I got banned on Twitch... (again)


  1. Your Father

    Your Father3 hari yang lalu

    70% of the League community is a joke. it's full of weebs and beta males that donate to female twitch streamers and report you for saying "ez" or "xd" as soon as you kill them in-game

  2. Γιαννης Μακριδης

    Γιαννης Μακριδης21 hari yang lalu

    Whether you like this guy or not. Tf blade is top 3 top laners in the world and can only be better and not worse.

  3. Lenore der

    Lenore der21 hari yang lalu

    So typing the word dog or dogs can get you banned but showing 70% of your body is fine. Twitch is an amazing platform

  4. Cabezachumbo Sampedro

    Cabezachumbo Sampedro24 hari yang lalu

    I think that TFBlade needs to chill and not flame so often.

  5. yopandas

    yopandas22 hari yang lalu

    I think you need to seek mental help. I'm surprised you've survived so long with such a thin skin.

  6. Cabezachumbo Sampedro

    Cabezachumbo Sampedro24 hari yang lalu

    Watch Sirchex and learn from him.

  7. Xoberstoff

    Xoberstoff26 hari yang lalu

    lol u racist loser

  8. emre aksoy

    emre aksoy26 hari yang lalu

    ırçı bir pisliksin

  9. godkilla1986

    godkilla198627 hari yang lalu

    I highly doubt this was the reason he got banned. Just another clickbait title.

  10. JeffsMetaGaming

    JeffsMetaGaming28 hari yang lalu

    just stay with RAT, dog is bannable KEKW

  11. kodo ku

    kodo ku29 hari yang lalu

    That's what you get racist fuck

  12. Eren Tınkır

    Eren Tınkır29 hari yang lalu


  13. Fiethsing

    FiethsingBulan Yang lalu

    I love how on reddit and twitter people were defending Turkish players. Hell, they aren't even dogs they are straight up cockroaches.

  14. Squirrel Hallowino

    Squirrel Hallowino27 hari yang lalu

    Nah man fuck turkey league server, there's so many trash league servers man, lol has the most ridiculous community i've ever seen. People were literally running it down on purpose on his games, and he is the one to blame? He was always talking about the game and how they played it. It's like gordon ramsay telling people from masterchef their food ''disgusting'' or ''you're pathetic for not doing a salad right''. It's about the food.

  15. Anıl Yıldız

    Anıl Yıldız27 hari yang lalu

    even if you are right, you just cannot trashtalk and being racist

  16. Lazaros Theocharis

    Lazaros Theocharis29 hari yang lalu

    Man I love Turkey more than most but the Turkish league server is just straight up smelly garbage in a hot summer's day.

  17. Wolfey Maya

    Wolfey MayaBulan Yang lalu

    because and everyone has turned into a women, haters be haters

  18. Halis Arpacılar

    Halis ArpacılarBulan Yang lalu

    Is it not normal ? You fucking racist pig lmao :D

  19. Geoff Anthony Valčić

    Geoff Anthony ValčićBulan Yang lalu

    durkish togs everywhere

  20. PhilBurt

    PhilBurtBulan Yang lalu

    So if I go on the na servers and call people na dogs or white dogs I get to get banned too? Interesting

  21. swordyshield

    swordyshieldBulan Yang lalu

    ending song?

  22. Talon Games

    Talon GamesBulan Yang lalu

    this is proof that god exist

  23. Phúc Trần hữu

    Phúc Trần hữuBulan Yang lalu

    When will you come to vietnam for a solo yasuo

  24. Phúc Trần hữu

    Phúc Trần hữuBulan Yang lalu

    I'm from vietnam yasuo solo contract

  25. Anuwat Keadkaew

    Anuwat KeadkaewBulan Yang lalu

    Twitch sucks. Try streaming on mixer.

  26. Valkyrie

    ValkyrieBulan Yang lalu


  27. Cullen Cosgrove

    Cullen CosgroveBulan Yang lalu

    clean edits

  28. MaestrO Frags

    MaestrO FragsBulan Yang lalu

    if the doc or Anythot did what u did will they get banned i wonder 🤔

  29. Doge 4Lyfe

    Doge 4LyfeBulan Yang lalu

    You act and sound like a bitch lol it's not a suprise you got banned and you will keep getting banned

  30. Arda Özkılıç

    Arda ÖzkılıçBulan Yang lalu

    Agla shit dogs

  31. Goktug Barkın

    Goktug BarkınBulan Yang lalu


  32. Emirhan Taşpınar

    Emirhan TaşpınarBulan Yang lalu

    hak ettin amcık

  33. C4H

    C4HBulan Yang lalu

    I didnt know you could get banned for telling the truth yikers.

