"I didn't watch the last two penalties!" Maurizio Sarri reacts to Chelsea penalty drama


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    Trophy 🏆

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  3. Forza Maggica

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    Grande Maurizietto

  4. Ettore Milik #99

    Ettore Milik #99Bulan Yang lalu

    Che inglese maurizio

  5. Zbyněk Novotný

    Zbyněk NovotnýBulan Yang lalu

    Sir Abramovich see results.

  6. Papu Gomez

    Papu GomezBulan Yang lalu

    Maremma segaiola a biscero

  7. Luis Lobrano

    Luis LobranoBulan Yang lalu

    Sarri is magic De laurentiis is sh*it

  8. Nihle Igleca

    Nihle IglecaBulan Yang lalu

    Remember that time when all those "Chelsea fans" were shittalking him and say he's overrated? Lmao

  9. Omkar Reddy

    Omkar ReddyBulan Yang lalu

    man i accept he is rigid in his own way but the way some show him hate is unacceptable he has his philosophy,adheres to it just like mou it takes time to get the things going for now...nice work sarri

  10. pike101000

    pike101000Bulan Yang lalu

    Loftus-Cheek himself said he was injured. Let's stop supporting this toxic media agenda against Sarri and Chelsea. The media loves seeing Chelsea fire mamagers so they can write about it.


    HEAL THE WORLDBulan Yang lalu


  12. Antonio Toro

    Antonio ToroBulan Yang lalu

    Per che cazzo si tocca sempre il naso?

  13. Lukas Antwerp

    Lukas AntwerpBulan Yang lalu

    He looks sad and miserable all the time

  14. parijat fan

    parijat fanBulan Yang lalu

    I feel so guilty after critcizing sarri a few months ago..

  15. Zeenedin

    ZeenedinBulan Yang lalu

    that voice lmao

  16. Mohammad Ghahraman

    Mohammad GhahramanBulan Yang lalu

    He enjoys his cigarettes more than football

  17. Fabiana Avelar

    Fabiana AvelarBulan Yang lalu

    Sarri sou brasileiro e amo vc 😙😙😙


    VIWE MBANDEBulan Yang lalu

    Win or Lose, Sarri must be Sacked!

  19. Metin onur Guney

    Metin onur GuneyBulan Yang lalu

    Dinamo chelsky 😊

  20. Stephen Duignan

    Stephen DuignanBulan Yang lalu

    Bring back the young lads that are on loan ....we had the best under 18s in Europe...

  21. Rohan Tyagi

    Rohan TyagiBulan Yang lalu

    This season has been very mixed. Till april starting this season was very horrible but then the other three teams kept losing and we somehow ended up third. Also, we r in europa finals. But there are still huge issues with the team. They panic very easily. Sarri makes questionable decisions like playing Luiz every other match.

  22. Euan Thomas

    Euan ThomasBulan Yang lalu

    Sarri in

  23. Agazuma Chester

    Agazuma ChesterBulan Yang lalu

    Hahahaha I don't watch the last penalty

  24. R1S1N G

    R1S1N GBulan Yang lalu

    Joriginho needs to stop getting hate he's so good

  25. Marco Duro

    Marco DuroBulan Yang lalu


  26. Usman JJ

    Usman JJBulan Yang lalu

    I dont like Sari or Sarriball but lets be honest, Europa League Silver plus top4 finish is a successful season .. ktbffh

  27. Kunal Gadkar

    Kunal GadkarBulan Yang lalu

    Didn’t anyone else notice the snide kepa comment ?

  28. Lucas

    LucasBulan Yang lalu

    Poor Sarri, booed by his own fans. Should leave Chelsea even if he wins the Europa League.

  29. Liam H

    Liam HBulan Yang lalu

    Booed by the fans beside the only microphones in the stadium, sponsored by sky sports. Honk honk

  30. Paolino Cassese

    Paolino CasseseBulan Yang lalu

    Maurizio, non só se mi leggerai, ma io ho nostalgia di te, quando hai guidato il mio Napoli con tremenda passione e un gioco unico. Mi ricordo ancora che eri pronto a scendere dall'autobus per difendere i colori, la gente, il rispetto x i napoletani. Memorabile, davvero. Ti faccio i complimenti e mi auguro con tutto il cuore che tu possa vincere la finale. Tu per me sei un esempio di vita, e sei anche di una simpatia unica, senza peli sulla lingua. GRANDE MAURIZIO SARRI.

