I Made $10,000 from 1 Video WTF


  1. Beans Hong

    Beans Hong3 bulan yang lalu

    I watched a minute video for ur revenue

  2. Bebuchis

    Bebuchis4 bulan yang lalu


  3. リーダー

    リーダー7 bulan yang lalu

    You are genius hahahaj

  4. dj X.A.N.A

    dj X.A.N.A8 bulan yang lalu

    I thought the tos forbids talking about this topic

  5. AMV Mix

    AMV Mix8 bulan yang lalu

    but how can I monetize my shit if I dont even have 1000 subs to begin with? I know I can get better in creating but everything is a learning curve. Ill eventually get good at it youtube! Also thanks for being such an honest guy. respect.

  6. B222006 Gamer

    B222006 Gamer10 bulan yang lalu

    So much inception

  7. Miguel D

    Miguel D10 bulan yang lalu

    After some time do a video on how much this video makes you. And then that video and so on. Let's see such how far we can go.

  8. phoenix guy

    phoenix guyTahun Yang lalu

    alright guys! the team i hired is gone i know i been telling to click ads infinity on vexxed videos but it might destroy his career sooooo get your ass out here i hate pewdiepie so let do it

  9. jakob

    jakobTahun Yang lalu

    yoo you listen to eden !!

  10. Versaucey

    VersauceyTahun Yang lalu

    1:19 Barely any female :(

  11. Eclip

    EclipTahun Yang lalu

    Lol i wonder how much he made in this video

  12. Sagar Pingle

    Sagar PingleTahun Yang lalu

    Make video about this video how much you made

  13. Cory Resilient

    Cory ResilientTahun Yang lalu

    bro lol help me!

  14. Allabout KPOP

    Allabout KPOPTahun Yang lalu

    wow the way u reveal these revenues, you are an inspiration man, thumbs up 👍

  15. delay

    delayTahun Yang lalu

    "humble bragggg????"

  16. LionV

    LionVTahun Yang lalu

    I really want to start creating content on IDreporter. Specifically gaming videos. I worked 2 weeks at a summer job and I got $400. I don't know if I should get a new graphics card for $200 so I can record gameplay. I don't know if it will work out. Someone help me.

  17. Origami Made Simple

    Origami Made SimpleTahun Yang lalu

    the rabbit hole continues

  18. EvilShorty

    EvilShortyTahun Yang lalu

    I'll get there someday too! My goal is 40k to buy my mama a small flat

  19. Martin Vrbanac

    Martin VrbanacTahun Yang lalu

    Hey you are really honest and thank you for that! You are the best.

  20. dumpster fire

    dumpster fireTahun Yang lalu

    Holy fuck this is a year old? Fucking time flies.

  21. Orion2442 Gaming & More

    Orion2442 Gaming & MoreTahun Yang lalu

    i hope this vid makes him $20,000


    BLIARITETahun Yang lalu

    I wonder how much this video made him 😀

  23. MaxMASK

    MaxMASKTahun Yang lalu

    🤔 I just realized that after the demonetization update, small creators like myself are now getting even LESS views, because we're demonetized and no ads are being shown, hence the videos are not being promoted. 🤔

  24. LemonPie Angel

    LemonPie AngelTahun Yang lalu

    WAIT. I Gotto ask you something. Does the IDreporterr get Money from their subbies? Or veiws? Im so confuesed

  25. Kamil Kuzmicki

    Kamil KuzmickiTahun Yang lalu

    You tube pays me $00.00 Everyman Yay :/



    this is why i adblock

  27. ARA

    ARATahun Yang lalu

    id be happy with 10€ a vid :D

  28. Daily Fortnite Dose

    Daily Fortnite DoseTahun Yang lalu

    Dude, i just found ur channel, ill subscribe you for this pure transparent content about yt, gj, u deserver 10 times more revenue and subscribe.

  29. kirbysbestfan

    kirbysbestfanTahun Yang lalu

    Yeah but....What did this video make?

  30. Salmon Fish

    Salmon FishTahun Yang lalu

    now do it again

  31. Yushue Achilles

    Yushue AchillesTahun Yang lalu

    did this happen before adpocalypse???

