I Unlocked Vendetta In One Day And This Is How (Fortnite)


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    Subscribe IN ONE DAY!!

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    you know you can leave the team rumble game after doing the challenges and it will save your challenge progress just so you know

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    Luke TheNotable i subscribed 100 times 100 times and this is what happened

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    I did

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    Possible 👍

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    The_ LAD au

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    Does he know he can exit the game and keep everything

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    Keep up the good work man👊🏻

  9. Luke Is Gay

    Luke Is GayHari Yang lalu

    wow...unlocking ultima knight in one day is gonna be incredibly hard since there’s no mobility... also since there’s technically gonna be 20 weeks of challenges because of the prestige. good luck fellow luke

  10. Joshua Miranda

    Joshua MirandaHari Yang lalu

    The video should have been called I got one of the worst tier 100 skins in one day

  11. SquidwardBoi

    SquidwardBoi3 hari yang lalu

    Point of the story SpEnD 100 DoLLaRs

  12. AVS PlaysROBLOX

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    Now I'm asking myself how he will do this in season 10

  13. Freds Killeris

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    not hardly

  14. Jane Highton

    Jane Highton3 hari yang lalu

    If you leave chlnges still count

  15. Bas Kuik

    Bas Kuik4 hari yang lalu

    You need about 60 ig levels to get tier 100

  16. Swatzac Papps

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    Did he say fucky landing lmao

  17. ThickyMcTwisty

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    This channel was better for halo than it will ever be for Fortnite. If I was in his place I’d rather make videos where I played a game that everyone would enjoy since halo isn’t hated by literally everyone over the age of 9

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    Next time do this live

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    "Don't tell anyone but I did not have permit to shoot that banana" Golden.

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    3:21 sounds like he said f*** you landing

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    5:07 Season X in a nutshell

  22. Mr_crazy_games

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    5:05 ha ha ha not so subtle foreshadowing

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    how to get any season! JuSt BuY aLl ThE tIeRs

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    Your farny I like u

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    stretch or shortened?

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    Solution: spend 80 pounds

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    I wonder if u can do season x in one day

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    5:05 did he just predict season x?

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    Very one who reads this plz sub to Luke so he can reach 1 mil

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    You can also do it with the standard battle pass and do some great grinding ( 2 days )


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    only ogs remember when luke played halo

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    This pleases me

  33. Sam RARSTGaming

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    Epic: Battle pass normaly takes 150-170 Hours to complete Luke: Hold my minigun

  34. Hunter Hughes

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    It's funny how he cut the video when he commited... To a challenge

  35. TR0P1C4LZ_

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    I unlocked vendetta in one day by.. Buying all the tiers

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    Thumbnail changed lol

  37. Daniela Todorova

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    It’s called buying tiers

  38. Candy Playz

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    Why does he get up footprints of enemies nearby. Is he playing on mobile

  39. ivan 103

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    Visualize sound effects

  40. Gamer PP

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    Fucky landing? 3:21

  41. Jay A

    Jay A12 hari yang lalu

    Funny enough I did the same thing thinking it was impossible to get all the challenges done, truthfully I just wanted the rox skin and out of nowhere I realized after one game I went up like 10 tiers. 8 hours later I managed to get all 100 tiers.


    CHA0SBLEEDS12 hari yang lalu

    You could have done it faster if you just leave matches once you've completed the challenges and there was nothing left that you could do.

  43. Justin Schmidt

    Justin Schmidt12 hari yang lalu

    Haven't tried since season 7 guess it changed since then


    CHA0SBLEEDS12 hari yang lalu

    Never played any matches in season 10 yet, so I thought maybe they changed things. Loaded up the game and tried to see if it changed, but nope. I got 1 brute and applied 100 shields then left the match. Both challenges counted. Not sure what you're talking about.

  45. Justin Schmidt

    Justin Schmidt12 hari yang lalu

    Already have


    CHA0SBLEEDS12 hari yang lalu

    Try it and report back.

  47. Justin Schmidt

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    You can't leave 8 if you want to collect Thier rewards

  48. yeetus-yeetus commit-self-deletus

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    Who here is just waiting for a “*i unlocked ultimaknight in one day*” video?

