I found my Boyfriends SECRET underground MINECRAFT BASE !


  1. Lynnzie's Life

    Lynnzie's Life29 hari yang lalu

    Did anyone else see the trap door in the pool??? 👇👍

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    Also it’s like Prestonplazyz

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    I told him I'd Did i

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    Not even one day and it has 136k likes

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    I did

  10. BearClaw Randoms

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    *Were gonna close all the doors* *walks past an open door and closes the rest of the doors*

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    I miss u U r the best

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    1 like equals one Ariana grande song to listen to

  13. Mihaela Stojanova

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    5:41 who see the door

  14. Jm margaret canua

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    you ore my favorite

  15. ishika Tanwar

    ishika TanwarHari Yang lalu

    I also saw the trap door in the pool




  17. ZxNitrogen GamingZx

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    oof i cant speak english any more

  18. ZxNitrogen GamingZx

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    i not mean im bashing i just say some good ideas

  19. ZxNitrogen GamingZx

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    she trying to destroy wood using pickaxe but she have a axe lol

  20. ZxNitrogen GamingZx

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  21. ZxNitrogen GamingZx

    ZxNitrogen GamingZxHari Yang lalu

    you say a trap door but its not a trap door its a piston lol

  22. matt taruc

    matt tarucHari Yang lalu

    I will tell him

  23. Kunle Adebimpe

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    Azzy boyfriend we need tell you someing

  24. Kunle Adebimpe

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    Hi as I love your videos

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    Norux Qwdjs

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    fyin?. its isaac

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    Do more plss

  30. Alexander Aponte

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    You should join the troll war with Josh and jelly and Jordi


    LIL_ICE_WOLFIE :3Hari Yang lalu

    Im telling jordy

  32. Naomi susstte Madrid

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    Even if u dont get to 100k likes still do more minecraft

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    And mi name is paisley

  34. April Stuzman

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    AZZY IM 7

  35. April Stuzman

    April StuzmanHari Yang lalu

    And mi name is paisley

  36. sheep boy

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    Hi azzy

  37. Greek Dude

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    gj on hitting the 10 minute mark 🤦‍♂️

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    Azzy I LOVE Billie

  39. Syed Arshad Ali

    Syed Arshad AliHari Yang lalu

    I told him

  40. Ahmad Azman Sidek

    Ahmad Azman SidekHari Yang lalu

    Gladly theres a person who likes to do the opposite... me ofc... IMMA TELL HIM THAT YOU DISCOVERED HIS SECRET BASEMENT

  41. Eidssiam Hanghal

    Eidssiam HanghalHari Yang lalu

    I say k-web-bel-kop and now i say kwa-bel-kpo

  42. Ethangaming derpy gamer Valencia

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    you are so.dead

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    he now know

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    Wow jordi's girlfriend have more likes and views than him

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    I SAW CAKE!!

  47. Thatguy Lego

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    Wait a minute she had a barrier block and she didn’t break any barrier block Ladies and gents WE GOTT EM

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    i did :3

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    I think Jordie spent too much time on his base

  51. Lisa Smith

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    I promise azzy

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    Hmm are you sure about that in the next video

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    I l8ve ariana grade to

  54. Amanda Kilgore

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    I made a Billie Eilish in Minecraft

  55. Cloudy_ Potato

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    Me: *smashes like button* misses and smashes dislike* nuuuuuuh Azzy I have failed you as a fan!!!!

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    Can you be my friend on mincraft

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  58. lilman fred

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    Check po

  59. Megabearhugs

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    The trap door is for the water to sink down and to go back up

  60. christine cagney

    christine cagney2 hari yang lalu

    Did you sea the trap door in the pool

  61. Ashton Gaming

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    Can u play Minecraft with me?

  62. Angela Lumaj

    Angela Lumaj2 hari yang lalu

    for everyone who thinks there is something in the trapdoor in the pool, you are wrong, it`s meant to be a drain

  63. sbdelivery420

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    i will tell KOPP

  64. Claudia Hernandez

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    I love you baby yours was your name and annoys me but I like your videos in my class I want you to speak more in your Michael's boyfriend and I love you baby was for those in the years make 1160 1000 Berio's so ludlam young

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    Now I have inspiration for my secret base!

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    Did you see the cake!!!!