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  1. Jess Boo

    Jess Boo13 hari yang lalu

    A lot of comments say the title is misleading but i haven't find one that explains what tbe protest was really about. So here's what i've found. The students not only protesting against *one* bill of law, especially not only about extramarrital sex, they have 7 demands: 1. Reject the proposed criminal code bill, mineral mining bill, land bill, correctional procedures bill and labor bill. Urge to revoke Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) bill and natural resource bill. Urge to pass sexual violence bill and domestic worker bill 2. Remove problematic leaders of the Corruption Eradication Commission who are picked by house of representatives 3. Ban police and military force from holding civilian office 4. Stop militarism in Papua, release the political prisoners 5. Stop criminalization against activists 6. End forest fire in Sumatera and Kalimantan. Penalize the companies responsible for the fire and remove their business permit 7. Resolve human rights violation, convict the perpetrators, and immediately restore the victims' rights (Largely taken from TheJakartaPost) Please bear in mind that this is not only about the bill of law. This is not the first time a questionable bill is proposed, Indonesian students know how to handle it well by proposing judicial reviews. But there had been a lot of incidents which led up to the protest such as neglected forest fire, racism and oppressive treatment against Papuans, etc.

  2. Jess Boo

    Jess Boo13 hari yang lalu

    All the fuss about premarrital sex and banning women from wandering alone at night, i assume is taken from an infographic published to give an idea about what would be considered breaking the law if the new criminal code is passed. But i must say it is highly exaggerated and could be misleading. I personally never see the bill mention about *women in particular* walking at night is prohibited. There is also controversy about marrital rape. Some people don't understand the idea of rape within marriage, they assume women (or men) must submit (sexually) to their spouse after marriage. There are also some people who just haven't understand the difference between rape and consensual sex.

  3. Archnid 001

    Archnid 00115 hari yang lalu

    if i were a president of my country i will ban marriage and impose sodom and gamora law. since people love different kinds sex.

  4. Grace Wang

    Grace Wang15 hari yang lalu

    hoooo, I thought before if Asian Boss only for Koreans :OOO but apparently not...

  5. Apollo Just Ice

    Apollo Just Ice16 hari yang lalu

    2:41 lmao that dude

  6. Syrio Forel

    Syrio Forel19 hari yang lalu

    90 percent of protester dont know about the law. They are paid protester.

  7. arif mark007

    arif mark0079 hari yang lalu

    Komentar lucu siapa yg bayar seluruh Indonesia?

  8. Muhammad Fadhlurrohman

    Muhammad Fadhlurrohman19 hari yang lalu

    knock...knock.... incorrect title bruh

  9. AJ Yoon

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  10. doomscyte

    doomscyte21 hari yang lalu

    makanya lempar molotov, trus pake gas mask, sama bawa metal pipes trus serbu gedung DPR kyk Hong Kong wkwkwkwkkw

  11. Codehawk64

    Codehawk6422 hari yang lalu

    Respect to the indonesians. People are actually protesting against creating a tyranical government. Meanwhile here in india, people are fuckin worshiping a dictator who is destroying the social fabric of our country, locking up an entire state and blocking outside communications and increasing military presence and tensions, destroying the independance of the media, legalizing corruption of politicians and using hinduism to turn india into the religion-crazed country like pakistan. Absolute contrast from indonesia.


    MrINTELIKXX22 hari yang lalu

    Tahniah..kita punya cara..dan inilah satu2nya cara..mana2 kerajaan di dunia ini sedar kita ini bukan bodoh!

  13. Gap

    Gap23 hari yang lalu

    I guess Indon's religious conservatives see it fit to enable that law but not when stamping out corruption.

  14. Jigaboo John

    Jigaboo John24 hari yang lalu

    Everyone is welcome in Indonesia. Except Negroes.

  15. arif mark007

    arif mark0079 hari yang lalu

    No lol

  16. bayu ahmad

    bayu ahmad25 hari yang lalu

    Yang baca dari video ini tu, ga ada yang peduli kpk yakk, kasian pulau ini. lama" tingal pulau pramuka doang nih Wkwkwkk

  17. bayu ahmad

    bayu ahmad25 hari yang lalu

    Yang baca dari video ini tu, ga ada yang peduli kpk yakk, kasian pulau ini. lama" tingal pulau pramuka doang nih Wkwkwkk

  18. Khussal Zamlahani

    Khussal Zamlahani25 hari yang lalu

    great coverage! thanks!