  34. xD0o0Dx

    xD0o0DxBulan Yang lalu

    The audio is so bad. My god Mr. Editor. MY GOD

  35. Pochacco Dayou

    Pochacco DayouBulan Yang lalu

    Just switch to Mixer Tfblade you’ll always have my support

  36. AfroBiyotik

    AfroBiyotikBulan Yang lalu

    14 YearsRank1

  37. life is fair

    life is fairBulan Yang lalu

    They are actually costing you money.....you should sue their asses

  38. Tasos Plat

    Tasos PlatBulan Yang lalu

    I didn't even call someone a name I was just mad at him and I got perma banned. As you can imagine I lol'd

  39. Tarek Lilo

    Tarek LiloBulan Yang lalu

    i like josh a music at the end XDDD

  40. Büyük Oğuz

    Büyük OğuzBulan Yang lalu

    lol persian moron talking shit Türk's go play iranian Server you dumbass

  41. moe aziz

    moe azizBulan Yang lalu

    Twitch is run by a bunch of soy cucks

  42. willing4sth

    willing4sthBulan Yang lalu

    I may not understand the reason why Riot's banning TF, but I do understand that TF shouldn't ban me from his stream AYAYA

  43. DarkMatter311

    DarkMatter311Bulan Yang lalu

    Stream at Mixer or IDreporter. Twitch is run by incels. They don't ban women who break rules but they ban you

  44. DarkMatter311

    DarkMatter311Bulan Yang lalu

    Bro please don't ever come back to Turkey. You should try: EUNE, Korea, Phillipines, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Russia, Oceania Turkey sucks. You still reach top 2 even while getting inted and trolled. Turkey challenger is diamond EUNE at best. Turkey also ban you but not the trolls and inters. Worst region. Avoid

  45. Len Team\\game chanel

    Len Team\\game chanelBulan Yang lalu

    Hi guys! Could you give some advice when playing for Irelia?

  46. CDW

    CDWBulan Yang lalu

    Vs tank - play aggro early, you get out scaled, and rush titanic hydra after triforce for %HP dmg Vs poke - back early for D blade for sustain and HP Vs lane bully - sit under tower, wait for ganks or triforce power spike. If you still lose 1v1 look at map for TPs to help your team

  47. Taha Jamloo

    Taha JamlooBulan Yang lalu

    Are u Iranian?

  48. Gerekli Oyuncu

    Gerekli OyuncuBulan Yang lalu

    noldu kardeşşş öyle oturdugun yerden idiot turkish gamers demeye benzemez dimi lan

  49. Trọng Ngô

    Trọng NgôBulan Yang lalu

    Can you play server vietnam? You will try hard level max

  50. ô may wa mo shindeyru

    ô may wa mo shindeyruBulan Yang lalu


  51. Panda'dan alien bekleyen Adam

    Panda'dan alien bekleyen AdamBulan Yang lalu

    deserved ban.if you fanboys think he didnt deserve it you are not just a fanbot you are also stupid.this is not the first time he's been racist aganist turkish people. he did the same when he was playing low elo.This guy is just mean and a egoist.They held him hostage because he did the same shit before.All racist/sexist people should be banned from twitch forever. Also the girls that think they are some kind of princess' and thinks like they can do whatever they want must be banned too.Stop the fucking twitch drama pls and dont defend this fuckers.

  52. Jesus Christ

    Jesus ChristBulan Yang lalu

    Seems like L9 TF Blade

  53. Caleb Holme

    Caleb HolmeBulan Yang lalu

    Halfway through this video I thought I was listening to lo-fi beats to relax and study to

  54. gurice

    guriceBulan Yang lalu

    7:00 anyone know the music in the background??

  55. nognith

    nognith18 hari yang lalu

    I dont remember which one but it's from lakey inspired search him up

  56. Take my lantern idiot

    Take my lantern idiotBulan Yang lalu


  57. Turan Koc

    Turan KocBulan Yang lalu

    Racist dog

  58. ömer yanar

    ömer yanarBulan Yang lalu

    cry bitch

  59. Eray ALPER

    Eray ALPERBulan Yang lalu

    fuck you ffblade easy ban :)

  60. Ömer ÇeTN

    Ömer ÇeTNBulan Yang lalu

    Sie şimdi cCc

  61. team of bump

    team of bumpBulan Yang lalu

    u can stream on youtube :/

  62. Camizer

    CamizerBulan Yang lalu

    i got banne from tf chat aswell fr something like that. It wasn't even racist... this is stupid.

  63. İdris A

    İdris ABulan Yang lalu

    You are a racist

  64. Hamsetpotter21 pırodakşıns

    Hamsetpotter21 pırodakşınsBulan Yang lalu

    Ağlamıcaksın aslan. al o ırkçılığı dür bük ağzına sok.

  65. Nom

    NomBulan Yang lalu

    on other news, really like the edit, Mr. Editor. I think subtitles at certain parts, such as before he's about to make a "play" and you turn up the music would add abit more spice to it though

  66. a_random_failure

    a_random_failureBulan Yang lalu

    Tfs mistake was insulting the region instead of riot XD

  67. Drast _J

    Drast _JBulan Yang lalu

    the twice best comony after riot