Insane 2020 iPhone Leaks! No Notch + Touch ID, No Ports 2021 & iPhone 9!


  1. ジャンリン

    ジャンリンHari Yang lalu

    Preparation for a wallet doomsday🤫😨😨😨

  2. Ashwin Parmar

    Ashwin ParmarHari Yang lalu


  3. Chrisanetta Wallace

    Chrisanetta WallaceHari Yang lalu

    Technology driven for real!!!!!!!

  4. Chrisanetta Wallace

    Chrisanetta WallaceHari Yang lalu

    This is amazing.

  5. Carlos Flores

    Carlos FloresHari Yang lalu

    6:09 Nice finger

  6. PythonWarrior

    PythonWarrior2 hari yang lalu

    I want a Samsung

  7. any4003

    any40032 hari yang lalu

    Actually very few people use wireless still and it's not something people adjusted to they still go for the phones that have a headphone jack 9 out of 10. As for just straight up wireless charging is dumb the battery and software better be a god for that.

  8. vmobile890

    vmobile8902 hari yang lalu

    I think companies know basically what they are going to do many years before a product comes out . It only depends on what is available and can be made . Star Trek came out in 1966 with the cell phone and computer tablet concept . Before was DickTracy in1950 with the video watch . So the future is not here it’s the past old designs being made .

  9. Md Topu

    Md Topu2 hari yang lalu


  10. Raja Majnu

    Raja Majnu2 hari yang lalu


  11. Geier S

    Geier S2 hari yang lalu

    I feel like nobody understands what apple would do by removing ports. They would force the consumer to buy more wireless stuff of course. But the bigest problem I see is that wireless (fast) charging is killing youre battery faster (because of more heat in the battery than with cable-charging) and even charges slower. So U would have to buy a new Iphone more often, because youre old one dies faster...

  12. Vanessa Fritsch

    Vanessa Fritsch3 hari yang lalu

    How will a portless phone use apple car play?

  13. John Dunlap

    John Dunlap3 hari yang lalu

    There’s no more “aye you gotta iPhone charger?”

  14. CombatVet88

    CombatVet883 hari yang lalu


  15. Yash Tripathi

    Yash Tripathi3 hari yang lalu

    is there 5 g in i phone 9

  16. chelsea collado

    chelsea collado4 hari yang lalu

    i hope i could win

  17. RGC Band

    RGC Band4 hari yang lalu

    I want to win some and you really help me decide on black pods pro

  18. APM RonRon

    APM RonRon5 hari yang lalu

    Anyone who can help me download the wallpaper in 7:42? Where can I get that? Thanks in advance so much

  19. Mohammad Jahed Hossain

    Mohammad Jahed Hossain5 hari yang lalu

    Waiting for this

  20. Chay_ Cdg._

    Chay_ Cdg._5 hari yang lalu

    If they do the wireless phone will you get AirPods with the phone in the box?

  21. Dog ASMR

    Dog ASMR6 hari yang lalu

    I can deal with no headphone jack but removing the port is kind of stupid. What about traveling? Also if you’re on a budget you can’t buy wired ear buds. If you really want a full wireless experience just don’t use the port simple as that. Get a wireless charger and ear buds.

  22. Gothy Boi

    Gothy Boi6 hari yang lalu

    Ok but why don’t chargers exist yet where there’s two separate ports for the phone and the plug and it’s ACTUALLY wireless?

  23. sun’s s u n s h i n e

    sun’s s u n s h i n e6 hari yang lalu

    Apple’s is slowly removing stuff from their products and they r making us pay more for it and im not here for it😤

  24. Murphie_wdwlimelight

    Murphie_wdwlimelight5 hari yang lalu

    sun’s s u n s h i n e “less is more”😹

  25. slickeddy2000

    slickeddy20006 hari yang lalu

    We need a charging port what about the people with long commute. Those battery charging pack come in handy at theme parks, public transportation

  26. 10k subs with zero videos

    10k subs with zero videos6 hari yang lalu

    6:08 parents be like😂

  27. KILLz GHOST 2

    KILLz GHOST 26 hari yang lalu

    No one. iPhone Let's make it so they cant charge and watch their phone at the same time

  28. SolePrince

    SolePrince7 hari yang lalu

    Imagine having a titanium or ceramic band instead of aluminum or stainless steel on ur iphone

  29. Joseph p

    Joseph p7 hari yang lalu

    That’s dumb if they remove the port how the hell does CarPlay work ? My car doesn’t support wireless CarPlay. This new phone will be useless to me. thought?!? 💭

  30. Mo Safar

    Mo Safar7 hari yang lalu

    So.. Should I buy an iPhone 11 now or wait?