  19. Ohayou Everyone

    Ohayou Everyone26 hari yang lalu

    I used to saw this channel to understand more my new country japan, but started afraid that the perception i got is also MISLEADING as they always did to indonesia (my native country)

  20. lan Sky

    lan Sky27 hari yang lalu

    2:42 bruuh🤣

  21. Chimiko Miyakawa

    Chimiko Miyakawa27 hari yang lalu

    Indonesian are look like my country filipinos people.

  22. Raymond Strunk

    Raymond Strunk27 hari yang lalu

    How about some reporting about the millions protesting in the streets of Hong Kong?

  23. pengen matirasa

    pengen matirasa27 hari yang lalu

    the one who made that law wasnt lawyer, prosecutor, or judge. only politician who knows nothing about law

  24. amachi TV

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  25. ppssuuu

    ppssuuu28 hari yang lalu

    You have earned my respect and support from HK, hope you will have a corruption free and prosperous future for your country. Please also beware of infiltration from the evil and corrupted Chinese CCP which is a risk to the whole world and humanity.

  26. 老广گوانگ جو لوگ

    老广گوانگ جو لوگ28 hari yang lalu

    Protests always students,what the hell this Word,stupid kids,go to school,一群傻逼小学鸡

  27. Godless Munky

    Godless Munky28 hari yang lalu

    Full support for them and the woman at 10:17 is beautiful

  28. Azn Esthirteen

    Azn Esthirteen28 hari yang lalu

    What a useless video

  29. octa saputra

    octa saputra29 hari yang lalu

    dislike for me

  30. Hindu Nationalist

    Hindu NationalistBulan Yang lalu

    Asian Boss = South Korean propaganda

  31. Hyerin Jun

    Hyerin JunBulan Yang lalu

    the law is good...why would they protest?

  32. Hyerin Jun

    Hyerin Jun26 hari yang lalu

    @pengen matirasa 700 is too much,but considering the damage cause by chicken..example,car paint scratch.. women should be home by 10,still good,its for their own safety..but whatever..indonesia doesnt need to civilize.

  33. pengen matirasa

    pengen matirasa27 hari yang lalu

    if your chicken trespass into your neighbour property, u have to pay $700. if u come home (women) late at night, more than 10pm, u have to pay almost half of minimum wage. and so many more.

  34. octa saputra

    octa saputra29 hari yang lalu

    a u stupid

  35. JÖYの貓

    JÖYの貓Bulan Yang lalu

    Anyone who supports the HK riot is supporting violence. This, we've all got our choices. Govt is dumb to intervene.

  36. Kool Aid

    Kool AidBulan Yang lalu

    This is more important than those stupid Hong Kong protests. Wonder why media is conveniently ignoring this situation!!

  37. mike4ty4

    mike4ty424 hari yang lalu

    Depends on where you are in the world, I suspect. Hong Kong is covered in Western media because it has an obvious geopolitical connection. This does not. And the West has an interest in exploiting it as a lever in that regard.

  38. buddylee4

    buddylee4Bulan Yang lalu

    Good for Indonesia premarital sex should be banned


    ZELKAMEL1Bulan Yang lalu

    I think the law for the crime on 1:20 is good? He rapped his wife. If she doesn't give him permission he should be jailed

  40. vebriyan pasha

    vebriyan pasha27 hari yang lalu

    Actually that bill is not mentioned in the protest. Well, what they did is street interview so sometimes they get random people with random answer.

  41. Najwa Liyana

    Najwa LiyanaBulan Yang lalu

    Protes Indonesia tidak seharusnya menyerang pemain mahupun menyokong dari Malaysia

  42. Pratheeksha V

    Pratheeksha VBulan Yang lalu

    How can it be even called law if it effects the freedom of normal public. Laws are made for the betterment of the citizens of the country.

