1. KidBehindACamera

    KidBehindACamera4 bulan yang lalu


  2. Juancarlos Sotelo

    Juancarlos Sotelo3 bulan yang lalu

    Your channel went to shit

  3. Yung Twist

    Yung Twist4 bulan yang lalu

    Feel the pressure to get ka ka KABBAMMED

  4. Chad Tubbs

    Chad Tubbs4 bulan yang lalu

    She gonna kill yah dont give her stress

  5. Whiterun Guard

    Whiterun Guard4 bulan yang lalu

    KidBehindACamera that prank wasn’t cool not when she’s pregnant

  6. Troy123 Smithsonian

    Troy123 Smithsonian4 bulan yang lalu

    You've got drug and alcohol problems

  7. Lanna Wallend

    Lanna WallendBulan Yang lalu

    Everybody poops LMAO

  8. Jaycrafts Tv

    Jaycrafts Tv2 bulan yang lalu

    don't be rude to this guy mabe he's runing out of ideas so stop picking on him and give him ideas.

  9. Sophia

    Sophia3 bulan yang lalu

    4:44 I’ve always loved Michaels “NIKE” glasses

  10. Lil Icey

    Lil Icey3 bulan yang lalu

    Omg click bait

  11. PaRaD0X Aces

    PaRaD0X Aces3 bulan yang lalu

    If Bridgette saying I’m pregnant is annoying you, slap this button and make it blue 👇🏾

  12. Singing Fish Fan

    Singing Fish Fan3 bulan yang lalu

    1st time : OMG NO! WHY DID THEY HAVE TO BREAK UP!!! 489th time : Aw shit, here we go again.

  13. Drollworm_uk

    Drollworm_uk3 bulan yang lalu

    You know stress can hurt the baby just saying

  14. Kyn Hardin

    Kyn Hardin4 bulan yang lalu

    Btw this is why I don’t even bother watching anymore. Same stupid ass recycled pranks and content. Would be cool if we could see the never seen agp vids you promised since he’s the reason why you have a platform in the first place. If it weren’t for your dad, you wouldn’t be known. You promised us and your father to keep his legacy going and posting his vids but you don’t. Damn shame when you break a promise to your fans, but especially your own father.

  15. rowditess

    rowditess4 bulan yang lalu

    Enough enough shit. Damn just bully boogie. WTF.

  16. Jonathan Alvarez

    Jonathan Alvarez4 bulan yang lalu

    Can anybody explain this to me at 10:44. Who filmed him popping from the Internet. For real, it's very inappropriate and who does that?

  17. Chef's Father

    Chef's Father4 bulan yang lalu

    I haven't watched in like 4 months and nothing has literally changed 😂


    EAT CHICKENSS4 bulan yang lalu


  19. CrimsonN0va

    CrimsonN0va4 bulan yang lalu

    How could he cheat on Bridgette when no other woman in the world wants to date a slob like him? Checkmate.

  20. -Logic-

    -Logic-4 bulan yang lalu

    Every year you say crap like this but then you end up lying. Mike stop lying.

  21. C Charles

    C Charles4 bulan yang lalu

    Everything is, because I'm pregnant. OMG

  22. Michael

    Michael4 bulan yang lalu

    Is it really cheating when it's a big Mac? And unsubscribing cuz this is really getting old.. No agp nothing more to see

  23. w4ization

    w4ization4 bulan yang lalu

    wait a second. 13:46 you literally censored the words "drugs" and "alcohol" are you fucking insane, dude???? you actually think saying those 2 words would get you in trouble? as if your videos could not get any worse...

  24. sam Charlot

    sam Charlot4 bulan yang lalu

    Just a mess

  25. Worthy 4723

    Worthy 47234 bulan yang lalu

    Thank God I didn't the Clickbaits because I would been mad

  26. Chad Tubbs

    Chad Tubbs4 bulan yang lalu

    Hey whats up bickle boy

  27. Anthony ooo

    Anthony ooo4 bulan yang lalu

    Its the smell under your sack wash better

  28. 垃圾

    垃圾4 bulan yang lalu

    ooouu is the "we broke up episode 3" coming?

  29. Juan

    Juan4 bulan yang lalu

    I can't wait till the baby's born and it's half black....lol sorry but black dudes have a thing for overweight white women eww....

  30. Juan

    Juan4 bulan yang lalu

    Food does not equal love

  31. Quire

    Quire4 bulan yang lalu

    Dont get me wrong I love their videos but ever since AGP passed away they've been starting to get old. Like honestly michael used this idea about 30 times of him "cheating" on Bridgette. Just think of new ideas and stop using the same ones so many damn times.

  32. Ashers Way

    Ashers Way4 bulan yang lalu

    Three dragons in the bowl...😂

  33. Ashley Jenkins

    Ashley Jenkins4 bulan yang lalu

    She uses her pregnancy as an excuse for everything. Who else notices?

  34. Michelle Walker1999

    Michelle Walker19994 bulan yang lalu

    That was mean embarrassing him like tht

  35. Spider-man the Hero

    Spider-man the Hero4 bulan yang lalu

    Say this name out loud. SHEBIB. It will bring you good luck must say it 100 times.

  36. Brad Ouellette

    Brad Ouellette4 bulan yang lalu

    Channel is straight trash now. I miss AGP

  37. Tristan N

    Tristan N4 bulan yang lalu

    Why do you never bring Bridgette to vid con?

  38. Tristan N

    Tristan N4 bulan yang lalu

    11:34 lmao

  39. Karie Lee Colon

    Karie Lee Colon4 bulan yang lalu

    I have watched you guy's since day one. And I still love each and everyone of you just as IF you were my family. I consider you family, I don't have a mama, dad nobody, I'm a single mom with four babies which Is my family and I thank God everyday for my babies their my world,strength and happiness. They're what keep's me going every day. I don't know why people have to get on here and BASH people? THAT'S the problem with this world there's no more positivity no more bringing people up, being happy for people who cares If CLICKBAIT'S IT'S IDreporter. I mean for God's sake who cares IT grabbed your attention right? THAT'S part of a business, Business tactics I give IT to him because he's doing a great job and I'll continue to watch every single episode and I'm so excited to see this baby and I love you Michael and Bridgette so much and I am so happy for you guy's and I wish you nothing but love and happiness, Good Vibes, BIG HUG'S , and sorry so many people are so missrable n life, I don't like people, keep doing what your doing n that's being y'all!!!!! LOVE y'all, from your Florida girl XOXOXOXOXOXOXO, Karie Colon

  40. matthew jacobs

    matthew jacobs4 bulan yang lalu

    I love it when a no talent ass clown has to do the same douchebag video cheating on his gf video

  41. Squ3akerD0esGam1ng !

    Squ3akerD0esGam1ng !4 bulan yang lalu

    Worst then AGP😂

  42. David Keller

    David Keller4 bulan yang lalu

    Your video's have become unwatchable.

  43. Bela Bingbong

    Bela Bingbong4 bulan yang lalu

    michael can you please put (prank) behind the title, I am not a click bait fan.

  44. ImaTalk_SHIT

    ImaTalk_SHIT4 bulan yang lalu

    Michael lies and says that he had fun at the party but all he did was sites on his fat ass when I saw Mcjuggernuggets vlog and saw the party I knew

  45. liam rudge

    liam rudge4 bulan yang lalu

    Why do you have so many ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘i cheated’ and shit videos recently??