I Found FAKE AirPods, Apple Watch, and Selfie Camera Underwater!! (Helped Fisherman)


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    The goal is 10,000 likes for jake and I to dive a Military bridge! Make sure to drop a like if that’s a video you guys want to see!! 👍🏼👍🏼

  2. Casey Cotten

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    @jiggin with jordan I love your videos and I feel like the rapids would be a nice one to film as well as the military bridge. Also I wanted to throw in a idea I had, because your one of my two favorite youtuber's I thought it would be cool if you did a Video with Roman Atwood. This way you would both get more followers and it would overall be a great video in my opinion since you are both very inspirational. Love, Casey Cotten

  3. Daniel Smith

    Daniel Smith28 hari yang lalu

    I know soundmates are an off brand AirPod. Walmart

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    Suprised Kermit28 hari yang lalu

    Jiggin' With Jordan My birthday was on the day you uploaded this.

  5. john collinsworth

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    Jiggin' With Jordan Stay safe we don’t want anything bad happening to y’all and we also want more vids

  6. bowwave paul

    bowwave paul29 hari yang lalu

    Make up a follow up video if you find the owners of the stuff you found 👍👍👍

  7. Aidan Virtue

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  8. shillawh

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    they should put caption for what theyre saying because idk about anybody else but i hear glebelelelelleglebel

  9. Mark Clifton

    Mark Clifton5 hari yang lalu

    It's a fauxpod

  10. Annabelle Miller

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    Awesome video

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    It’s 10k

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    Please contact me at (832) 998-4268

  14. Imperal Jose

    Imperal Jose15 hari yang lalu

    Hey Jordan your name I Believe, but I’m so exited because that’s actually my sisters Apple Watch , and really what to know where we can meet up because she’s been so sad and yeah can’t believe you found it , she actually did not flip she was trying to tighten up the bracelet but slipped and got washed away

  15. Francisco Xavier Simon Jacques

    Francisco Xavier Simon Jacques15 hari yang lalu

    What issssssss Love isssssssssss

  16. Mari Stresemann

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    Would be hysterical to see you and Tristan and Jake on a raft in the rapids!! Don't forget your helmets and vests😁

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    My cam

  18. Ron Melton

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    My frog

  19. Ron Melton

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    My Apple Watch

  20. Ron Melton

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    I need it

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    Go rafting with tristan and jake

  22. the girl squad never stops

    the girl squad never stops22 hari yang lalu

    Those fake AirPods are for Android users

  23. Torrick Lawrence/cat

    Torrick Lawrence/cat23 hari yang lalu

    I found one at Walmart called sound pods

  24. Loki fishing Fishes

    Loki fishing Fishes23 hari yang lalu

    Fake airpods should be called space pods like so he can see this

  25. Jayce Larkins

    Jayce Larkins23 hari yang lalu

    Looks like your going to the military bridge sounds awesome

  26. andrew hamm

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    Ya take a raft down the river.

  27. LaMaNDi

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    I made it 10k likes

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    YESS, go on the rapids

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    Where do you live in Georgia because I’m from Virginia and I’m heading down to Atlanta

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    Go fishing

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    Doooooo ittttttttt

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    Fair pods

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    How about some video of you reuniting people with their lost items? And raft trip is a must

  34. Gone Zapatero

    Gone Zapatero25 hari yang lalu

    Are you using the GoPro or the SOny RX0 for this

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    Yes! Raft!

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    I have that camora

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    Hey y’all came over from the googan channel

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    Go to the Snead's ferry bridge here in North Carolina! It's right next to camp Lejeune's military base. It's beautiful also. We have a camper down there and go fishing a lot there and so does many others. On the shore and in their boats. You guys could probably find some interesting stuff there also. I love watching all of y'all's videos.

  39. Jeff P

    Jeff P26 hari yang lalu

    River Pod mode D or Pod D

  40. Jillian Scelsi

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    Please go rafting. That would be awesome!

  41. Crappie papi

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    Yes. My mom and I would love to see y'all tube the river. That would be some funny shit.

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    Military bridge

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    Clone pod

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    Definitely do the rafting with the 3 of you guys!!!

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    Love river treasure videos, hate spear fishing ones.

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    Hay that my camera

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    I really hope you can film under the military base

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    Y’all should go mining

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    You should make a video of you searching for the owners?

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    Do you also have a Facebook page?

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    Sub to me plz

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    I would honestly go and check for an ear infection because that looked manky👂👂

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    Yes yall should ride the rapids

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    They are called wireless earbuds. Fake airpods haha. Not the only ones out there.

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    Yes y’all three go rafting!!! It would be super fun!

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    You guys should go down the river in a raft

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    You should record you're behind the scenes of trying to reunite people with stuff when ur low on content

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  62. Blaklee Peeples

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    I have a question why does it say jigglin with Jordan but your name is Brandon not be mean I love y’all guys but I am confused😂💖💕

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    Check for the dead body

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    It's an Aquapod

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    Go rafting !!!!

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    Fake AirPod= kid who thinks s/he is cool


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    Come on people hit that like button

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    Now that could make a great video. A video of people being reunited with their belong your finds. Loving your videos.

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    I need a frog lure can you please give me that one

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    Great video👍👍👍👍👍👍

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    You should go down in the rapids with the crew

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    Can I have the frog lure

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    Can you make a video and drive more jetski

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    A frog with a splitshot?

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    You found a Fod

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    How about "Ear-ache" because that size would give me an ear ache!

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    plz do the milatary brige that wuld be lit

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    Deku Plus ultra plus full gauntlet28 hari yang lalu

    For the air pod name air frod

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    I vote yes for you Tristan and big boy to go down on the raft!

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    Awesome job finding the Apple Watch, Samsung Camera and the fAirPod!

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    Love the vid you should do a fishing challenge with the lures you find

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    Plz start fishing 🎣 again

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    Please be careful 🙏!!

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    A fake AirPod is Called an imposterpod

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    great hunt, good job. keep up the good work and great videos.