I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months


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    haha grape

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    brazil how to gets subscribers say grapes

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    When you relize your comment has over 23 k likes 😂

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    I was born with a over bite, so if my current treatment doesn't work, My jaw is getting broken and rewired. *Happiness :D*

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    Happy birthday

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    *"like that smash button"* i thought i was trippin

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    Damn! You looked like you lost a lot of weight

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    Adam Happy Birthday!

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    Shut up shut up none of that no

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    Happy birthday

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    Happy b-day Adam. Btw your birthday is the same day as my brother.

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    Me; 1:22 / 1:26 I dislike smiling in pics

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    isnt boosted chocolate milk? if not i cri for you

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    Happy Birthday on June 17!

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    Gordan ramsy served It with a bed time story and a worm kiss ( ˘ ³˘)♥

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    He looks like harry potter brendon urie love child

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    Adam: MMMMMMMMMMM Me:aww he looks so cute .-.

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    happy birthday yeah I know hehe >:)

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    2:54 Adam: pipadee popadee HO GOD PLEASE HAVE MERCY I YOU I YOU Me :wtf

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    I introduced my sister to your channel and she absolutely loves it

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    So Adam basically looked like he’s from Gorillaz

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    I like watching others eat food because I'm bored and have nothing better to do

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    Happy Birthday Adam!

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    SLITHER SPIDERJam Yang lalu

    Happy birthday

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    Now I’m craving dat barito and CHOCOLATE MILK

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    I'm watching this video while eating 😂

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    *c h o c l a t e m i l k*

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    1 like = 1 less day that Adam has to have his jaw wired shut.

  36. Coyogon Em

    Coyogon EmJam Yang lalu

    ;___; i have the same problem with my jaw it really sucks! because it's keeps getting locked when I yawn, chew, opening my jaw it echoes with a loud click like it's dislocated ://

  37. Trickster!Nepeta and Alice in Wonderland Fandom :3

    Trickster!Nepeta and Alice in Wonderland Fandom :3Jam Yang lalu

    Honestly this June has just been blessed with wholesome videos

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM MY FREAND BDAY IS TODAY TO....so...yeah i give ya a cake if ya want to... its an amoji cake here🎆🎆🎆🎂🎂🎂🎂

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    17/06/19 Adam happy birthday 🎈🎂🎊, sorry I had too say It her I hope you have a asome day and a great time with family and friends 😜 Peace out ✌

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    Happy birthday adam

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    jfjf and gerf fergle mistake is my favorite color not received any call or something else that is yo Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba Gabba is bebab

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    I have locked jaw a lot and it’s painful 🥺

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    ITS JUNE 17th!! You know what that means! Happy birthday! 🎂🎊🎉🎈

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    12:24 Adam I swear I've looked everywhere on this page and I can't find the smash button

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    adam still never got his F*CKING CHOCOLATE MOLK

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    7:10 when it's time to go to school

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    You said like that smash button

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    Happy Birthday Adam

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    I was on a liquid diet for at least a week because when I first got my braces on it hurt so bad I couldn't chew anything so I had protein shakes or "meal fillers" as my family called them

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    man I love me a good smash button

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    How did you get your channel to be so popular?

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    I have liked that smash button

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    I love foood I am happy when I get food but i always have a stomachache after I eat ;~; ;~; but I love food And I have something wrong with me ;~;

  56. Krystal Kitty크리스탈 키티

    Krystal Kitty크리스탈 키티2 jam yang lalu

    Me: Is it weird to watch a devil without pants animating? My mind: Nah

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    Happy birthday 🎉 I saw a video where you said June 17 was you birthday here I am happy birthday 🎂🎈🎁🎉🎊

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    He used a shadowhunters quote

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    Happy birthday! It’s my cake day, too. Found that out on FamousBirthdays in English class

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    don't forget to like that smash button 😂👌

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    Dog in my neighborhood fighting with dogs in vid yay

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    4:00 , slow down the video, do you see what I see? Butt lolz

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    Best IDreporter chanell everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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    12:37 is that james?

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    Happy birthday

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    Adam: ok u gonna do it for a mil Also Adam: yep Again Adam: aight cool cuz u doing it but not for a million dollars Adam once more: *w0t*

  67. made with real cheese

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    my question is did the mother frickers get it

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    happy birthday, SomeThingElseYT!

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    i hate tomato soup to

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    2:06 Ya sure about that?you act like a grape,you look like a grape,i'd say you're a grape.

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    I'm new. And this dude is cute. No context

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    HaPpY bIrThDaY!!! I knew bc I was watching ur vidcon video lol

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    I feel you 😅

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    Happy birthday!

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY I know it’s ur birthday cause I looked it up and we have the same birthday happy birthday man I love your videos

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    Hes so fricking cute lol

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    hbd my boi

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    poor guy you just wanted soooooome choooclate

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    “You also have to be put on a liquid diet for 46 months” EXCUSE ME!! Was that a mistake?! 2:46

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    I am watching this video for the fifth time

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    Can you pls subscribe cause you are the best

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    Adam kinda looks intimidating tho

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    Well I can’t even smile

  84. Брейнюбер будуєщево

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    your haircut is everything i need and more

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  87. Брейнюбер будуєщево

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    Not a tomato soup, and a borsch

  88. Брейнюбер будуєщево

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    1:34 Adam wins

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    Руский мат там"бля"

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    Is he a furry?

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    Happy birthday big boy.

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    Happy birthday Somethingelseyt!! Continue your amazing videos. I hope you have celebrated your birthday well

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    Theyre should be a sethingelseyt vs demonitizaition animaition :3

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    Before 2 Months Me : I Like Food Adam : I Love It To Me : HAHA YOUR JAW IS SHUT Adam : SAD WHWHAWHHWHHAHW And The Legend Say's Adam Still Crying To This Day D

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    adam: *shows face* fans: oh no hE'S HOOOOOOT

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    Happy BIRTHDAY!

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    Happy birthday Adam its June 17

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    Happy birthday Adam! 🥂🥂

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    У него что днюха?

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    Wait so in my opinion you did not eat in two months?????

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    9:56 Best. Reference. Ever. 😍

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    I.. have that kind of jaw too.. wait u need surgery to fix that? I was told i just needed braces.. and i HATE IT, i cant smile properly and my lips are uneven 🤧

  108. SUP TO PEWDIEPIE #9yearoldarmy

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    I watched porn after my circumsition(I couldn’t do it for 3 weeks )so I get ya

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    Don't forget to like that smash button bois