"I've got to prove myself!" Harry Kane hoping to be fit for Champions League final


  1. Jaff Nino

    Jaff Nino22 hari yang lalu


  2. John Bradford

    John BradfordBulan Yang lalu

    Harry who lol another average player who is well overated tbh

  3. bobby fagan

    bobby fagan2 bulan yang lalu

    And then pretended to be fit. Thanks again for the easy champions league win

  4. Zebras 724

    Zebras 7242 bulan yang lalu

    I don’t get why people make fun of his speech- he’s perfectly understandable in my opinion- yes his s sounds are very long sounds but I think maybe people should actually respond to what he is saying

  5. K.H.A.A N

    K.H.A.A N2 bulan yang lalu

    We all know how that ended

  6. Marc Antoni

    Marc Antoni2 bulan yang lalu

    We dont need more Champions final. Magic Moura. Magic night!

  7. ingkko

    ingkko3 bulan yang lalu


  8. David Hunt

    David Hunt3 bulan yang lalu

    I think Harry Kane needs to stay away from Spurs lol they play better as a team without him.

  9. Aldis Alushaj

    Aldis Alushaj3 bulan yang lalu

    Is it he or does Kane have a problem speaking English 😂😂

  10. nicolas villamizar

    nicolas villamizar3 bulan yang lalu

    How does kane not speak English good

  11. Arielle Fenix

    Arielle Fenix3 bulan yang lalu

    I hope that irony's intentional.

  12. The Saint

    The Saint3 bulan yang lalu

    Didn't know he could speak fluent Dutch

  13. D B

    D B3 bulan yang lalu

    He's 25 years old. No way

  14. Aysha Siddiqua

    Aysha Siddiqua3 bulan yang lalu

    Hope to see Harry kane in the final . One like means 1 wish for Harry kane

  15. TheRunningSloth

    TheRunningSloth3 bulan yang lalu

    He speaks better English than Harry Kane

  16. First Love -Ministries

    First Love -Ministries3 bulan yang lalu

    Tottenham has to win it will be there first champions title in all history

  17. Xavier Smith

    Xavier Smith3 bulan yang lalu

    My prediction - 27' Harry Kane suffers an ankle injury in Champions League final.

  18. koojoo100

    koojoo1003 bulan yang lalu

    Kane will win the championship against Liverpool

  19. Dany Hermawan

    Dany Hermawan3 bulan yang lalu

    Harry kane took english course while hes injured... look at the progress

  20. Rachel Rachel

    Rachel Rachel3 bulan yang lalu

    cant understand a word🤔

  21. Gabriel castro

    Gabriel castro3 bulan yang lalu

    Come on Harry people are talk talk talk... NEVER GIVE UP

  22. Rick Thatcher

    Rick Thatcher3 bulan yang lalu

    He sounds like he's chewing on his own tongue.

  23. Halef Helinay

    Halef Helinay3 bulan yang lalu


  24. Na-La Shin

    Na-La Shin3 bulan yang lalu

    Sony should leave Tottenham Hotspur.... He is not fully recognized at Tottenham Hotspur.... He is discriminated against because it is Asian....

  25. samuel alem

    samuel alem3 bulan yang lalu

    No, he is well recognised, given different prizes from the club this season, appreciated...etc. And I am sure totenham will be the only club where he gets the least amount of abuse. If he leaves, he wll be another coutinho

  26. Zayd Amro

    Zayd Amro3 bulan yang lalu

    Ajax. * them. Should have beat them.I’m arsenal fan.

  27. mun c

    mun c3 bulan yang lalu

    Champions league Final Kane Son gogogogogogogogogogogo

  28. Abed AL-R

    Abed AL-R3 bulan yang lalu

    who is here after The Champions :)

  29. Albie Lukás Smith

    Albie Lukás Smith3 bulan yang lalu

    Wow the creative comments

  30. Hoang xuan

    Hoang xuan3 bulan yang lalu

    like thanks

  31. Lam Sodge

    Lam Sodge3 bulan yang lalu

    The banter in these comments is piss poor

  32. Brendan Townsend

    Brendan Townsend3 bulan yang lalu

    Is this guy a little bit handicapped?

