Indonesian War of Independence - COLD WAR DOCUMENTARY


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    Thanks,finally someone made a video about this And You should do indonesian political instability in post Indenpendence war until fall of soeharto regime

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    Not pankasila... its panchasila... like when you read punch

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    Can you do an episode on G30S/PKI

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    Yuk support guys :) Mimin approved this :D

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    World war 2 was actually blessing for colonies, like , India, Pakistan, malaysia, indonesia and many more colonies.

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    So the only good thing to muslim done by United States was helping indonesia. And later they became invading muslim lands.

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    The Dutch actually have a section in their national military museum dedicated to their war crimes in the region. Pretty admirable to be so open with it.

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    Dutch colonialism = Nazi Germany But Germany is still better than the Netherlands, at least Germany acknowledges its mistakes and tries to get an apology from the world. German does not erase his past atrocities from history books. The Netherlands is a hypocritical country and has no sense of humanity towards its victims. If you think Nazi Germany is the worst, you are wrong. The Dutch in colonial times in Indonesia were the worst.

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    Dutch not gave up on Papua not because Missionary Bullshit, because there's a ton of gold in there. Stop being naiv, Europe goverment were devil!


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    Your accent while saying Indonesian words is disturbing me lol

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    You don't know what really happend in that time . Unless you live in that era.

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    We all know that youtube algorithm brought us here

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    Dutch: "Hold My Cheese" Japan: "Hold My Sake" USA: "Hold My Beer" Indonesia: "Hold My Rendang"

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    Wow, seriously, guys. I'm, who was an Indonesian, didn't know much about history of my own country. Huuhh... there's a lot of of thing we must to learn in here

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    Hi I From Indonesia Awokawokawok

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    Great video. Would love to see the follow up on 1965 Indonesian Communist Party failed coup and massacre that cemented Indonesia to be on the American side during the Cold War.

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    from Majapahit empire indonesia

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    Most of the footage inserted in the video were awful, innacurrate, and irrelevant. What a shame.

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    Thank for suport indonesia

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    Without colonialism, it could be that at present there is no Indonesia with an area number 4 (or no. 5) in the world, because previously there were several kingdoms

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    Sukarno believe on Japan propaganda, as the old brother, will giving us Independence. So Sukarno and Moh. Hatta and Moh. Yamin and others making the Indonesia Independent Preparation Board. The board preparing the basic law for a nation to stand and live, and the source above the law is Pancasila (1. Believe in One God 2.Humanity 3.Unity 4.Democracy 5.Justice for all welfare). And based on Pancasila, The Basic Law of Indonesia known as UUD 1945 were established. But the Japanese lost the war by the allies, they surrender, left Indonesia and left all they promises was. Sukarno and Hatta and friends known as the veteran remain calm and still act wait and see, that act makes the youth (pemuda) were angry and annoyed (This is our chance to Independent, the Japanese has lost the war and left Indonesia as soon as they possible, they wont care to us, they have 2 cities bombed by the allies). So the youth kidnaped Sukarno and Hatta to force them to declare Indonesia independence. And Sukarno and Hatta granted peoples will (by the youth) with the making of Proclaimation For Indonesia Independent Declaration, so we Independent on 17 August 1945. But after that, the struggle doesnt stop.. the Dutch wont let us free that easy.. so the dutch did a Militerry Aggression, under the allies troops lead by the British Milliterry to unarmed the japanese, but underneath that the dutch try to occupy Indonesia again after the Japanese, the milliter aggression continues untill 1949, we struggle to defence our Independence we have been declare by our self which the dutch didnt admited. Before about the year of 80's (i forgot) The dutch recognise Indonesia Independence on 1949.. BUT WHO CARES THE DUTCH CLAIMING. WE DECLARE AND DEFEND OUR PROCLAIM BY OUR SELF.

