I Trapped My Parents in PRISON for 24 Hours!


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    Marcus Lucas can your mom come over to my house Brookstone apartment 29 to clean our house cuz we are not an Express cleaning

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    I love you too

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    Can you give me a shot out

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    I want to go in jail I only live in East LA Los Angeles on my name is Abigail my last name is ornelas and I am only eight years old

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    I liked it

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    Dobre mom:eww look at Thais floor Other moms:ewww this floor is disgusting CLEAN IT NOW

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    I watch the dobre brothers so much

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    I like all your movies

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    I love your guises video you should make some more fun video Lucas and Marcus I love you I’m your biggest fan and And I love you Lucas and Marcus you are the best Dobre ever Ever I see you and I love you all do some more songs because I watch a video all day long and I have no school so make me some more fun videos please I love I love you all even the girls make some more videos remember boys and girls

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    I would love it if your mom came to my house and cleaned up all Twitter likes you was belongs at my house and we have lots of food and we treat people like they are our family!!!!!!!✌✌❀❀❀❀

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    You’re. The best

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    Lucus and Marcus should of said to them in the cell you shall remain calm

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    You guys are so funny I like this video

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    Dope family vibes

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    I’m sorry

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    I Don’t like your videosAnymore

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    I love all your pranks and all videos

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    I love all your videos but you have to make more

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    Hi lucas and Marcus your my favorite ❀️

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    My name is brooklyn n can I get a show out please

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    Why are you resting your mom and your dad to?

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    Can your mum come clean my house every day especially my bedroom

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    I love your vids

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    Who likes Lucas and Marcus videos❀️

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    West your mum and dad and your sister and your brother your little ones with the family and stuff in but not you and you get in trouble bubble bubble bubble you are a pizza please

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    Looks like she's gonna clean alot of home's

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    I liked to my favorite IDreporterrs and I liked love you guys Lucas and marcus

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    Love you gis

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    Lucus and Marcus are bad police

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    Chloe Shaw and I God to Cornwall end shol

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    lucas & Marcus:we dont have a mom Also Lucas & Marcus: cmon mom just let ud arrest u there's people watching ME: bruh πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    You're mom is so funny

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    10:50 he said chicken like if u agree