopsis with larger text, (there's a hint since you're trying to get edgy) but this sucks. PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK. Ps. I love Netflix and use it everyday and I know you guys will end up doing the right thing, I just hope it doesn't take months.

  26. matt drake

    matt drake6 tahun yang lalu

    I'm guessing the only people who have liked this video are the people who made it and the people who haven't tried it out yet

  27. matt drake

    matt drake6 tahun yang lalu

    Fortunately they haven't brought this layout to my roku 2 xd yet and I pray to god they don't. I noticed they went to this a few weeks ago on my 360 and its terrible. The screen is 50% filled with shit you don't care about and you have only 50% of a screen to browse.. HATE IT. If any developers read this I'm on my knees begging you don't put this on roku xd

  28. Jack Elm

    Jack Elm6 tahun yang lalu

    why is there no option to change the movie or tv show to wide screen if it's an old movie black bars on a flat screen looks horrible please bring back the change aspect feature

  29. oracularowl

    oracularowl6 tahun yang lalu

    I HATE it. I know you were trying to be trendy with the layout and all, but on my small-ish television and your font being in 4-point gray-on-black font, I can't read any of the descriptions without walking up to the television. Also where is the play/rewind etc. menu? I liked it much better before.....

  30. Jorgie MoDz

    Jorgie MoDz6 tahun yang lalu

    its smoother and better but more complicated

  31. RobbieBobbiee

    RobbieBobbiee6 tahun yang lalu

    Does anyone know how to add Movies/TV Shows to your Que???

  32. glugalug

    glugalug6 tahun yang lalu

    I really like the interface of the previous 360 app better (and the one from the first half of 2011 better than either of them). At least it no longer hangs when starting videos as the previous one has had a tendency to do the past few months. And the display of the streaming resolution in the corner when you hit display is more meaningful than the old indicator. But so much has gotten crappier, and inconsistent! There are less than 1/4 the number of videos tiles displayed on the screen at a time when searching for something to watch, making it take much longer to scan for something. The rewind and fast forward options have far fewer speeds when selecting a point within the video. The use of FF and REW buttons instead of skip forward and skip back for moving left/right one screenful is inconsistent with all other XBOX apps. Why not support both sets of buttons? Having the currently selected video occupy 60% of the screen when searching through the list for something, so we get only 2 category rows at the bottom is an insane waste of both space and bandwidth. Also, why is it the display button to see the current resolution/audio info, not the info button like every other app on the platform? I don't know if they have returned 1080p streaming to the 360 for select titles yet - that would certainly be enough to counter most of the negatives; I haven't tried any would-be-1080p content in the new app yet.

  33. Danielambar

    Danielambar6 tahun yang lalu

    CuΓ‘ndo pondrΓ‘n New Girl en MΓ©xico? :(

  34. MrJakemcg99

    MrJakemcg996 tahun yang lalu

    How do you change the screen size on the new xbox app update?

  35. ultradarksonic1

    ultradarksonic16 tahun yang lalu

    Hey @Netflix , when are y'all going to add more anime and stop taking it away and leaving the anime lovers with nothing? Are we really that meaningless to you? You never seem to give us anything anymore and it do heart breaks me. My main reason of getting netflix a few years ago because y'all had many good anime and now you have almost nothing anymore and I'm wondering why should I stay if they keep taking my reason, so I ask again... Netflix, when are you going to add more anime?

  36. MattFrotto

    MattFrotto6 tahun yang lalu

    there is a bunch of anime already on there, plus there is some on crackle also

  37. alucardlugosi

    alucardlugosi6 tahun yang lalu

    It is crap. it looks like it was made by a blind guy and you dropped features like the ability to skip back to the start of a show and the font sucks hard.

  38. Noi

    Noi5 bulan yang lalu