"I can tell my kids I saw this!" Rio Ferdinand raves about magical Messi performance vs Liverpool!


  1. Listian8

    Listian811 hari yang lalu

    Corner taken quickly, ORIGIIIII

  2. Gfresh844

    Gfresh8443 bulan yang lalu

    Messi can't be blamed for incompatance. He's proven himself the best ever countless times.

  3. Gordiny F. Estime Estilhomme

    Gordiny F. Estime Estilhomme4 bulan yang lalu


  4. aiman hatim

    aiman hatim4 bulan yang lalu

    hahahah gary and rio celebrate too much because they hate liverpool too much then liverpool make a comeback those monkey were shut down...

  5. Wahyu Dwi P_phone videomaker videomaker

    Wahyu Dwi P_phone videomaker videomaker4 bulan yang lalu

    And then ferdinand can't say to cold of Liverpool to final....hhaha

  6. ilvtofo

    ilvtofo4 bulan yang lalu

    Hahahahahahahahhaahahh he’s eating his words now

  7. David Robinson

    David Robinson4 bulan yang lalu

    They're not so magical now are they he he. Made to look ordinary by a magical Liverpool team lol

  8. Peza

    Peza4 bulan yang lalu

    lmao, tell him how barca bottled it in the second leg

  9. kahna noyhi

    kahna noyhi4 bulan yang lalu

    Who's here after second leg ?

  10. Charlie

    Charlie4 bulan yang lalu


  11. Dev King

    Dev King4 bulan yang lalu

    Now i can tell everyone how liverpool destroy Barcelona

  12. andy utd

    andy utd4 bulan yang lalu

    Gary linker wot r u on about trust the British team's .they done the biss lfc .where was your messis tonight .he must be gutted .well the pool and don't like the team but they r class .well done .

  13. andy utd

    andy utd4 bulan yang lalu

    He should support British team in the champion league old linker.

  14. ojideagu

    ojideagu4 bulan yang lalu

    To be fair Lineker supports Barcelona

  15. Aaron Adams

    Aaron Adams4 bulan yang lalu

    This aged amazingly 😂

  16. TheNickos66

    TheNickos664 bulan yang lalu

    Where was Messi tonight?? Picking the ball out of his own nets 4 times!! 😂😂😂😂 YNWA

  17. Gfresh844

    Gfresh8443 bulan yang lalu

    Messi isn't comparable for what happens defensively.

  18. Cristian Comanici

    Cristian Comanici4 bulan yang lalu

    Say what bitches?😂😂😂😂

  19. Philipp Schreiter

    Philipp Schreiter4 bulan yang lalu

    Well, lets see Ferdinands reaction now after Liverpool smashed Barca.

  20. sirhanhazio

    sirhanhazio4 bulan yang lalu

    he was W*NKING on this Barca team now he's swallowed his own c*m. HAHAHAHA.

  21. Maradona 10

    Maradona 104 bulan yang lalu

    To all the mancs. Kiss my scouse arse 🤣🤣🤣🤣🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  22. Lincoln Araujo Wanderley

    Lincoln Araujo Wanderley4 bulan yang lalu


  23. Truth Over Happiness

    Truth Over Happiness4 bulan yang lalu

    Hahahaha come on liverpool. Has anyone seen Gary

  24. Ãnt - Ønius

    Ãnt - Ønius4 bulan yang lalu


  25. Rastko Dimitrijevic

    Rastko Dimitrijevic4 bulan yang lalu

    Tell them the whole story, they'll be Liverpoodlians.

  26. TheUltimateGamerzHD

    TheUltimateGamerzHD4 bulan yang lalu

    Where the little fanboys at now? The real GOAT... 20 year old Trent Alexander-Arnold

  27. ViolentFEAR

    ViolentFEAR4 bulan yang lalu

    Real GOAT: Anfield!