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    Saya dimana? :v

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    Dude you misslead, CIA document say United states with dictator soeharto have an agreement to overthrow soekarno Coz US fear indonesia will join soviet And coz of that many civilian get killed coz communism purge

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    you kumunisme

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    USA : So your not communist Indo : No , but im friends with vietnam and russia . Also i allowed communism in my country USA : Hmmmmmm🤔

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    Coba kalo majapahit masih berkuasa , terus gak ada belanda , waduuhhh asia udh jadi milik kita broooo

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    More like Ike: cia secretly funding permesta and prri Ussr: need some extra cash and weapons? Indonesia heck yeah Cia spy captured Kennedy :oh fudge wait let me help you, i wil give you c130 if you forget this happened Indonesia : ok accepted but help us liberate irian also Kennedy : sure...... #dead Indonesia: oh fuck hey lbj help us Lbj be like ehhhhhh i need to start war at nam Ussr : need more money and weaponry? Indonesia: sure yeah Ussr : sent consultants, bomber, fighter, battleship US: oh fuk . Indonesia gone left CIA : reenter chat

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    🇲🇨My country ready for War...against China/US/Japan

  33. Timothy Sean Wahyudi - Viva lé Interahamwe

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    Merdeka ataoe mati Freedom or die

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    Merdeka!!! 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

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    Sorry, its PPKI, not PKKI Panitia Persiapan Kemerdekaan Indonesia (Indonesia Independence Preparation Committee)

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    My grand2: "do u really think we won by only using sharpned bamboo? No darling, we had another "help"." Me: oh....... 😏👁️👄👁️

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    You cannot explain Indonesian independence only from Japanese occupation point. It started years before since the early 1900s when sense of nationalism of the nations colonised by Dutch arose. The nationalism culminated when the Dutch East Indies government established Volksraad or Folks Council, a colonial parliament, as the Promise of self-government launched in 1918 by Governor General van Limburg Stirum. The promise was only a promise yet it triggered the Nationalism Movement. As parties established demanding Indonesian Independence, in 1928, a Youth Conference declared the name of Indonesia, the flag of Indonesia and the anthem of Indonesia. That was the first formal establishment of Indonesian Nationalism. Soekarno was famous in 1930 after his speech suggesting Indonesian independence in 1930. He was then jailed by Dutch East Indies government. At his plead Soekarno said that Indonesian independence will come when a yellow skinned nation invade Dutch East Indies and free the country. That was taken from Jayabaya Prophecies that was believed being written in 12th Century A.D. The statement was so famous and well accepted mostly by Javanese people. When Japan invaded Java in 1942, people assumed that the Prophecy was fulfilled, and Soekarno who recited the prophecy in 1930 (12 years before), was then believed as the holy person, the personification of The Selected One that will lead the nation into independence. Japan was only using it to gain support from local population of their invasion. It's therefore Japan relased Soekarno from Dutch prison and offered him to cooperate with the compensation of Indonesian independence. Soekarno himself was astonished with the fact that Japan is a yellow skinned nation as in the Prophecy. He also believed that it might be the fulfilment of the Prophecy. The people in Java was also seeing this, and that's why they accepted the raise of Soekarno into national leadership. They also followed Soekarno and took his words for granted. So, the Indonesian independence was not a grant from Japan. It came long before Japanese occupation and there was no option from Japan than to make use the independence movement to gain support from local population. The establishment of PETA, or militias (PETA= PEmbela Tanah Air=Defenders of the Motherland) by Japanese Authority was also a compromise to stop rebellions by Moslem population to oppose the Shinto ceremonies that were obligated to the population. Japan trained the militias that will guard the territory, giving a sense of independence, and those militias were not obligated to do Shintoism ceremonies as bending towards the Emperor. BPUPKI and PPKI were also a compromise to cool down Indonesian locals by creating perception that Japan was actually having intention to grant independence to Indonesia. This was ensured by inviting Soekarno and Hatta to Tokyo and making an audience with the Emperor and Prime Minister Tojo. However, as Soekarno and Hatta returned from Tokyo, US bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These events triggered the national leaders to declare Indonesian independence on 17 August 1945. The declaration of independence or known as Independence Proclamation highlighted that it was not the grant from Japan. After the Proclamation day, most Japanese fortresses and quarters were looted and Japanese weapons were confiscated by PETA militias and guerillas gangs. Japanese authority in Jakarta also let this happened and surrendered the power to Indonesia. Indonesian militias then released Dutch POWs from Japanese camps. They were also capturing Japanese soldiers in camps before transferring them to Allied Forces. Soekarno government was even cooperating with British Forces that came to Jakarta and some cities to capture Japanese POWs. However, it was changed when Dutch officials and military raised the Dutch flag in Surabaya in October 1945 that triggered the Flag Incident. The War of Independence then begun by the armed conflict between Indonesian militias and British Forces that led to November 1945 Incident when British Forces launched full assault to Surabaya that killed millions of Indonesians. From that point, the War of Independence begun and lasted for the next 4 years and changing completely the Map of Southeast Asia. Indonesia emerged as new country and national entity, and reshaping the political map in the region after the WW2.

