i played HIDE & SEEK in Minecraft with the FaZe House


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    20 000 LIKES on This Video = NEW Hide & Seek + More FaZe members!

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    Seth NavarroBulan Yang lalu

    Can I join you ?

  4. Ben Quinn

    Ben QuinnBulan Yang lalu

    FaZe Teeqo love these minecraft vibes

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    Vincent KristianssonBulan Yang lalu

    FaZe Teeqo du är bäst jag är från malmö

  6. S'morez :3

    S'morez :3Bulan Yang lalu

    U fucken made my day teeqo

  7. Rubix1108

    Rubix11082 hari yang lalu

    If you run and jump you can go faster

  8. cameron

    cameron11 hari yang lalu

    Love this vid

  9. Twix _

    Twix _20 hari yang lalu

    Jarvis screaming: HE WAS THERE BRUV. THERE'S NO WAYYYY!!!! bro i laughed when he screamed

  10. Yonzi

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    9:42 teeqos laugh got me dead

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    Jarvis at Fornite: JARVIS YOUR INSANE Faze Kay at Minecraft FRAZIER YOUR INSANE BRO

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    I am so close to 30 subs please help me

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    Legend är du teeqo #ikeateam #köttbularteam

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    what minecraft version are you playing

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    Intro made me sad because I miss nyc faze house

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    I love you teeqo (no homo) love your videos they are the best

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    listen to GwidT in the back 🤣🤣🤣 2:38

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    Play with faze Blaze

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    new video today?

  22. 3yeets Beats

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    I love how he just started and can build stuff like that

  23. Saw Rav

    Saw RavBulan Yang lalu

    How are you guys play all together? This u guys bought a server or u guys have free hosting.

  24. yusuf adan

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    I’m done Like how many times he said I’m done

  25. Max Hofmans

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    Just waiting and waiting doe the next vid😭

  26. ET_Elegant

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    Copying the sidemen much?

  27. Borna Velic

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    Whats your texture pack, it eould be a honor if u respond, much love bro💙💙

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    Lemme join youre server ?

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    Yo who was the girl in the backround bro at the end of the video? Someone who soon will be introduced to the chanel maybe?😋

  30. ItzAqua

    ItzAquaBulan Yang lalu

    Can you talk Swedish?

  31. karma

    karmaBulan Yang lalu

    sopkmeone pls put link of that resource pack tha he is using

  32. BAM BOO

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    I like Fortnite but when faze clan is playing Minecraft it is so satisfying

  33. Liam Taranger

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    Your copying the sidemen

  34. SwZyyy

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    Im glad they didnt put *winner gets $10,000 *

  35. aman khan

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    Black ops

  36. Aislinn Hess

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    “they’re attacking the animals”🤦🏻‍♀️

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    Clip of the week😂

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    Bro we’re the new Minecraft video I’ve been waiting all day

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    Oh ok man thanks for replying fast😽

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    I have a 20min video DONE & READY but youtube wouldn’t let me upload today.... error message after error

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    Teeqo thank you for making vids everyday 🙏🏽 because you just make my day better and better every time ❤️❤️🙏🏽 and also RIP Richard😔😭

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    Is teeqo balding?

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    Go into the nether!

  45. Nicholas Hayes (Student)

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    Copy sidemen again

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    best teeqo vid yet haha

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    Keep it up teeqo

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    Favorite you tuber for sure letsssss goooo another minecraft video my favorite

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    Aye Teeqo I love u man but u gotta stop using the wrong tools to break stuff!Thanks😂😁

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    Can you do another one of this

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    Minecraft has now come back to life

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    Jokes on you I don’t have a car

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    I miss your vlogs 🙁

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    What has faze become😥

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    Mine craft lookin lit 🔥

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    Can someone help me with what mod he uses to make the water, trees and flowers wobbly?

  58. money boys

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    teeq never has food😂

  59. Fille Åkesson

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    Didn’t even give sidemen credit

  60. MindofMalic - PS3/PS4

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    GWIDTH is so funny

  61. Abdirahman Hussein

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    At 9:40

  62. Jorden Brake

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    Faze Kay fishing like always

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    Your videos are always so positive and funny. Always making better day. Love this kind of content keep it up.

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    Nobody: Gwidt: THATS ALL IM SAYING

  65. 4 0 5

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    Censor:let me be in the team. FaZe Clan:so you wanna be in our next video intro?

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    Man U look like u enjoy yourself way more playing fortnite

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    Oh sheet boiz, When teeqo uploads you already know its a banger! props.