I Said Yes to My Dad For 24 Hours! - Challenge


  1. Preston

    PrestonBulan Yang lalu

    Subscribe or I'll say no to you for 24 hours...

  2. Zachary Hirschmann

    Zachary Hirschmann5 hari yang lalu

    Someone that's not subscribed: will you not buy me a Lamborghini Preston: has to say no

  3. Elvis Gallaher

    Elvis GallaherBulan Yang lalu

    I'm subscribe to u already

  4. jonathan lunsford

    jonathan lunsfordBulan Yang lalu


  5. Toebe Halvorson

    Toebe HalvorsonBulan Yang lalu

    im subscribe

  6. Sharfunnessa Khan

    Sharfunnessa KhanBulan Yang lalu


  7. gaming Jake

    gaming Jake9 jam yang lalu

    One like for say yes to Preston for 24

  8. Hassan Mousawi

    Hassan Mousawi12 jam yang lalu

    Your dad is man

  9. Faizan Aqeel

    Faizan Aqeel17 jam yang lalu

    preston why you buy lamborgini

  10. James Martin Caberoy

    James Martin Caberoy20 jam yang lalu


  11. Daniel Gomez

    Daniel GomezHari Yang lalu

    Preston you should say yes to your family for 24 hour's


    VANESSA DUNIGANHari Yang lalu

    How much is the person style T-shirts T-shirts

  13. 2028.Rosselyn McDougall

    2028.Rosselyn McDougallHari Yang lalu

    I love your channel is my favorite channel and I made sure to do that do you thumbs-up I am going

  14. Ethan Staudt

    Ethan StaudtHari Yang lalu

    I am sub

  15. Ethan deMoya

    Ethan deMoyaHari Yang lalu

    Do a I will let the control my life

  16. Alberto Cyriaano

    Alberto CyriaanoHari Yang lalu

    I've never in my whole life heard someone say I want all your money in these say yes for 24 hours

  17. amine khatir

    amine khatir4 hari yang lalu


  18. Carolin Drake

    Carolin Drake4 hari yang lalu

    Love you and your wife

  19. Alan Little

    Alan Little4 hari yang lalu

    I love ea

  20. Karolis Sinkevičius

    Karolis Sinkevičius4 hari yang lalu

    Hey Preston i subscribed and hit the bell to support you :D

  21. Mustafa Munir

    Mustafa Munir5 hari yang lalu

    Preston are you happy because electronic arts sponsored you

  22. Skyler Jones

    Skyler Jones5 hari yang lalu

    Old dude

  23. Brandon Montiel

    Brandon Montiel5 hari yang lalu

    Next time you do this never tell anyone

  24. Reign d. panuayan

    Reign d. panuayan6 hari yang lalu

    what's you yers old are you are.

  25. Lyla Connor

    Lyla Connor6 hari yang lalu

    You left your drink at Chick-fil-A I feel bad 😢 for the guy at Chick-fil-A

  26. Charley Quinn

    Charley Quinn6 hari yang lalu

    U left the drink at Chic-fil-A. Lol

  27. Claudino Costa

    Claudino Costa6 hari yang lalu


  28. Rusty Potato

    Rusty Potato6 hari yang lalu

    5:16 watch when he puts the phone down

  29. Marco GnV

    Marco GnV7 hari yang lalu

    You should do I say yes to myself for 24 hours.

  30. foxyboy101

    foxyboy1017 hari yang lalu


  31. Cooking with Jackson

    Cooking with Jackson7 hari yang lalu

    What the!?!

  32. Harry Cass

    Harry Cass7 hari yang lalu


  33. lil_ozzo

    lil_ozzo7 hari yang lalu

    Preston's dad is a real Texan

  34. Meixia Chen

    Meixia Chen7 hari yang lalu

    Preston did not call anyone I saw his phone and he wasn’t

  35. Meixia Chen

    Meixia Chen7 hari yang lalu

    I wish Preston could have a meeting with his fans 4th of July to 10th of July

  36. Zac Parker

    Zac Parker7 hari yang lalu


  37. Pubg Sucks64

    Pubg Sucks648 hari yang lalu

    I love apex!

  38. Jesus Galvan

    Jesus Galvan8 hari yang lalu


  39. Fox King

    Fox King8 hari yang lalu


  40. Ethlyne Heriveaux

    Ethlyne Heriveaux8 hari yang lalu


  41. Tim Hartley

    Tim Hartley8 hari yang lalu

    Sorry. Your dad is evil

  42. john strout

    john strout8 hari yang lalu

    I love apex legends

  43. Glenn Verret

    Glenn Verret8 hari yang lalu

    Did anyone notice he left the drink at Chick-fil-A

  44. Kelley Murphy

    Kelley Murphy6 hari yang lalu

    I did


    GAMER HD DJ8 hari yang lalu

    lol build a father's pizza arcade and a lambo

  46. Khlese Jackson

    Khlese Jackson9 hari yang lalu

    That embarrassing to Carry 3 pacs of tolet paper with ur dad

  47. Khlese Jackson

    Khlese Jackson9 hari yang lalu

    Can you comment his age if anyone knows it ?

  48. Charles Stipanovic

    Charles Stipanovic9 hari yang lalu

    I loved your vid Preston I love your channel

  49. Abigail and Ben

    Abigail and Ben9 hari yang lalu

    Pause at 6:20 lol his face

  50. William Warren

    William Warren9 hari yang lalu

    Like the video

  51. xi xi

    xi xi10 hari yang lalu


  52. xi xi

    xi xi10 hari yang lalu


  53. xi xi

    xi xi10 hari yang lalu


  54. Easton Skorseth

    Easton Skorseth11 hari yang lalu

    10 mil

  55. kenneth robinson

    kenneth robinson11 hari yang lalu

    Is Nick his agent or does everybody he knows likes PIZZA

  56. kenneth robinson

    kenneth robinson11 hari yang lalu

    When Preston had to say yes to Brianna she should have asked for the car earlier like Preston’s DAD