  33. Roo N

    Roo N3 bulan yang lalu

    surprised he didn't claim the goal


    SOO-MIN LEE3 bulan yang lalu

    Harry Kane will have to start on the bench. He will not be 100% physically fit.

  35. MarcusPlier11

    MarcusPlier113 bulan yang lalu

    Sprinklers are meant to go off before the game

  36. Chilli P 73

    Chilli P 733 bulan yang lalu

    Most over rated player going around just now,never in top 3 strikers in the world dont make me laugh!😂

  37. K Sammy pinto

    K Sammy pinto3 bulan yang lalu

    Harry should support the team from the bench. coys

  38. Kamsiriochukwu Nwaodu

    Kamsiriochukwu Nwaodu3 bulan yang lalu

    If Harry Kane would have been on the pitch. Tottenham would have lost

  39. Leo Damian

    Leo Damian3 bulan yang lalu

    To understand what harry kane is saying i had to add the subtitles

  40. Alnur Akhmetov

    Alnur Akhmetov3 bulan yang lalu

    I will just watch Harry Kane’s interview if I’m going to be disappointed for my English

  41. artist formerly known as nobcheesy

    artist formerly known as nobcheesy3 bulan yang lalu

    nice to see people with special needs can succeed in football

  42. Winict Maximus Cosmo

    Winict Maximus Cosmo3 bulan yang lalu

    I would love to see Gareth Bale and Modric coming back to Spurs

  43. Barry Stanton

    Barry Stanton3 bulan yang lalu

    No thanks. Modric is past it and Bales injured too often.

  44. Diego Leal / Project Lucha

    Diego Leal / Project Lucha3 bulan yang lalu

    Am i the only one who thinks that he looks like a British copy of Ryan Gosling?

  45. helen campbell

    helen campbell3 bulan yang lalu

    Harry does look like Ryan Gosling. RG is one of the best looking actors around. I have heard so many women say they love RG.

  46. Joe Jumani

    Joe Jumani3 bulan yang lalu

    As long as Kane can stay on his legs - he's IN....!!

  47. Robin Beee

    Robin Beee3 bulan yang lalu

    Kane is world class

  48. 유진위꼴로그

    유진위꼴로그3 bulan yang lalu


  49. 5000 subs with no video's challenge

    5000 subs with no video's challenge3 bulan yang lalu

    Really appreciate Harry making the effort to speak Dutch for Ajax

  50. Adjj15

    Adjj153 bulan yang lalu

    Hes fit he was never injured look how he ran on the pitch. Just wants the glory

  51. Barry Stanton

    Barry Stanton3 bulan yang lalu

    Don't be silly.

  52. Damzz

    Damzz3 bulan yang lalu

    Why do footballers and managers always touch there face to show there watch lol

  53. R. Aliii27

    R. Aliii273 bulan yang lalu

    my dad said they bribe in half time and then so they let them win lol my dads funney

  54. Evan Smith

    Evan Smith3 bulan yang lalu

    I love Harry Kane but he should not do 90 minutes v Liverpool even though his contract says he must start every game he is will be rusty. I hope Poch is brave enough or Harry can see the sense it makes .

  55. Bryan Gohhh46

    Bryan Gohhh463 bulan yang lalu

    When i see Harry Kane talking in a video. *_i click_* No hate Harry Kane. Just a joke

  56. pj mac show

    pj mac show3 bulan yang lalu

    Anyone else know what Harry is saying? On a side note Kane plays = Tottenham lose Kane doesn’t play = Tottenham are champions league winners

  57. tusharkanti sen

    tusharkanti sen3 bulan yang lalu

    I think it's time to stop trolling Harry for how he speaks It's kinda stale and stinky now !!!!

  58. helen campbell

    helen campbell3 bulan yang lalu


  59. sunny

    sunny3 bulan yang lalu

    I don't think Spurs need Kane to win CL. It is enough to win CL with the current squad, He can watch the game in the bench.

  60. Grahame Cole

    Grahame Cole3 bulan yang lalu

    English football is coming of age with these brilliant world class managers leading the way. They absolutely understand how to get the best out of their players and a huge part of it comes from the supporters their clubs have. The self belief and the will and the passion... It is the best sporting contest on the planet, nothing else comes close. I live in rugby dominated New Zealand, if only rugby crowds could be like top football clubs crowds. Can't wait for the final!