  31. Zealant

    Zealant7 hari yang lalu

    I don’t believe these rumors for a second

  32. Robert Sopin2772

    Robert Sopin27727 hari yang lalu

    What do u mean everyone adjusted I still don’t have AirPods

  33. moe okab

    moe okab7 hari yang lalu

    plz give me airpods I never won anything

  34. Danielle Clowers

    Danielle Clowers7 hari yang lalu

    Okay I’m a apple user. If they don’t have a charger port and I have to use a wireless charger, I’m switching to android. Because they know how to keep the headphone jack and the charger port.

  35. Givenchy Paris

    Givenchy Paris7 hari yang lalu

    Everyone here hates the new iPhones but I think the half of them is going to buy one of the new phones

  36. Salty Sydney

    Salty Sydney8 hari yang lalu

    dang, i remember when I was born the iPod was coming out. now look now ✋😌

  37. Airplayer XR

    Airplayer XR8 hari yang lalu

    I still enjoying the xr

  38. guzeppi mizzi

    guzeppi mizzi8 hari yang lalu

    Wow hope i win!💗💗❤❤😋😶😑😐

  39. MyKiwi _Fruit

    MyKiwi _Fruit8 hari yang lalu

    Money go bye bye-

  40. Pixeyellow

    Pixeyellow8 hari yang lalu

    I NEED A IPHONE Like if you will tell your parents to buy you:)

  41. Dash Cubing

    Dash Cubing8 hari yang lalu

    i can not get social media :(

  42. Brittany Evans

    Brittany Evans8 hari yang lalu

    What if I want to use my phone while it’s charging and I have no port? What will I do with myself then?

  43. TV Eyes Salvy

    TV Eyes Salvy8 hari yang lalu

    Man i think it’s a good idea to get off your fucking phone for at least 30 mins.

  44. water

    water9 hari yang lalu

    god damn can i enjoy my pro max for a little bit at least lmao

  45. obviously may

    obviously may9 hari yang lalu

    i JUST bought the eleven. what the hell.

  46. Ryan :]

    Ryan :]9 hari yang lalu

    Apple:Like Samsung:comment

  47. Mzwandile Harmans

    Mzwandile Harmans9 hari yang lalu

    Don’t forget that Apple sets the standard for future smartphones and the rest follows. Even if they remove the speakers, they all going to remove them. Just accept it. The future is in iphones, not stupid foldable phones

  48. David Hamada

    David Hamada9 hari yang lalu

    I am tired of keeping up with Apple 📱. It becomes annoying now.

  49. Mathias Nørregaard Adelborg

    Mathias Nørregaard Adelborg10 hari yang lalu

    Seriously! SERIOUSLY! The future is in 2021! We waited so long for 2020... even tho the Tesla roadster 2.0 is coming out...

  50. Thomas Parry

    Thomas Parry10 hari yang lalu

    Why can’t the new “IPhone 9” have the same screen design as the IPhone 11/10.

  51. Shyam Krishna Shrestha

    Shyam Krishna Shrestha10 hari yang lalu

    how to transfer data from iphone to laptop if there is no lightening port

  52. Shyam Krishna Shrestha

    Shyam Krishna Shrestha10 hari yang lalu


  53. W/🦋*

    W/🦋*10 hari yang lalu


  54. Asbaa Thakur

    Asbaa Thakur10 hari yang lalu

    What the hell r they thinking?!?!?!?!

  55. Ellie Se

    Ellie Se10 hari yang lalu

    Awful, I would like a charger instead. Cause it’s a lot easier

  56. vishesh patel

    vishesh patel11 hari yang lalu


  57. Lassi

    Lassi11 hari yang lalu

    Well the 7 didn’t 8 9

  58. Kolson Maddox

    Kolson Maddox11 hari yang lalu

    Bruh, yall always say theres gonna be an iPhone SE2 and everytime you have said theres gonna be 5 iPhones it never happens

  59. BonBon ;3

    BonBon ;311 hari yang lalu

    Dude I JUST got the 11

  60. Gabrielle Bintin

    Gabrielle Bintin11 hari yang lalu


  61. Gabrielle Bintin

    Gabrielle Bintin11 hari yang lalu

    6:12 why the middle finger