"I'm glad he's on my team!" Van Dijk hails Firmino's importance to Liverpool


  1. Shalom Kyalo

    Shalom KyaloBulan Yang lalu

    Bobby balances the two egos of Salah and Mane. 😂 If one of them want to score, they've got sweet talk him😎😎

  2. Said Kulane

    Said KulaneBulan Yang lalu

    With firmino we are the best trio in the world.psg were the best but neymar doesn't play and cavani is invisible

  3. Azril Razali

    Azril RazaliBulan Yang lalu

    Im glad too!

  4. Shitshembiso Brian

    Shitshembiso BrianBulan Yang lalu

    the interviewer is like fermino's English is not good hence they don't interview him.. such resist remarks @BT_sports

  5. Ackerman

    AckermanBulan Yang lalu

    I came here to learn how to speak English properly. Thanks BTsport

  6. Kjewd Meijer

    Kjewd MeijerBulan Yang lalu


  7. cjpg 1

    cjpg 1Bulan Yang lalu

    Is henderson not the captain

  8. Maciek Baszczynski

    Maciek BaszczynskiBulan Yang lalu

    Van dijk isn't liverpool captain......didn't even finish the game as captain caus milky came on

  9. aanyu melanie

    aanyu melanieBulan Yang lalu

    People keep talking of Ronaldihno (One Legend I appreciate too) but listen up - Liverpool has got his version in Firmino the only problem is the World is stubbornly paying a deaf ear and blind eye to him but I trust Bobby, he will keep doing his best until we all bow for him. Keep Calm Bobby Is Bubbling.

  10. opete wa Liverpool

    opete wa LiverpoolBulan Yang lalu

    Bobby si sìnor

  11. raps maradona

    raps maradonaBulan Yang lalu

    Best false 9 in the world specially because he is not selfish.

  12. Dawid Jasiak

    Dawid JasiakBulan Yang lalu

    Im glad hes on my team also :)

  13. KIZZY 69

    KIZZY 69Bulan Yang lalu

    Striker that gets 10-15 league goals a season... if they had a better striker they would be PL champions right now.

  14. Stanley13

    Stanley13Bulan Yang lalu

    How did LFC suddenly get soooo many amazing players; Alisson, virgil, robertson, fabinho, firmino, wijnaldum, mane, salah.....maybe trent .... thats 9 world class players. Must be down to the best manager in the world... Mr Jurgen Klopp!!!

  15. Lalboi Taboi

    Lalboi TaboiBulan Yang lalu

    Firmino by best striker

  16. Severi Hamari

    Severi HamariBulan Yang lalu

    van dijk has better english than harry kane

  17. hello there

    hello thereBulan Yang lalu

    Finally! He got recognized

  18. Neon Glass

    Neon GlassBulan Yang lalu

    Van Disk was laugh when the MC said Firmino cant speak English very well so they didnt invite him for the interview :>

  19. Laili Mohd

    Laili MohdBulan Yang lalu

    Now lpool is like a ferrari. Don't drive to fast n to slow. Its ok guys. U got a gd golie, defenders, midfield n strikers.

  20. Laili Mohd

    Laili MohdBulan Yang lalu

    Firmino n alexchamberlain. Is the engineer n architect of lpool. 1 will shine when the other will blown.

  21. Laili Mohd

    Laili MohdBulan Yang lalu

    Hello3 welldone the boys from anfield.

  22. Greg Maddux

    Greg MadduxBulan Yang lalu

    Can’t wait to hear Klopp’s reaction to Barca and Real’s interest in VVD...

  23. Daniel McCafferty

    Daniel McCaffertyBulan Yang lalu


  24. Muralli Vengadasalam

    Muralli VengadasalamBulan Yang lalu

    Virgil has natural leadership qualities.I can hear it in his voice.. Gini... Has the potential to become a manager one day.

  25. ch ijazz lll

    ch ijazz lllBulan Yang lalu

    I think English is his first language

  26. iX Relaxx

    iX RelaxxBulan Yang lalu

    I think Coutinho should be captain TBH..Idk why van dijk is

  27. Stephen Mcgrath

    Stephen McgrathBulan Yang lalu

    Not Liverpool fan but firmino is world class Savage player love if united had few players like him

  28. Average Commenter

    Average CommenterBulan Yang lalu

    People talking about Firmino? Wtf he done wrong? Lmao they really running low on things to talk about

  29. Kieran Pugh

    Kieran PughBulan Yang lalu

    What a player Bobby is nice 5 points clear know it's early days but still. We go again boys

  30. Jason Hardy

    Jason HardyBulan Yang lalu

    What I can't understand is why there wasn't a mad scramble to sign Virgil from Southampton. Liverpool got there first whilst the rest looked on. It was obvious he was the missing piece of the jigsaw in that Liverpool team not long ago!