  31. Wade Wilson

    Wade WilsonBulan Yang lalu

    Come on Chelsea 💙 💙 💙


    MAMBO NA VIJIMAMBOBulan Yang lalu

    No need to play final, we gotta give Arsenal their trophy as early as possible otherwise w'll be cheating ourselves that we gon win the game. The reality is that, our club ain't got no plans to score goals when we reach at 18 yards of the opponent, only sometimes Pedro's decisions rescue the team but truth is Chelsea have become a toothless dog under Sarri's ball.

  33. ginetto seghetto

    ginetto seghettoBulan Yang lalu

    Cato De Laurentis, Sarri te lo ha ficcato nel culo !!!

  34. Grerty22

    Grerty22Bulan Yang lalu

    Wasn't really fussed last night, as we're already top 4, so don't really need to win the Europa anymore, but it should help sari to stay if we do win it. Alot of his criticism is nonsensical. Just watch the Manchester city games. The home win, Chelsea dominated city as no other team has done, the league cup final was a game Chelsea deserved to win, and the 6-0 defeat showcased Chelsea's problems: individual mistakes by the players, not the tactics.

  35. Sikhandproud123

    Sikhandproud123Bulan Yang lalu

    Will pulisic play as it’s post season?

  36. F Burgmaier

    F BurgmaierBulan Yang lalu


  37. Claude Makelele

    Claude MakeleleBulan Yang lalu

    Sarri has got to the UCL and two finals. He is the right man for the job.

  38. NenadGames FTW

    NenadGames FTWBulan Yang lalu

    0:17 look at his glasses LOL 😂

  39. Julian Banks

    Julian BanksBulan Yang lalu

    Most fans are such idiots! It was clear and obvious that RLC didn't have the fitness to last the entire 120 minutes, and yet they booed Sarri for no reason.

  40. Madmax Fury

    Madmax FuryBulan Yang lalu

    Why is unai emery not criticised..his team has been fresh every week while Chelsea played 2 matches every week between January- February when form dipped...unai emery has not improved a single player sarri has improved RLC David luiz Emerson Hudson odoi...Arsenal concided 50 goals bt everyone pundit is okay with it..bt Chelsea draw a match everyone criticize sarri..He doesnt deserves so much criticism support him n Chelsea Will be top team in 2-3 yrs like klopp did for liverpool or pochhetino did - From Liverpool fan

  41. Liam H

    Liam HBulan Yang lalu

    Emerson is awful

  42. Md Abdul Halim Miah

    Md Abdul Halim MiahBulan Yang lalu

    A huge question. Chelsea going to USA to play mew England bla bla for friendlies before europa league final. Why??? ?????

  43. Isaac Opatewa

    Isaac OpatewaBulan Yang lalu

    I fink we was very tired☺

  44. abukaryare.

    abukaryare.Bulan Yang lalu

    Ahhhhh today ahhhhh today ahhhhh today ahhhhh. Stop saying ahhhhhh

  45. Andi Ibnu Rahardiansyah Andi

    Andi Ibnu Rahardiansyah AndiBulan Yang lalu

    Sarri out

  46. Patrick Ma

    Patrick MaBulan Yang lalu

    Sarri has done a great job. Full of respect and Chelsea can do a lot worse. Hope both he and Hazard stay and see out their earnt place in the CL

  47. Amon Ezike

    Amon EzikeBulan Yang lalu

    Haha sarri was like RLC had a cramp when he shook his head and jogged off and wasn't happy after

  48. pike101000

    pike101000Bulan Yang lalu

    Google RLC's comments about the substitution and his injuries. Don't fall for the British media agenda against Sarri. I don't know why they hate him. They spread a lot of misinformation about Sarri to reinforce their narratives about him. I don't know why

  49. Ke Yu

    Ke YuBulan Yang lalu

    Preparing penalty is useless. Finally someone says this trurh

  50. Anubhav Jain

    Anubhav JainBulan Yang lalu

    2:40 “chow” 😂

  51. John Hazeldene

    John HazeldeneBulan Yang lalu

    His English is much improved over the season...

  52. CciIcCo

    CciIcCoBulan Yang lalu

    I am wondering how anyone would have thought about Sarri after losing against Frankfurt...