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    Thank you sir, was always wondering why we finally got recognition from the dutch goverment. So it was the american protecting its interest, make sense.

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    helloo!! an indonesian fellow here. thank you so much for covering this topic. we study this history since elementary school. it’s a lot to remember hahaha. also, the pronunciation of ‘pancasila’ , the ‘ca’ is read with a ‘ch-‘ sound, not ‘k’ . like the ‘cha’ in ‘charity’.

  41. Putriadinda Kirana

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    My great uncle died in one of the great local battles, the Puputan Battle of Bali, 'puputan' translates to 'to the ends' so as my dad told the story to me, everyone there was ready to die and gave it their all straight to the end. He died a brave soldier, fighting for his family. My dad was born in 1950, and he had 9 older siblings already, they experienced life during this time and it was ingrained in him to be thankful of the sacrifice my great uncle did. We still keep his portrait in our prayer room.

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    jadi pengen makan ikan asin

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    Glory to my indonesian brothers from Turkey ! We love you so much. And I'm proud many time ottoman empire send great supplies to indonesian muslims against portugal and dutch.

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    @Berrak kısa Turkey-Indonesia big brother

  45. Berrak kısa

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    @Pangeran Angin Bro I wonder one thing. is it mentioned ottoman and ottoman assistance in Indonesian schools? If so, what do the Indonesian people think about it?

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    Indonesia / Indonesian is a 'The Royal Horse'

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    "the United States stepped in to help" lmao they also put a dictator who literally mass-murdered Indonesian communists into power later on, but yeah that's called helping!

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    @Andrew j Preach !!!

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    WTF...but we love SOEKARNO...

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    Anything to make the commie away. Yeah but Sukarno was just as dictator as Suharto. Garbage in garbage out.

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    Not PKKI but PPKI Panitia Persiapan Kemerdekaan Indonesia = Indonesian independence preparation committee 😪😪😪

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    Dutch: *quits Indonesia in 1942 Dutch in 1946: *Miss me, assholes?*

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    Subtitel indonesia please🙏

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    Soeharto: uchiha ya

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    This is not about Indonesia This is actually about how Malaysia, Singapore, and Papua New Guinea was made

  56. Ninja Crackpot

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    My indonesian friends always said "bambu runcing/bamboo spear make them won the war" but in fact they lost every battle. Its the US who turned back the situation.

  57. Hafid Bagaskara

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    That's propaganda from my goverment to make people overproud to their country. Sorry for bad english

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    Western countries: we fight for freedom! Colonies: we fight for freedom too! Western countries: that’s cute, now get back in the cage.

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    Soeharto is the best

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    You helped us eradicate the commie, thanks. But you forced us to give the ransom (Freeport). Yet you guys didn't take a chance to destroy the biggest commie on earth nowadays: PRC.

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    Not "Pankasila", but " Pancasila"

  62. Peter Vink

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    Apart of the fear of losing income by the independence of the Dutch Indies/Indonesia, the Dutch rightly feared Javan supremacy over the archipelago. The Moluccas and Papua, for example, never wanted to be part of Indonesia.

  63. Ardi wibowo maulana

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    So up until now, communism is still condemned by the modern society in Indonesia. They treat the idea like it'd burn the whole world if it's to be let free. You can't even find books about communism, not without raising some eyebrows lol even if it's just out of curiosity.

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    You should do an episode on how Indonesia annexed West Papua - Its a tragic story!!

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    Long Live the FDR.

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    A little correction Pancasila = the C pronounce like charlie, Panca = 5. PPKI = Panitia Persiapan Kemerdekaan Indonesia, not PKKI. Linggardjati, with R between lingga and djati Good videos anyway, love it, subs!

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    We negoroku e

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    @17:22 correction, the stronger party shall remain. since Russia did not want to get itself involve, the communist group left with no support but their own. unlike with the republican who will surely get support from the communism-hater US

  69. Xing Ha Lee

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    Linggadjati Agreement? why doesn't the Dutch just fucking leave out of the Indonesia?

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    ❤️❤️ To our business allies USA 🇺🇸 God bless USA From Indonesia 🇮🇩

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    hmm...a fresh angle on our war of independence...

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    The disaster in all of this is Indonesian control of West Papua. West Papua and PNG should be one nation.