  43. Accurate Mediator HD CH1

    Accurate Mediator HD CH1Bulan Yang lalu

    Government: It's time now to make peoples become sheeps to its low bow!! Peoples: Buckle up... '98 will repeat!! They don't know that we are sleeping wolfs!! Government: We will kill free speech on internet to the stone age if we lost the fight!! Peoples: Owh...okay, we will use post office for fighting you then!! Government: +××^!%!$@$#*^@% 💀💀💣💣🤯🤯🤕🤕☠☠😈😈🙈🙈

  44. dotaholic

    dotaholicBulan Yang lalu

    Joker laugh start from 2:57

  45. Toni Delaga

    Toni DelagaBulan Yang lalu

    Not all people In Jakarta like this protest. This protest in Jakarta going chaos. I think Asian boss should show people had interview don't like this protest. Causality not just from protest but also from police.

  46. Toni Delaga

    Toni DelagaBulan Yang lalu

    Very disappoints. You just show one site to the world

  47. Wie Qew

    Wie QewBulan Yang lalu

    Kesel gua dengan yang wawancarai. Udah ngak memperhatikan background, pendapat plonga plongo dimasukin, kesel banget dah. Ngak puas dengan jawaban mereka. Kenapa ngak wawancarai ketua demo yang bisa diwawancarai?!

  48. vebriyan pasha

    vebriyan pasha27 hari yang lalu

    ya kan namanya street interview. jadi yg diwawancarai emang orang random.

  49. Archnid 001

    Archnid 001Bulan Yang lalu

    They love white man too?

  50. Sinta Cania

    Sinta CaniaBulan Yang lalu

    Ayam yg masuk lahan tetanggaaa,

  51. Rinda Serly

    Rinda SerlyBulan Yang lalu

    Gila ya, nih asian boss,dari dulu mana pernah bikin berita bagus soal indonesia ngejatuhin mulu, sumpek gua

  52. pengen matirasa

    pengen matirasa27 hari yang lalu

    lha modelnya kan mencari yg buruk. liat aja liputan jepang, homeless aja jg diliput, pdhl orang taunya jepang negara makmur.

  53. kaki :D

    kaki :DBulan Yang lalu

    When islam enters it ruins everything there's no doubt in it .

  54. Marissea

    MarisseaBulan Yang lalu

    Once Indonesia had its own beautifull asian culture with a free, open, beautifull, intelligent, tropical spirit. Now I read in the papers indonesia will become like pakistan within 15 years; indostan they even named it in the paper...

  55. Wirda Wirda

    Wirda WirdaBulan Yang lalu

    Ah komen pake bahasa Indonesia Apa aku aja yg ngerasa komen pake bahasa Indonesia

  56. Adam Sanjaya

    Adam SanjayaBulan Yang lalu

    Wkwk gk bsa bedain menghina sama mengkritik

  57. Aulia Salsabila

    Aulia SalsabilaBulan Yang lalu

    anjay itu di kampus gue keknya

  58. kidlat ngbato

    kidlat ngbatoBulan Yang lalu

    Asian boss did they pay u??? For this.. Fake news.

  59. Mr Jayden

    Mr JaydenBulan Yang lalu

    Finally they change the title Also, basically our parliament is a joke. They always select stupid laws to be passed instead of useful laws (like the sexual harrasment law which the cancel it).

  60. mike4ty4

    mike4ty424 hari yang lalu

    What is needed to fix it or make it better?

  61. Asleep Awake

    Asleep AwakeBulan Yang lalu

    Conservatism is a disease. Creating sweeping laws to control people's behavior is unacceptable. Restrictive laws will cause more mental heaalth problems and will be potential tools for the cprrupt elites in any position of power to oppress weaker people and minorities. We need to eradicate conaervatism and quickly improve himan rights standards worldwide before all these idiot lawmakers create laws that make corruption easier and turn that country into a sick and dumb religious country. Down with ISIS of Indonesia, kick them out.

  62. mike4ty4

    mike4ty424 hari yang lalu

    @Neo- Liberalist A lot of these things can be dealt with more effectively and humanely (as compared to draconian legal punishments) through the responsible use of birth control. See, the thing is, "traditional sexual morality" as I call it _does_ make sense at least in large part, _when_ viewed from the lense of the material conditions of the past. Before we _had_ things like birth control and STD prevention methods that we do now, strict laws, harsh punishments, and taboos were pretty much the only tools available to deal with these kinds of issues, including strict rules of marriage and fidelity. But we have a lot more knowledge now than we did then, and vastly more tools. That's my point about conservatism.