    CHRISTINE WATTSBulan Yang lalu

    Sarri has been able to give us a pretty good season and we should appreciate him and give the man more time,also we will truly miss EDEN next year a very hard act to follow, but I would like to thank him for all he has given us,and wish him good luck in his future.

  54. Violet Phiri

    Violet PhiriBulan Yang lalu

    well said Chrissy

  55. Ismatullah Mohsini

    Ismatullah MohsiniBulan Yang lalu

    The professor

  56. Ismatullah Mohsini

    Ismatullah MohsiniBulan Yang lalu

    The professor

  57. Vapour infillionth

    Vapour infillionthBulan Yang lalu

    If the manager didn't also then I feel justified.

  58. Sam Spade

    Sam SpadeBulan Yang lalu

    They have to play a match in America before the Final. What the hell is going on at Chelsea? Do they want to win the Europa cup or what? They are making it hard for themselves.

  59. MrGumbwit

    MrGumbwitBulan Yang lalu

    I love this coach

  60. Mann Hui

    Mann HuiBulan Yang lalu

    No preparation for Penalty Kick, Manager Sarri is a genius.

  61. beapapdv

    beapapdvBulan Yang lalu

    Sarri ? He's ok... but probably next year Hazard will leave the team. The coach can't do miracles !!

  62. Ravi Soren

    Ravi SorenBulan Yang lalu

    Only way we see Chelsea fight for premier league title next season.... Just support Sarri we need to be patience and may be ....may be..... Next Season Champions League final ..... We Chelsea fan may witness it.

  63. Yacine lampard

    Yacine lampardBulan Yang lalu

    Is he crazy !! Training for penalties is useless ؟؟؟؟؟ ؟؟

  64. GOAL

    GOALBulan Yang lalu

    *"pReMeIr LeAguE iS ovErAteD"*

  65. Pierce Travers

    Pierce TraversBulan Yang lalu

    He seems so much happier since the kepa incident seems like the players wised up and realized they’ve a great manager at their club

  66. Krosfer Gaming

    Krosfer GamingBulan Yang lalu

    Great assistant manager helping Kepa to get 4th in EPL and in 2 cup finals

  67. Maxismaximal

    MaxismaximalBulan Yang lalu

    In luck again,clear red card not given and 2 times cleared on the line in extra time

  68. SND

    SNDBulan Yang lalu

    The coach assistant sarri is proud of his son the coach kepa


    HARDFOOD PODCASTBulan Yang lalu

    Can Abraham fit into this Chelsea side? Batshuayi?? Next season will be interesting

  70. Seth Enki

    Seth EnkiBulan Yang lalu

    If we win the EL, Sarri can stay.

  71. nobody survives even one bit

    nobody survives even one bitBulan Yang lalu

    English teams power.

  72. Bengee A

    Bengee ABulan Yang lalu

    Let's win the cup.

  73. Haitham Abdulkadir

    Haitham AbdulkadirBulan Yang lalu

    Call me negative, but if we think we can perform the way we did today and expect to handle Aubamayeng and Lacazette, we must be dreaming

  74. Stamford Splif

    Stamford SplifBulan Yang lalu

    It will be amazing to score early in the match and to try to control until our second goal to kill them

  75. Stamford Splif

    Stamford SplifBulan Yang lalu

    Liam H we hate team who put lot of pressure and agressivity and this is what Emery gonna do as asual

  76. Liam H

    Liam HBulan Yang lalu

    Answer= they have Mustafi and Xhaka. We're going to be fine..

  77. Kartik kumar

    Kartik kumarBulan Yang lalu

    Frankfurt is much better team than Arsenal, Chelsea can beat Arsenal

  78. luke g

    luke gBulan Yang lalu

    Chelsea fan here. Feel for sarri slightly been getting a lot of stick. But man's done a job got us top 4 and a change at a European trophy! Gj

  79. Ali Mocro

    Ali MocroBulan Yang lalu

    This Man deserves Respect Guys i always say that but some Plastic Fans dont understand this Sarri needs just time to build something Chelsea in his first Season Sarri is in the top 4 with a worse Team look at Arsenal and Manchester please they have a great Squad but dont have a Chance to play next Season in the Champions League he stay in the Europa League Final and its his FIRST Season i hope Chelsea win the Final because this Man deserve a Trophie !!

