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  1. SoumaLya Das

    SoumaLya Das4 jam yang lalu

    Ten minute rule.... Thanks for these videos... 5:30

  2. Arbelt

    Arbelt6 jam yang lalu

    This video is distracting me

  3. Paul Neilson

    Paul Neilson19 jam yang lalu

    I'm bored so I think I will go to the moon.

  4. Dihelson Mendonca

    Dihelson Mendonca20 jam yang lalu

    *If you REALLY want something made, will you postpone doing it, or prepone it ? - If you can answer to that, you´ll find the reasons*

  5. Stanwoody

    Stanwoody22 jam yang lalu

    I quit smoking in 1972. Trying to quit was the hardest thing I ever tried to do. Actually quitting wasn't so bad. What made the difference was advice I got from a book on quitting smoking from the American Cancer Society. It told me that the desire for a cigarette would go away. It would come back, but less strong each time it returned. Eventually the desire went away completely.

  6. Ree's Purpose

    Ree's Purpose22 jam yang lalu

    I guess there was no excuse to click on this video either.

  7. BossAce

    BossAce23 jam yang lalu

    Getting distracted has me reading comments instead of watching the video.. ..

  8. Pettie M

    Pettie MHari Yang lalu

    You are talking too much and say nothing...

  9. Chitra Kudalkar

    Chitra KudalkarHari Yang lalu

    Whoa man you really hacked human brain😅

  10. Barrion Henderson

    Barrion HendersonHari Yang lalu

    I love the videos, so much eye opening happening for me. Also, what is the background music?

  11. Leonardo Aguirre

    Leonardo Aguirre2 hari yang lalu

    The best video I've never seen.

  12. nom complet

    nom complet2 hari yang lalu

    If i wasn't distracted ...i will not be here but i'm soo distracted that i write this comment and stop watching the vidéo . Only sound in the background -.- Think need a doctor more than a vidéo ( and maybe improve my Eng )

  13. DesCoteauX Officiel

    DesCoteauX Officiel2 hari yang lalu

    I use the rubber band exemple for a lonnng time and for so many things !! Because, it's the base for explaining what the balance in life works... it just not stabilize immediately. ...and everything in this world is vibrations, like waves indeed.

  14. Scott Kristian Bidstrup

    Scott Kristian Bidstrup2 hari yang lalu

    so ...me wanting a cig and telling my self to wait 10 minutes to smoke, and i proceed smoking it after the 10 minutes - how does that help? ..Does this "technique" imply that I just have to keep telling myself "wait 10 minutes" every 10 minutes of the day ?

  15. ultra mind

    ultra mind2 hari yang lalu

    very nicee and motivating.....🧡🧡🧡🧡

  16. Rejoice Tirkey

    Rejoice Tirkey3 hari yang lalu

    keep inspiring 🌟⚘🌟

  17. Leo Bite

    Leo Bite3 hari yang lalu

    this was a great video but damn that woman at 9:10 stunned me for a little bit.

  18. Sandcrakes 123

    Sandcrakes 1233 hari yang lalu

    Well, I just go praying because God always helps anyone that remember him. Trust me. I see it

  19. Big Daddy

    Big Daddy4 hari yang lalu

    Was in depth analyzing the thoughts and explanation of ……. "SQUIRREL!"

  20. Austin Gostomski

    Austin Gostomski4 hari yang lalu

    Not bad

  21. LP J.U.K

    LP J.U.K4 hari yang lalu

    But what if my problem is not, that I want to check my E-Mails or smoke, but rather sleep in and avoid to get up and start the day. The 10 Minute Rule doesn't work here. I can't say, I reflect my emotions 10 min than just speeping in. All these tips just help if you already doing what you want to do. You need to be in the Situation e.g. at work, trying to finish the big project, but you want to check your mails or go outside and smoke. But what if you are already smoking and think, after the next cigaret I'll start my project or what ever?! Everyday I set my alarm clock to 5:59 am, but since 6 weeks I simply just sleep in. A lot tell me, I just need to get up and start doing my studies. But the easy and simple "just" isn't that easy. In the morining when my alarm started I'm just in my bed and really want to sleep in. So if i try to get after the 10 min rule, I just need to say: "I am allowed to sleep in, but in 10 min!" So do I have to wait 10 min and wait if I want to sleep in now?! Waiting 10 min will make me sleep. So one will say, just get your lazy ass up, take a shower, have breakfest and go to the university ... But how tf?! ..

  22. Blue Turkey

    Blue Turkey4 hari yang lalu

    What a wanker

  23. Godfather VII

    Godfather VII4 hari yang lalu

    we want solution not to know what are we distracted from and he keeps telling the same thing in different ways

  24. Battel Member

    Battel Member4 hari yang lalu

    I am too lazy to watch this

  25. Nachtfalter

    Nachtfalter4 hari yang lalu

    Wait, I didn't get this. Is he suggesting a) 10:00 to think about the negative emotion for ten minutes and reflect on it or do the avoided task or b) 10:13 allowing yourself to do whatever you want to do for 10 minutes? For both tips, I don't think they would work great for me. I tried writing down my feelings and reflecting my feelings when I feel the urge to procrastinate and it's nice but not really helpful. And for the second.. did you never set yourself a timer for 10 minutes and swear that you would start after that (or at x o'clock) and when the time came, you couldn't? Well I certainly did it very often. Sorry if I didn't get the videos message right, I am not a native speaker. Can someone explain it for me?

  26. Norman Vincent Tamayo

    Norman Vincent Tamayo4 hari yang lalu

    This video is a distraction from what I'm supposed to do.

  27. hani mortezaeee

    hani mortezaeee4 hari yang lalu

    who is he ?

  28. Mikiness Analog

    Mikiness Analog4 hari yang lalu

    silence can never be misquoted

  29. Bradford Cole Parker

    Bradford Cole Parker4 hari yang lalu


  30. Shawn Daniels

    Shawn Daniels4 hari yang lalu

    Watched at 2X. No regrets.

  31. chaztikov

    chaztikov4 hari yang lalu

    I eat salad continuously, when no salad exists I resort to finger salad, when no fingers exist I resort to word salad, and when the resort has lost its luster we shall all bask in a basket of salad baskets, amen.

  32. ReznoV Vazileski

    ReznoV Vazileski4 hari yang lalu

    Alright I'll start doing this right after I checked my email.

  33. Leonard Leaño

    Leonard Leaño5 hari yang lalu

    so thats why the video is 10 mins

  34. Lil J

    Lil J5 hari yang lalu

    I got distracted fighting my distractions

  35. doco9699

    doco96995 hari yang lalu

    cool, now where's my choclate cake?

  36. Puff Puff Pancho

    Puff Puff Pancho5 hari yang lalu

    This video distracted me from a star citizen tutorial

  37. John Doe

    John Doe5 hari yang lalu

    Why are you scrolling down the comments? Go back up and watch the video.

  38. The Entertainment Center

    The Entertainment Center5 hari yang lalu

    why am i watching this video?

  39. Leon Drong

    Leon Drong5 hari yang lalu

    getting distracted by a video which is against distraction


    II-BAD-SPORT-II5 hari yang lalu

    What if my distraction right now is watching these videos?