I tried doing a HALLOWEEN LOOK and FAILED! | Louie’s Life


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    This is why I’m not a pompi guru

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    Louie's Life Deyeliz.the_glow

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    I love love LOVE how u flip ur hair 😀😀🥰😂

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    Enough with the no one literally no one comments damn be original bunch of sheep. Love your videos!!!!!!

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    You look like the joker And I like it so yeah bye😘

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    I eat extra extra extra hot Cheetos

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    You’re so awesome yo!!! 💕💕 “ESSSTUPIDDAAAAA” Lol I cant stop saying it!!!!

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    No one absolutely no one:.... Louie: I’m not a beauty guru I’m a perra hahaha 💀💀💀 @motherhood_beauty public insta @mvryjerry24 personal insta

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    No one: Not a single soul: Louie: BREAK *pulls out a whole ass bag of hot Cheetos*. *chokes*

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    Abby Garcia

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    FoUr FoUr FOUR hOuRs To FiLm

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    You are inspirational funny and you made me love Spanish #karishmabharath01

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    Omg u and Larri should do a collab 😂😂😝

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    It looks like one face on another😭🤣

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    Do a quincenara look, to lopk like hell bitch

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    Can you do an update q&a

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    Aw i want to go into the giveaway but I don’t have Ig :(

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    No one: Louie:Hehe I did it 😂 2:13 naty_godoy_fuentes

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    I cried at 3:17 when he said if u don’t get the extra extra extra flaming hot Cheetos then Ur not a true Latina 😭😭 Bc I have gastritis 😭😭😭😭

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    nobody louie: ayy ya me esta doliendo la espalda

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    Please stupppidaa I need make up. By the way you don’t need makeup cause you always look perra.my instagram is ya.fav.vanessa i will make sure I add you

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    What are the name of eyelashes he use? I couldn’t hear

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    Luna Baby lily lashes in Mikonos

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    When he said “pobresito” i dieeeed 🤣🤣

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    This picture your shubby

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