Indian Defence Research Development Organisation DRDO military equipment technologies DefExpo 2016



    PARASHURAM HOSAPETI24 hari yang lalu

    Jai Hind

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    I love india🙏

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    Gohar ali gohar2 bulan yang lalu

    failed insitution

  7. Giggitee O'Yeah

    Giggitee O'Yeah3 bulan yang lalu

    Very backwards weapons from India at least one decade behind. Only Brahmos useful which is Dvina SAM2-4 power on a Moskit. Indian SAM is a Buk in serial production 1970.

  8. Saurav Singh

    Saurav Singh5 bulan yang lalu

    My india is best😍

  9. pedapati simhachalam

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    Good job I would like to join in this field My son. I like so much this field.


    DRAMA'S PROMOTahun Yang lalu

    5:39 ya Kia maruti 800 ko modified Kia hai😂😂😂

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    Mujhe puch lena chahye thana kinyuki me tera bap huna

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    Tum jsisee chutiya yahi samjhegen

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    Long live india from pakistan

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    Love india,,, Great works

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    Rahul says Made in India doesn't work But this is reality

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    Bcoz he is pappu thats why doesn't work

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    Very nice Indian deefene tecnology

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    very nice

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    latest and best

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    no, a long way behind.

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    good video

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    Nice .... Good improvement. ...of our country

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    very good drdo

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    1:00 mkc

  26. Manish Reddy

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    until u level the word my lab drdo will never succeed

  27. Bks Bks

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    thank you USA for helping us defend are country against China we don't want them to take are right to freedom of navigation of the sea we need the EU to help us stop the Chinese taking are water

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    long live india from malaysia :-)

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    Love u Malaysia .

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    My brother also worked in malaysia since 4 years

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    Lonh live malaysia from india

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    long live india from malaysia :-)

  33. ankush matta

    ankush matta3 tahun yang lalu

    jo weapons devloped countries bna chuki h.. hum wahi chiz bnane me KYU lge hte.. hum wo weapons kyu nahi bnate jo FIRST DEVLOPED IN INDIA ho .. hmesha un countries k piche2 chlne k bajaye ab thda futurstic hna padega

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    long live india

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    kuch kuch kuch hotahei kabhi kushi kabhi ham Goooooodd

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    Toys .......!

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  38. aryan clair

    aryan clair3 tahun yang lalu

    indian mahnat toh karte hai but unke designs good nahi hote agar Un par thodi mehnat karo toh duneya me tumhare hatheyar bahut bikege saste hone k karan

  39. Nishant Patar

    Nishant Patar2 tahun yang lalu

    Aryan: Because they are like Russian, ugly but reliable. Our Indian scientist follow same method.. Best Example AK47.

  40. insas223

    insas2233 tahun yang lalu

    @rohan9621 After the Bofors corruption scandal India broke off all commercial connections and collaboration with teh erstwhile Bofors company. The designs were part of the procurement of the original contract. It is not a licence production as such and apart from the design, the fabrication of the guns itself is the indigenous effort of the OFB.

  41. Rohan93

    Rohan933 tahun yang lalu

    +aryan clair dhanush is same as Bofors imdian government purchased the complete blueprints from Swedish company before its merger its not indigenous design its basically license production with some advancements

  42. Rohan93

    Rohan933 tahun yang lalu

    +aryan clair china does that indian companies do joint development

  43. insas223

    insas2233 tahun yang lalu

    @aryan clair Agar proper leadership politically and government mein ho aur ek determined effort ho, to yeh ho sakta hai.

  44. Jammu & Kashmir

    Jammu & Kashmir3 tahun yang lalu

    excellent weapon systems..