  49. Osvaldo_Tuga _

    Osvaldo_Tuga _12 hari yang lalu

    I actually did this and the fortbites in also 5 or 6 hours, it was very exhausting and I will probably not do it again..

  50. Ben McAshea

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    You'll never have to do it again cause Fortbytes are vaulted!

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    I've watched this vid 100 time

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    I hate you

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    Cubemaster1 1113 hari yang lalu


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    Me I took storm damage out of the storm LTN same here Me Only I can say thsy

  55. u n d e f i n d

    u n d e f i n d14 hari yang lalu

    too bad i wont see fortnite until atleast season 15...

  56. Zoe Lovett

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    How did he have all the challenges in one day

  57. Detroit Sports

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    This is season 9

  58. Vanessa Gajewski

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    That guy that you were billed buying and you ran to away that might have been me

  59. Parched

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    Hell yeah lol

  60. MK_HAIL

    MK_HAIL14 hari yang lalu

    Deal damage on a vehcile or damage people on vehicle turner's count as vehicles

  61. PSI Gamer Man

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    5:06 season x spoiled by a bullet

  62. Cosmic_Hazmat 24

    Cosmic_Hazmat 2414 hari yang lalu

    do you think it would be possible to get to tier 87 in one day without the battle bundle?

  63. I eat toilets

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    By buying all the tiers

  64. Martin Nunez

    Martin Nunez15 hari yang lalu


  65. Mr_GamezYaxD YT

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    When You Kill the banana you and my friends are gonna have a little chat 😂

  66. rafal saczko

    rafal saczko15 hari yang lalu

    I used this technique in season 8, I was about 7 tiers away from 100!

  67. Jayden Lin

    Jayden Lin15 hari yang lalu

    From tier 46, I bought the season 3 battle-pass 24 hours before it ended. 8 hour grind til 6am in the morning for John Wick. Ps on a work day. Worth it.

  68. Jack Ross

    Jack Ross15 hari yang lalu

    Luke: I dropped Pressure Plant 100 times in Solo Me: I dropped Pressure Plant 100 times in Team Rumble

  69. TLOU

    TLOU15 hari yang lalu

    I was tier 53, and couldn't finish all challenges :(

  70. Fmoor 35

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    Season 9: getting tier 100 in one day Season 30: getting tier 100 in one game

  71. Isaak

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    That was a default.

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    Season x anybody

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    How u get to teir 100 in one day buy all the teirs 😂

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    Is this video fake because his name is different????!?

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    Drum Shotguns Are Soooo Op

  76. FBI

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    Season X wont require the bundle, there's 100 tier worth of missions

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    You sure?

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    Who else is gonna try this in season x?

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    We don't need to know how, we already know you got that magic

  80. RTG_Sxuper

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    I know purchasing tiers!! Lol

  81. tam nguyen

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    LTN: Unlock 100 tiers battle pass in one day Fortnite Season 10: sike xD

  82. Tribute Is my name

    Tribute Is my name11 hari yang lalu

    tam nguyen oh thank you for explaining

  83. tam nguyen

    tam nguyen12 hari yang lalu

    @Tribute Is my name the main reason why this was easy was because the weekly challenges sometime overlap/repeat. So he was able to do 1 challenge for 4-5 weeks. With the new challenges (especially with prestige added). I don't think he'll be able to do the same technique this season

  84. Tribute Is my name

    Tribute Is my name12 hari yang lalu

    tam nguyen yea?

  85. tam nguyen

    tam nguyen14 hari yang lalu

    did you see the new battle pass challenges?

  86. Tribute Is my name

    Tribute Is my name14 hari yang lalu

    I don’t get the joke please explain

  87. Arch TTV

    Arch TTV16 hari yang lalu

    Whose watching in season 10

  88. ツSantos

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    Step 1 of unlocking vendetta in one day: *GALLON WORTH OF G-FUEL*

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    Fickle that

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    So who is tors?

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    U bought the whole battle pass


    JAKA PRAPOTNIK16 hari yang lalu

    Did enybotey hear him say fucky landing

  93. OOF

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    Billie Eilish: *mY V iS fOR VEnDEttA*

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    5:06 he has predicted season 10

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    Season 10 I mean

  96. cash box8

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    Season 9?

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    My brother said you was a weirdo

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    Did anywon hear f ing landing

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    Do this for season x/10 pls

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    Its season X now