I Tested VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks to see if they work


  1. Maria Mendoza

    Maria Mendoza10 jam yang lalu

    I love when the dorito bag said bye to sssniperwolf

  2. coco panda

    coco panda10 jam yang lalu

    nice pinktailes

  3. Itz_astheticgacha

    Itz_astheticgacha10 jam yang lalu

    I dare you to say hi!

  4. coco panda

    coco panda10 jam yang lalu

    hiiii I love u u are my fav youtuber I subscribed to u and I love you

  5. SavvySlime 123

    SavvySlime 12310 jam yang lalu

    That is why order fraps

  6. Gamerboiz

    Gamerboiz10 jam yang lalu

    For the money it just melts mine. Then again I’m Canadian

  7. Caleb RamX

    Caleb RamX10 jam yang lalu

    Who just replayed the intro where the Doritos bag gets obliterated it’s so satisfying

  8. Bakugan 258

    Bakugan 25810 jam yang lalu

    I watched a whole TikTok ad for this video The sacrifice

  9. Michael Lawson

    Michael Lawson10 jam yang lalu

    I love all of your videos I’m 10 can you reply

  10. Autumn Marihugh

    Autumn Marihugh10 jam yang lalu

    When she put the bag in the microwave I thought of Shane Dawson 😂😂😂

  11. Rose Rose

    Rose Rose10 jam yang lalu

    Is that your boyfriend

  12. Elena Hoelsken

    Elena Hoelsken10 jam yang lalu

    Did you brake up with sausage

  13. Level Asian

    Level Asian10 jam yang lalu


  14. Olivia Slaski

    Olivia Slaski10 jam yang lalu

    why is there a cast thing on your arm?

  15. Bridgett Middleton

    Bridgett Middleton10 jam yang lalu

    I love you so much you are the best I am 8 I love you so mmmmmuuuuuucccccchhhhhhhhhhh...are you rich?

  16. Perla Yanes

    Perla Yanes10 jam yang lalu

    Omg! My mom has the same Flat iron from same logo!!!

  17. PinkLemon Juice

    PinkLemon Juice10 jam yang lalu

    Starbucks charges you for ice.

  18. Wolfcookies chan unicorn Gacha alyssa I Love funneh

    Wolfcookies chan unicorn Gacha alyssa I Love funneh10 jam yang lalu

    Is that a plastic straw...........AHHHH throw it in tha trash!

  19. Pandas_azts 1235

    Pandas_azts 123510 jam yang lalu

    Nice video haha

  20. Yuki_gachalife10 Gachalife10

    Yuki_gachalife10 Gachalife1010 jam yang lalu

    Lia: Goodbye sweet prince Doritos bag: Goodbye Lia Doritos bag deserved better

  21. Fuzion Hyper 2019

    Fuzion Hyper 201910 jam yang lalu

    This guy is lucky to date sniper wolf

  22. Arina Nikitina

    Arina Nikitina10 jam yang lalu

    Русские привет

  23. random Elvira

    random Elvira10 jam yang lalu

    On the popcorn hack my gramma clapped and it scared me bc I thought it was the popcorn 🙃🤦🏾‍♀️

  24. XXxElliePlayzX

    XXxElliePlayzX10 jam yang lalu

    and while im listening to this vid wearing headphones

  25. Nicholas Coral

    Nicholas Coral10 jam yang lalu

    I love how the chip bag says bye

  26. Mia Gonzales

    Mia Gonzales10 jam yang lalu

    Sssniperwolf u are the best youtuber eva

  27. Shrimp Shrimp

    Shrimp Shrimp10 jam yang lalu

    Im a fan! Love you sssniperwolf

  28. Jorgey Boi

    Jorgey Boi10 jam yang lalu

    During the earbud hack she talked with her mouth closed

  29. Ravell Haye

    Ravell Haye10 jam yang lalu

    6:08 looking thicccccccc tho

  30. Kenneth Johnson

    Kenneth Johnson10 jam yang lalu

    Acc is Godlymare62

  31. Jaylen Savage

    Jaylen Savage10 jam yang lalu

    Let me

  32. Arlette Aguilar Rodriguez

    Arlette Aguilar Rodriguez10 jam yang lalu

    Why did you get scared when the popcorn pop It was funny I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings

  33. Chin Hung

    Chin Hung10 jam yang lalu

    _To Anyone Who Reads This_ *May You And Your Family Be Blessed*

  34. AcADiVS.

    AcADiVS.10 jam yang lalu

    you foxy

  35. Trillion Jackson

    Trillion Jackson10 jam yang lalu

    The zip tie one she said an I oop

  36. Serenity Mosley

    Serenity Mosley10 jam yang lalu

    Pizza:they ask you how you are and you say your fine but your NOT FINE

  37. texts stories

    texts stories10 jam yang lalu

    When she was doing the money hack I got an money ad

  38. Zombiechi 1202

    Zombiechi 120210 jam yang lalu

    I knew the straightener hack with money but I’m always broke so can’t ever do the hack 😂

  39. XXxElliePlayzX

    XXxElliePlayzX10 jam yang lalu

    how she screamed tho it was sofunny when she screamed when the kernel poped with the flat iron lol

  40. hidudes 22

    hidudes 2210 jam yang lalu

    What happend to your arm

  41. Gage Knapp

    Gage Knapp10 jam yang lalu

    What happened to her hand

  42. Josh J.

    Josh J.10 jam yang lalu


  43. Mark Liberg

    Mark Liberg10 jam yang lalu

    I'm trying to figure out Who She's cosplaying as.

  44. Adrian Sawh

    Adrian Sawh10 jam yang lalu

    The drink!!???. I think it's because of the ice

  45. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith10 jam yang lalu

    Why is there a deer's butt hole in the wall

  46. Artemio Santana

    Artemio Santana10 jam yang lalu

    I like it

  47. R G

    R G10 jam yang lalu

    are you to together again.

  48. Christopher Lucas

    Christopher Lucas10 jam yang lalu

    Lia?pregnant with popcorn Lumpy? Thicc af Ash?bites everyone Hotel?Trivago

  49. Trillion Jackson

    Trillion Jackson10 jam yang lalu

    Just saw the tic toc

  50. Eowyn Torres

    Eowyn Torres10 jam yang lalu

    I love your vids

  51. SkyWolvesGaming

    SkyWolvesGaming10 jam yang lalu

    What is on her right arm/hand/wrist?

  52. Trey'Quan Faulkner

    Trey'Quan Faulkner10 jam yang lalu

    That popcorn hack scream in slow motion sounded like she was in a horror movie 😂

  53. Kamilynn Sheets

    Kamilynn Sheets10 jam yang lalu

    That slow-mo laugh

  54. CoolMiner68 _YT

    CoolMiner68 _YT10 jam yang lalu

    Sssniperwolf i luv u!!!!

  55. Baby Clar And Baby Ella Vlogs

    Baby Clar And Baby Ella Vlogs11 jam yang lalu

    You look more cute today

  56. Helga Smith

    Helga Smith11 jam yang lalu

    I dreamed I was making a video live and u were watching and making a video like and I saw you were making a live vid about meh and I screamed

  57. LemonLimeDragonet Animations

    LemonLimeDragonet Animations11 jam yang lalu

    You don't need to untangle earbuds if you have airbuds.

  58. The puppet show BY NATHAN WOLFORD

    The puppet show BY NATHAN WOLFORD11 jam yang lalu

    Sssniperwolf do you still like Afx

  59. Marissa Garcez

    Marissa Garcez11 jam yang lalu

    Im watching with wire headphones. Just listening to to one of my favorite youtubers make fun of me. 😭

  60. King Taco

    King Taco11 jam yang lalu