Intro to Creative Writing


  1. jawad tariq

    jawad tariq5 bulan yang lalu

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  2. gracie frasch

    gracie fraschTahun Yang lalu

    great video

  3. keith niwa

    keith niwaTahun Yang lalu

    Thank you for this video it was really helpful and easy to follow

  4. Marie Flint

    Marie FlintTahun Yang lalu

    This presentation is a good, basic outline of tips and suggestions for writers. Literary agents, though, tend not to want to take you unless you are published--Catch 22, so to speak. However, there are lesser known agents with less experience who might work with you. You have to keep trying by soliciting each. The agent may want a sample chapter and outline of your book. After that, YOU DO NOT submit to publishers, the agent does that for you. Enjoy the writing process and blessings upon all your work!

  5. Andres rodriguez

    Andres rodriguezTahun Yang lalu

    Do you have an email, I would like your opinion on a novel I am writing. And I would like someone to mentor me...

  6. Marie Flint

    Marie FlintTahun Yang lalu

    See the response to Dalton Abrillo below.

  7. Big Y

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  8. Starr xx

    Starr xxTahun Yang lalu

    While I would love to earn a living writing, I already knew that it wouldn't be easy to make a bunch of money off of it when you first start. It's just something I enjoy doing. This is a really great video, and it's helped me out a ton with my writing process. I've never been able to complete something (I've written fanfictions, but I want to write an original piece) so this is great advice! Thanks so much and I think this will help me advance in my own writing. :)

  9. Thor Kristiansen

    Thor Kristiansen2 tahun yang lalu

    Thanks. You are an amazing adviser.

  10. J Abrillo

    J Abrillo2 tahun yang lalu

    I want to write my first novel. Can you be my mentor?

  11. Marie Flint

    Marie FlintTahun Yang lalu

    The best is to work online with writing sites. You can also learn by critiquing others' works. You might also find a group through your local public library. Sometimes these will ask for a member fee after a number of visits.

  12. Jill Linda

    Jill Linda3 tahun yang lalu

    I loved this video. It had some really great advice. I was wondering what some of the titles of your books are. You seem like a very talented author.

  13. Melanie Jayne Ashford

    Melanie Jayne Ashford3 tahun yang lalu

    Hey, this look awesome, but I can't hear anything? Volume is up full on IDreporter and my computer. I tried with my tablet too.

  14. Dracula Wolfman

    Dracula Wolfman7 bulan yang lalu

    @Kaitlin Hillerich I have audio but it's incredibly quiet and I have it turned up full volume on both youtube and my pc. Maybe in the future record at a higher volume. It's much easier to turn down than strain to hear. Great video tho.

  15. Marie Flint

    Marie FlintTahun Yang lalu

    Make sure the little speaker icon on the lower fight side of the video does NOT have a line through it. You can see the icon when you push play or pause. To remove the line, simply tap or click on the icon.

  16. Kaitlin Hillerich

    Kaitlin Hillerich3 tahun yang lalu

    +Melanie Jayne Ashford Hi Melanie! I'm not sure why its acting up, I can hear the audio on my end. Maybe if you refresh the page or restart your computer? Sorry for the glitch!