  80. Jamie Williams

    Jamie WilliamsBulan Yang lalu

    Ali Mocro fActs

  81. Betty Campos

    Betty CamposBulan Yang lalu


  82. Ayamga Amolka Francis Sunday

    Ayamga Amolka Francis SundayBulan Yang lalu

    In my opinion, Sarri deserves to stay and build a strong team

  83. jack skeletron

    jack skeletronBulan Yang lalu

    Sarriiiii😅.... Ok... Year of Chelsea!!!!

  84. angel

    angelBulan Yang lalu

    he sounds like he has a robot voice box due to smoking


    BRINGM3LOVEBulan Yang lalu


  86. Awes Din

    Awes DinBulan Yang lalu

    Sarri: ‘Ciao’ 😂 he’s becoming a very likeable manager

  87. Awes Din

    Awes DinBulan Yang lalu

    Murdochella I meant to say assistant manager

  88. Murdochella

    MurdochellaBulan Yang lalu

    @Rohan Tyagi i want him in my bed.

  89. Rohan Tyagi

    Rohan TyagiBulan Yang lalu

    @Murdochella He is the manager. But in your mom's bed.

  90. Shonny Ponny

    Shonny PonnyBulan Yang lalu

    @Murdochella no it's really not

  91. Murdochella

    MurdochellaBulan Yang lalu

    @Araaash yeah its is

  92. Kenneth Flaming

    Kenneth FlamingBulan Yang lalu

    1:47 Sarri mcboogerballs

  93. sean w

    sean wBulan Yang lalu

    Did Sarri just they’ve got to go to USA. WTF does that have to happen for. Rest is more important than going to a country that doesn’t even no what the game is called. SOCCER really 🇬🇧

  94. estafrica boy

    estafrica boyBulan Yang lalu

    Maurizio Sarri's debut season at Chelsea: - Reached the League Cup final - Europa League final - Secured Champions League qualification - Set to finish third behind two of the best teams in Premier League history He deserves more respect 👏🔥

  95. Domenico Di martino

    Domenico Di martinoBulan Yang lalu

    @Sphere Code not matter still reach he 's goal

  96. Gerald Silalahi

    Gerald SilalahiBulan Yang lalu

    @Juan Ramón Hernández totally different story with mou's first season, his first season was also abrahamovic's first season owning the club, mourinho spent lots of money and he changed almost more than half of the squad to his style, hence thats why sarri also deserves some credit and respect

  97. Violet Phiri

    Violet PhiriBulan Yang lalu

    he really does deserve alot of respect.. I honestly believe in sarri.He is a good manager

  98. Donboklang Lyngdoh

    Donboklang LyngdohBulan Yang lalu

    City is not a greatest team yet

  99. Mr AboHashisH

    Mr AboHashisHBulan Yang lalu

    why would Chelsea play in the US at this crucial part of the season?!

  100. Rohan Tyagi

    Rohan TyagiBulan Yang lalu

    Its an initiative by the owner Roman and some other guy which raises cash for Anti Discrimination Movement.

  101. Betty Campos

    Betty CamposBulan Yang lalu

    One word money they all get some good cash to go play over seas cup. And are Chelsea players are all elite so they will be fine

  102. my penis is realy small ,but

    my penis is realy small ,butBulan Yang lalu

    So happy for sarri I feel he is unfairly scrutinized. Congratulations to Chelsea and sarri👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  103. ASTROAMP1

    ASTROAMP1Bulan Yang lalu

    We have no striker, no wingers under 30 who are fit, and yet we have made it into two cup finals and made it into top 4.

  104. SRL26

    SRL26Bulan Yang lalu

    Got Chelsea in two finals and top 4 he deserves to stay

  105. Gerry Adams

    Gerry AdamsBulan Yang lalu

    He’s underrated

  106. Untifalione

    UntifalioneBulan Yang lalu

    This is not Chelsea that we know... this guy need to go.

  107. Kaveh Fathei

    Kaveh FatheiBulan Yang lalu

    Let him smoke bro no time 4 interviewe!!🤣🤣🤣👈

  108. 麻倉葉

    麻倉葉Bulan Yang lalu

    I must say that he might be a good coach, but Chelsea is not the right place for him. His game changing is just...