  63. Neo- Liberalist

    Neo- LiberalistBulan Yang lalu

    Pre marital sex is immoral... how many suffering and immoral is caused by pre marital sex??? 1. Abortion/ murdering babies 2. Spread of stds, this reason why muslim countries have the lowest rates of stds 3. Abandoned babies 4. More adultery since people becomes open to premarital sex its easier for people to cheat on their spouses

  64. Asleep Awake

    Asleep AwakeBulan Yang lalu

    @mike4ty4 good point, the new proposed laws would worsen even the present conditions and cater to a minority group whose politics represent the conservative traditions of foreign extremists, introducing intolerant anti-pluralistic ideologies into law. These foreign-influenced conservatives are imposing these ridiculous regulations not to improve civilian life, because all this is doing is re-inventing salem witch hunts and backwards puritanism which will turn into insidious populism and majoritarianism while shielding the corruptors and powerful mobsters, just like what is happening all around the world.

  65. mike4ty4

    mike4ty4Bulan Yang lalu

    Conservatism, by definition, is living in the past. It only makes sense when the conditions of the present are unchanged from those of the past, but they are not.

  66. Arafi Iqhbal

    Arafi IqhbalBulan Yang lalu

    indonesian government really sucks,the wont us to be free,and also they're too greedy cuz they just wanna enjoy the citizenry money with changing anti corrupt foundation law

  67. Uno Astro

    Uno AstroBulan Yang lalu

    More power to all of you brothers and sisters in the south. Fight for freedom. From your neighbor, Philippines.

  68. agus darmawan

    agus darmawanBulan Yang lalu

    Wkwk ga ada yg nmg kpk

  69. Funny Little Frog

    Funny Little FrogBulan Yang lalu

    Thank you for reporting on this, Asian Boss. I didn't know this was going on in Indonesia. More power to the protesters...

  70. Yuchen Zhou

    Yuchen ZhouBulan Yang lalu

    Surprised that this isn't getting as much attention as Hong Kong, guess they should've weaved more American flags.

  71. mike4ty4

    mike4ty424 hari yang lalu

    Because Hong Kong has obvious geopolitical value to the west and especially the United States. Indonesia, not as much. China - a powerful challenger to Western hegemony - must be undermined at all costs in order to maintain said hegemony, and Hong Kong is/can be exploited as a lever to do that. It's why that they have interest in things like playing the anti-terrorism campaigns (not to say they _don't_ have aspects that can't be challenged more reasonably) in Xinjiang as a "cultural genocide" and inflating the numbers, and even what is in effect a kind of blood libel against the Chinese (organ harvesting accusation). Whether it will succeed or not is a different matter, but what really disturbs me is how many _unquestioningly_ think it must be a good. "Ooh! They're arguing Democracy! Who can possibly be opposed...?!?!?!" What stresses me out as a US citizen is how much this country seems to have forgotten the lessons of 2001 and 2003. Forgotten, completely. The myopia is terrible. I remember them vividly and will _never_ forget because those both were the first things that whet my appetite for political involvement.

  72. RayReyRei

    RayReyReiBulan Yang lalu

    Thankyou for listening to our concerns regarding the previously unfitting title and changing it 😁 its really nice to see some media outlets to listen to their viewers

  73. puji lstr

    puji lstrBulan Yang lalu

    And when many people watched this vid, you changed the tittle.. 😓 Well done.. the clickbait was successful..

  74. tegar fatarosan

    tegar fatarosanBulan Yang lalu

    I'm glad they change the video's title

  75. Anis Azziyati Juhari

    Anis Azziyati JuhariBulan Yang lalu

    ah finally changing the title.

  76. saigo toru

    saigo toruBulan Yang lalu

    So the title changed?

  77. nie mah

    nie mahBulan Yang lalu

    I've just noticed that reading your comment

  78. ssnarashi

    ssnarashiBulan Yang lalu

    Asian Boss has been corrupted.