  31. housebrigade

    housebrigadeBulan Yang lalu

    Lol @ 2.00 I'm sure the journalists was talking about the lfc team but gini starts taking about himself

  32. The Human Instrument

    The Human InstrumentBulan Yang lalu

    Firmino keeps mane and salah togather.

  33. Segun Lawal

    Segun LawalBulan Yang lalu

    Firmino isn’t a star...he’s a flippin’ super nova!

  34. malay power

    malay powerBulan Yang lalu


  35. Daniel James

    Daniel JamesBulan Yang lalu

    Firminho is underrated he’s finally getting the respect he’s one of the best players in the league if not the world! Up the red army!!

  36. aroundtheworlda

    aroundtheworldaBulan Yang lalu

    I really don't like Firminho. He looks like a bell end.

  37. M S

    M SBulan Yang lalu

    Could Liverpool have the perfect season??

  38. shalini nair

    shalini nairBulan Yang lalu

    Liverpool this time so hurry even we are still long way to go... That's what we want win all the game and play all the game as how they play in big game..

  39. shalini nair

    shalini nairBulan Yang lalu

    Any prediction for away liv vs Chelsea...

  40. p p

    p pBulan Yang lalu

    Literally anything bt sports posts is about Liverpool, like genuinely

  41. Ralph and Theo

    Ralph and TheoBulan Yang lalu

    VVD is very handsome....something everyone overlooks

  42. Sayfo Gold

    Sayfo GoldBulan Yang lalu

    Just hope and pray Bobby wont leave us next season because Suarez is already past his peak and Bobby would be the no.1 to fill in his spot at Barca..

  43. shanks n

    shanks nBulan Yang lalu

    That was some sublime skills from Bobby Firmino. If he didn't have Mane and Salah though, he wouldn't get the chance to show these amazing skills. Same with Mane and Salah, without one or the other they would not be destroying defenses like they are, and have been. I don't know what type of succession planning is happening behind the scenes but what they got here is amazing, world class and almost unparalleled in world football and I'd like it to last as many years as we can get. Absolutely magnificent team right now.

  44. Moe1993x

    Moe1993xBulan Yang lalu

    Just realized Virgil always starts his interviews with "obviously" lol

  45. Geralt von Riva

    Geralt von RivaBulan Yang lalu

    Klopp, Van Dijk and Shaqiri are the „obviously“ guys. 😂 They use this word so much.

  46. Darren S

    Darren SBulan Yang lalu

    I've got nothing but respect and admiration for this Liverpool team at the moment. They have everything to win and be cocky about it but everyone seems to remain grounded and focused. No weak links in any part of the pitch or even off the pitch. Jurgen Klopp, well done. I'm a Chelsea fan, but not part of the disgusting and plastic fans.

  47. Mc MacHardiMardi

    Mc MacHardiMardiBulan Yang lalu

    Im glad to have van Dijk in my fifa 20 team

  48. follow the money

    follow the moneyBulan Yang lalu


  49. Ramadhan Albi

    Ramadhan AlbiBulan Yang lalu

    Origi out 🚮

  50. Borussia Dortmund 4EVER

    Borussia Dortmund 4EVERBulan Yang lalu

    Pep is a bald fraud

  51. J

    JBulan Yang lalu

    Firmino is the wizard and mastermind ...well done!!

  52. Arif Raquib

    Arif RaquibBulan Yang lalu

    Best false 9 in world easily

  53. F SL

    F SLBulan Yang lalu

    Gini ought to be scoring at least 10 goals a season for lfc, that's how good he is.

  54. PIC Channel

    PIC ChannelBulan Yang lalu

    It's Firmino, not Firminho, so annoying =='

  55. TheLFC Gear

    TheLFC GearBulan Yang lalu

    Every individual player is a leader they are all humble to each other🙌ywnwa

  56. Zeenedin

    ZeenedinBulan Yang lalu

    how come Firmino's English is still not good enough for an interview? lmao Alisson came in and was instantly able to speak English, Firmino is 4-5 years in England and still is not 😂

  57. Geralt von Riva

    Geralt von RivaBulan Yang lalu

    I really dont care what language he speaks. That is private and has nothing to do with football imo.

  58. adskulnick

    adskulnickBulan Yang lalu

    Stop saying Firminio

  59. Rangi Namana

    Rangi NamanaBulan Yang lalu

    Si Senor! Bobby is Boss.

  60. Alexander Hikmala

    Alexander HikmalaBulan Yang lalu

    Best defender in the 🌎 Ballon d’Or 🇳🇱 The one and only ! Big Man Van Dijk🏆Gini is like the Energizer 🐰! What a Beast👏🏻

  61. Minty

    MintyBulan Yang lalu

    i geneounly think they are gonna do it this time

  62. Andrew Arena

    Andrew ArenaBulan Yang lalu

    dont believe thats what he meant gini but 🤷🏻‍♂️ youre class either way CMON BOYS