  109. kdo baggings

    kdo baggingsBulan Yang lalu

    Look at real Madrid without Ronaldo.. Chelsea will be the same if Hazard leaves

  110. The Great Phil Swift, Our Prometheus

    The Great Phil Swift, Our PrometheusBulan Yang lalu

    Just think... An all-English Super Cup. Whichever of the two teams wins the Europa League will deserve it, and whichever of the two teams wins the Champions League will deserve it. Good luck to all four teams. (Especially Liverpool, since I support them 😝)

  111. KT7

    KT7Bulan Yang lalu

    He didn't watch the final 2 penalties because was outside already smoking 😂

  112. Alif Najmi

    Alif NajmiBulan Yang lalu

    I hope that both of Manchester club will watching the Champions & Europa League finals in the next June

  113. Alif Najmi

    Alif NajmiBulan Yang lalu

    @Lumberjack600 I'm Totally forgot about the date

  114. Lumberjack600

    Lumberjack600Bulan Yang lalu

    Europa is in may

  115. Jay Jay

    Jay JayBulan Yang lalu

    😂😂😂 3 London clubs

  116. Idiaware ThankGod

    Idiaware ThankGodBulan Yang lalu

    Chelsea vs Arsenal Europer Cup Finals Liverpool vs Tottenham Champions league Finals Man City vs Watford FA Cup Finals Manchester United Vs Television 😂😂😂😂watching Finals🤔

  117. Liam H

    Liam HBulan Yang lalu

    @Y.O.I Mirul their board member was also on the FA board for the entire time Fergus was in charge. So their boy made the rules to suit utd, such as many extra minutes after 90 to fix a losing game, known as "fergie time". Losers dressed as winners.

  118. Idiaware ThankGod

    Idiaware ThankGodBulan Yang lalu

    @nathan jackson and this time around Man United couldn't make Top 4 big Shame to Them 😂

  119. nathan jackson

    nathan jacksonBulan Yang lalu

    Man united have been there won that 😂😂😂

  120. Jake Nebel

    Jake NebelBulan Yang lalu

    man tries an eye roll and rolls his entire head lol

  121. Jake Nebel

    Jake NebelBulan Yang lalu

    @Carlos S 1:14

  122. Carlos S

    Carlos SBulan Yang lalu

    Lmao which minute?

  123. LewisMck19

    LewisMck19Bulan Yang lalu

    Tbf to Sarri he has got Chelsea into the top 4 and in two cup finals

  124. Thushan. P

    Thushan. PBulan Yang lalu

    Decent 4 ur 1st season in prem

  125. Kruxxy

    KruxxyBulan Yang lalu

    @PrinceOfM4rs20 __ on loan. Smart decision

  126. Blender Boy

    Blender BoyBulan Yang lalu

    But the football is sooooo boring to watch

  127. Alexis Santana

    Alexis SantanaBulan Yang lalu

    Seeing Sarri smile makes me smile :)

  128. Lamech

    LamechBulan Yang lalu

    Its time for England Champion's league and Europa League 👌👌

  129. Lamech

    LamechBulan Yang lalu

    @Antonio Romano true that

  130. Antonio Romano

    Antonio RomanoBulan Yang lalu

    It's time for Germany (Klopp), Argentina (Pochettino), Italy (Sarri) and Spain (Emery)... English football does not exist, that is just international football played in England. English teams just have more money to recruit the best managers and players around.

  131. TL C

    TL CBulan Yang lalu

    If chelsea play like that in the final then arsenal will beat them convincingly

  132. ScoopMeisterGeneral

    ScoopMeisterGeneralBulan Yang lalu

    Surely that depends on how well Arsenal play too, though? Remember, they haven't exactly been the most consistent side themselves recently.

  133. Truth Rulzz

    Truth RulzzBulan Yang lalu

    Sarri: Caballero warm up for penalties now! Kepa: No more subs left gaddamit! Sarri: Sorry boss

  134. Violet Phiri

    Violet PhiriBulan Yang lalu

    seriously people are a still saying this

  135. Naufal Qodri Ramadhan

    Naufal Qodri RamadhanBulan Yang lalu


  136. Arfa Bellarina

    Arfa BellarinaBulan Yang lalu

    Kepa's managerial system had been successfully making us to UEL final 😂

  137. gabriel denny

    gabriel dennyBulan Yang lalu

    Kepa is getting better at taking penalty

  138. gabriel denny

    gabriel dennyBulan Yang lalu

    @Craig O neill that why he needs time by the time he's 25 or 26 he will be Spain number 1 and should be really good for us in the league and cup games

  139. Craig O neill

    Craig O neillBulan Yang lalu

    gabriel denny couple of years he’ll be the best in the league