  32. Ilayaraja S

    Ilayaraja STahun Yang lalu

    So this is how Mr Beast sustains himself

  33. Constantine Venenum

    Constantine VenenumTahun Yang lalu

    Please expose your mom

  34. Joaquin Baquie

    Joaquin BaquieTahun Yang lalu

    #respect 💜💜

  35. The Ahern Family

    The Ahern FamilyTahun Yang lalu

    it's almost 6m now :P

  36. MGamingIL

    MGamingILTahun Yang lalu

    Hey, Could you share how can i join youtube partnership not some third party partner? lets say i got a channel with 10k subs

  37. GiftedVenus8046 giftedvenus8046

    GiftedVenus8046 giftedvenus8046Tahun Yang lalu

    You took the bribe don’t it you

  38. Amelin Albert

    Amelin AlbertTahun Yang lalu

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  39. GunnyTheGrey

    GunnyTheGreyTahun Yang lalu

    I.. Didn't know this. I had actually demonetized MOST of my videos, then a month later deleted them anyways. Had no idea, although it is very predictable now looking back at it. Nowadays I can't monetize anyways with the new changes.

  40. CometFennel

    CometFennelTahun Yang lalu

    Do a video about how much this video made you.

  41. Pillj.-

    Pillj.-Tahun Yang lalu

    Represent my main man EDEN

  42. Pingus Cousin

    Pingus CousinTahun Yang lalu

    Its 5.5mil now ;)

  43. besto vi MOHAREMIX

    besto vi MOHAREMIXTahun Yang lalu

    I'm crying now.

  44. Resolute

    ResoluteTahun Yang lalu

    And in 2 day,s monotization is gonna be reserved for people with 1000 subs and 4000 watch hours in a year, which means that small channels trying to break out is going to be neigh impossible without that promotion from IDreporter. This site is getting worse by the day.

  45. PUBG Nation

    PUBG NationTahun Yang lalu

    You are the crypto in IDreporter. Love your transperency.

  46. Gaming Life

    Gaming LifeTahun Yang lalu

    Im looking for subs plz subscribe me im subing back Thank you

  47. Game Taco

    Game TacoTahun Yang lalu

    I think the reason you got such a high CPM is you uploaded it during holiday season. Holiday season gets craaaazy CPM, then it drops like crazy for January and February.

  48. Neil Gupta

    Neil GuptaTahun Yang lalu

    1:56 wait what? i want more information on this.

  49. Miika Mäentaus

    Miika MäentausTahun Yang lalu

    I’m about to be unemployed fuck

  50. Jaylen B

    Jaylen BTahun Yang lalu

    I have respect for you

  51. Priultimus

    PriultimusTahun Yang lalu

    Why'd this video not get views?

  52. Karol Fedor

    Karol FedorTahun Yang lalu

    2018 update video

  53. Lord Arkhiro

    Lord ArkhiroTahun Yang lalu

    Love Your vids

  54. i am dead inside

    i am dead insideTahun Yang lalu

    you make (subjectively) bad content bragging about money gained from such content. making money doesn't make it less arguably bad; look at EA for example. of course, i make no content whatsoever, but i am also busy elsewhere as i don't need to improve upon my own criticism of somebody else's work. If i did that, it would make the criticism redundant in the first place. But alike, your content is often criticising others, albeit rightfully. But, in this site, who has the right to complain about anything? it's all about freedom and artistic expression, that is what makes it so great and diverse. However, the criticism is what makes the current content being produced and may make it into the same concept, but improved, either subjectively improved on or to made it more skillful to produce, which is the point of criticism , and the meanings behind these produced content. Content may or may not be judged on the point behind the content, as double meaning and obscure meanings alike may mean that the content's meaning could be up to interpretation. This, however, changes on the type of work it is; such as being either fiction or non fiction. If the work is a medical journal, for example, the meaning should not be up to interpretation (imagine a surgery, where all the surgeons disagree about where to start), but up to purely factual content. If it is science fiction, the writer has full artistic license over any content in this work and how it is written. The criticism behind such work is generally focused on ability of authorship, like how literacy devices are used, etc. ( i have absolutely no idea how i came up with this, i'm just spewing out random works to practice my English ability. i doubt it is relevant or interests the general viewer of Vexxed's content, as mindless entertainment is generally for mindless people.)

  55. Newest Documentaries

    Newest DocumentariesTahun Yang lalu

    Good to know. It is becoming really hard for a new you-tuber to get video ranked as suggested video.

  56. LuíTheWaver

    LuíTheWaverTahun Yang lalu

    Hey everyone if you want to get healthy and start working out but you don’t want to go to a gym check out my page I have home routines that require NO equipment!!

  57. El Guapo

    El GuapoTahun Yang lalu

    At the end you mentioned a 'non-journalist' contract, are you referring to when you entered North Korea?

  58. Its TheCatman

    Its TheCatmanTahun Yang lalu

    mad respect for this guy, subscribed!

  59. carlo gianni

    carlo gianniTahun Yang lalu

    You're making a plea to the creators of IDreporter, when the fact is that Google now owns IDreporter. Creators have long since moved on

  60. LordMax

    LordMaxTahun Yang lalu

    So you now made money by showing that you made money by showing how much money you made by doing youtube