  61. TheeVanillaface

    TheeVanillaface3 bulan yang lalu

    How do I turn on subtitles

  62. XXXtentacion

    XXXtentacion3 bulan yang lalu

    Bodkfbgchh we gona score ngfudhydufhychgf both both drvshcgcfj so it’s hard baggtgfhdyc yeah yeah bjggkpppghfsdh

  63. Mixed World

    Mixed World3 bulan yang lalu

    without Kane tothenham is a good team. With kane tothenham is a weak team. If Kane play in final surely tothenham will lost the game without any doubt. Kane - an ultimate idiot player i have ever seen!

  64. Barry Stanton

    Barry Stanton3 bulan yang lalu

    Just no.

  65. sanjay lama

    sanjay lama3 bulan yang lalu

    Better than avenger

  66. Jameel Mhd

    Jameel Mhd3 bulan yang lalu

    Ajax and Barcelona are playing the Finals. I mean the Losers Final.

  67. Ggodak O

    Ggodak O3 bulan yang lalu

    To be honest Mancity was best team so far during tournament if they had De bruyne....but tottenham had SONNY

  68. Gubney K

    Gubney K3 bulan yang lalu

    Watch him score an OG in the final and cost the game 😂

  69. Liverpool Reds

    Liverpool Reds3 bulan yang lalu

    Leshhhhhhhhhh go

  70. Michael Hayes

    Michael Hayes3 bulan yang lalu

    Come on 'Arry!

  71. Sean Anthony

    Sean Anthony3 bulan yang lalu

    Its Ajax tho...good team but very young and inexperienced. Liverpool win another European cup.

  72. Ahmed Mahmoud

    Ahmed Mahmoud3 bulan yang lalu

    The guy seems mad genuine.....hopefully they lose tho lol

  73. ClutchItOut

    ClutchItOut3 bulan yang lalu

    hey chicken u need to calm down

  74. Kojum

    Kojum3 bulan yang lalu

    who's sissoko holding to she fine

  75. RealitYx EvO

    RealitYx EvO3 bulan yang lalu

    Still cant talk properly

  76. James Mondon

    James Mondon3 bulan yang lalu

    Didn’t get a word 🤔

  77. yash motoraj

    yash motoraj3 bulan yang lalu

    EPL version of UCL

  78. Metal Core :D

    Metal Core :D3 bulan yang lalu

    Tottenham no need Kane.

  79. Rafael Vieira

    Rafael Vieira3 bulan yang lalu

    Nunca subestime o futebol de um brasileiro :)

  80. MrBecksy2

    MrBecksy23 bulan yang lalu

    Not at our best? Spurs were brilliant in the second half.

  81. Barry Stanton

    Barry Stanton3 bulan yang lalu

    In the first half we weren't.

  82. Paul Fielding

    Paul Fielding3 bulan yang lalu

    Naaaaughty AP Skeleton !

  83. Akash Jaiswal

    Akash Jaiswal3 bulan yang lalu

    He should be benched in the final, if he is fit because I think Tottenham have things within themselves with absence of this non passer, non English speaking Englishman

  84. Akash Jaiswal

    Akash Jaiswal2 bulan yang lalu

    @Barry Stanton well he was not benched and rest is history

  85. Barry Stanton

    Barry Stanton3 bulan yang lalu

    Non-passer? Absolute muppet. He is an incredible passer, he just has the confidence to take on shots, lesser strikers would rather not.

  86. fifa19needstobedeleted 1997

    fifa19needstobedeleted 19973 bulan yang lalu

    I think this proves Tottenham dont need harry kane and as seen aswell liverpool really dont need Salah and firmino

  87. Tommy Wiseau

    Tommy Wiseau3 bulan yang lalu

    Harry Kane: Just another hat trick for me...

  88. Stanley13

    Stanley133 bulan yang lalu

    Please let him be fit for the final..... spurs are so much better without him.... As a Liverpool fan i want the slow donkey kane instead of moura or son.

  89. Jamie Harrison

    Jamie Harrison3 bulan yang lalu

    I thought it was tactic or someone talking until I looked at the screen 😂

  90. Jamie Harrison

    Jamie Harrison3 bulan yang lalu



    SAWANE ADAMA3 bulan yang lalu