1. Brent Rivera

    Brent RiveraBulan Yang lalu

    I can't believe we wen't though with this.. 😳 HAHAHA

  2. James Collett

    James Collett2 hari yang lalu

    You're cute I want to get with you and now I'm just going to my papa's phone

  3. Lyssa Taylor

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  4. Chloe Roberts

    Chloe Roberts14 hari yang lalu

    Brent Rivera lol

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    More than 300K likes

  6. impossible

    impossible21 hari yang lalu

    Holy moly fricking god

  7. Asha! Lee

    Asha! Lee7 jam yang lalu

    Breva yaaaaasssss

  8. Robert Haguma

    Robert Haguma9 jam yang lalu

    U guys should be couples like for real

  9. Lilly Heggo

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  10. Magic wolf 707 Teoh

    Magic wolf 707 Teoh11 jam yang lalu

    I liked the video now you can actually get married

  11. Tracy Ferretti

    Tracy Ferretti11 jam yang lalu

    Help me

  12. Jesintha Grace Deva

    Jesintha Grace Deva12 jam yang lalu

    You have to honey moon for 24 hours

  13. Kaiden Dailey

    Kaiden Dailey14 jam yang lalu

    Part 2

  14. Nina Miranda

    Nina Miranda15 jam yang lalu

    I love Eva's bright green wedding nails😂

  15. Charita Bradford

    Charita Bradford15 jam yang lalu

    Yes ysagmene

  16. StudioLinked

    StudioLinked17 jam yang lalu

    you are so cool.

  17. Amanda Lopez

    Amanda Lopez18 jam yang lalu

    Yesssss get married

  18. Silent Mice

    Silent Mice18 jam yang lalu

    I love how brent likes his own comment 😂

  19. Brittany Laminack

    Brittany Laminack18 jam yang lalu

    I think you guys should get married 😉 😁

  20. Three Muslim Sisters

    Three Muslim Sisters18 jam yang lalu

    Such a beautiful wedding❤️😂

  21. Emily Kitchin

    Emily Kitchin19 jam yang lalu

    i lowkey feel like brent fell in love with eva when he spun her around

  22. shil2470 shil2470

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  23. shil2470 shil2470

    shil2470 shil247020 jam yang lalu


  24. Belinda Mayne

    Belinda Mayne20 jam yang lalu

    Can I be your friend plz respond and where do you live

  25. sister’s world

    sister’s world20 jam yang lalu

    they look loke the perfect couple like if u agree and i think they like eachother

  26. star the pro

    star the pro21 jam yang lalu

    The face brent made when they were going to kiss

  27. Esta Georges

    Esta Georges21 jam yang lalu

    You guys should be together

  28. The lainey OwO

    The lainey OwO21 jam yang lalu

    Your more than that

  29. The lainey OwO

    The lainey OwO21 jam yang lalu

    “You guys aren’t best friends”

  30. Lani Smith

    Lani Smith21 jam yang lalu

    They r not a couple but they slept in The same bed

  31. Lynovē Chambers

    Lynovē Chambers22 jam yang lalu

    OMG I SHIPPP ITTTT breneva

  32. Douglas Family

    Douglas Family22 jam yang lalu

    Soooo sweet! ♡♡♡

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    Get married 👰🤵

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    I want that dog😂

  35. *Onia Forever*

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  36. Layla Howard

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    Well today they went on their honeymoon

  37. Taco_icecream_ XDXD

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  38. Anam Durwesh

    Anam DurweshHari Yang lalu

    Woah..I feel bad for Alan

  39. Danna Solares

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    DID masan eat the whole cookie

  40. kyle yates

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    Do you want to Mary me 💋❤️

  41. kyle yates

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    My name is princess

  42. kyle yates

    kyle yatesHari Yang lalu

    you are so good together ❤️💋

  43. kyle yates

    kyle yatesHari Yang lalu

    You are Dutch a good cupel

  44. giannely koolman

    giannely koolmanHari Yang lalu

    You and eva need to get marry for real you guys look cute togheter

  45. Collin Tyler

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  46. Lauren Vaughn

    Lauren VaughnHari Yang lalu

    You could tell Brent really wanted to kiss eva. Lol 😂

  47. Jennifer Spicer

    Jennifer SpicerHari Yang lalu

    Omg this is crazy

  48. Brian St. André

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    Get married

  49. Ava Lugo

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    Please get married one and if you do make a vido

  50. Rhiana .S

    Rhiana .SHari Yang lalu

    6:10 i literally love it when he says wowwwww

  51. Pops Gal 08

    Pops Gal 08Hari Yang lalu

    Why is there a live chat???

  52. Lulu Alansari

    Lulu AlansariHari Yang lalu

    Brent make a tık tok

  53. Jan ve selim Ucar

    Jan ve selim UcarHari Yang lalu

    When do you actually gonna Marry?

  54. Suhana Shishodia

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    Honeymoon for 24 hours pls

  55. Skylar Galaxia

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    i saw the title is like best friend? and i thought gf??

  56. Angelina Mendonca

    Angelina MendoncaHari Yang lalu

    The vid is great and all jealous of Brent's abs

  57. Mia Morrow-Brown

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    they need the honeymoon nowwwwwwwww !!!!!!!!!

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    This vid got 500k likes

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    Why did

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    U guys are weirdly cute together

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    The video got 544K likes TIME FOR THE HONEYMOOOOOOON!!!!

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    To bad people like this vid get married

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    im done apple cidar

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    That’s are soooooo sweet realy you and your friend are sooooooooooooooooo cutyly