  28. GWM-BTD Battles, Agar.Io and more!

    GWM-BTD Battles, Agar.Io and more!4 bulan yang lalu

    4-0 what now 😂😂😂

  29. TheNickos66

    TheNickos664 bulan yang lalu

    Tell yer grandkids about 7th May 2019....4-Nillllllllllllllllll.....🤣🤣🤣

  30. Wonder Nkululeko Sihle Ntuli

    Wonder Nkululeko Sihle Ntuli4 bulan yang lalu


  31. Stephen Cook

    Stephen Cook4 bulan yang lalu

    This is why Messi will never ever be the goat or the worlds greatest player. Never ever ever away from the camp he’s just a average player looks at Ronaldos stats the man is just on another level. Liverpool made Messi look average.

  32. Essio Fuzulu

    Essio Fuzulu4 bulan yang lalu

    GOD of football forever

  33. Anass Mess

    Anass Mess4 bulan yang lalu

    idreporter.net/v/video-Nc-1dilJkmA.html كلشي ادخل

  34. Tazo Merabishvili

    Tazo Merabishvili4 bulan yang lalu

    i support messi since i was 9 years old amd now i’m 17 best years of my life

  35. Gfresh844

    Gfresh8443 bulan yang lalu

    @Für die Allianz! He's lost to them before and lost to Ajax this season.

  36. Für die Allianz!

    Für die Allianz!4 bulan yang lalu

    CR7 would have never lost to Liverpool

  37. Sunthara Rajan

    Sunthara Rajan4 bulan yang lalu

    It's very touching when the English praise Argentinian skills

  38. Carlos ROMAN MUÑOZ

    Carlos ROMAN MUÑOZ4 bulan yang lalu

    Messi serias un crack si jugaras haci en la selección.


    SREERAJ P M4 bulan yang lalu


  40. Neil Beer

    Neil Beer4 bulan yang lalu

    Only messi could punch a player in the head and then get a free kick which he then moved 5 metres closer to the goal then scores

  41. Für die Allianz!

    Für die Allianz!4 bulan yang lalu

    @Kra. Not anymore 4:0

  42. Kra.

    Kra.4 bulan yang lalu

    Lol... Salty..

  43. Whatever

    Whatever4 bulan yang lalu

    If ever valverde is out...please bring Klopp :P

  44. Francisco 123456

    Francisco 1234564 bulan yang lalu

    Cristiano will shock the world

  45. Lorenzo Ronaldinho

    Lorenzo Ronaldinho4 bulan yang lalu


  46. Jairo Soto

    Jairo Soto4 bulan yang lalu

    Pele couldn't score this freekick, even if he had a thousand chances vs farmers

  47. chicken leg on the move

    chicken leg on the move4 bulan yang lalu

    Rio is not outstanding

  48. Mental Inlander

    Mental Inlander4 bulan yang lalu

    Barcelona 1 - 0 liverpool Messi 2 - 0 liverpool


    KARENNI TRUST4 bulan yang lalu

    Love this man

  50. Damilola Oni

    Damilola Oni4 bulan yang lalu

    We're seeing an Artist at his Craft.

  51. A MN

    A MN4 bulan yang lalu

    Ryan Giggs will tell his Mrs

  52. P-Magnet Bagels 15YrOldBusinessMagnate

    P-Magnet Bagels 15YrOldBusinessMagnate4 bulan yang lalu

    how isn’t ter stegen the goalkeeper for germany. Neuer is a joke rn.

  53. Georg

    Georg4 bulan yang lalu

    People are wayyy overhyping this. Messi had a good match and 1 tapin wwtfff is so amazing about this? Ronaldo has literally been raping biggest teams in CL finales past 5 years. Juventud, bayern, atletico, city, liverpool etc...

  54. ليبلي يليلي

    ليبلي يليلي4 bulan yang lalu

    All the 90 min Messi didn’t do anything other than the free kick , yes he’s the best the player in the world but he wasn’t that good vs LFC especially in open play

  55. Richard Parker

    Richard Parker4 bulan yang lalu

    Messi plays for his club whiles Ronaldo plays for himself .

  56. afnan k

    afnan k4 bulan yang lalu


  57. vittamraj sumanth

    vittamraj sumanth4 bulan yang lalu

    Sometimes comparisons with this guy...builds a career...😉

  58. bigfriki

    bigfriki4 bulan yang lalu

    Let's not forget Stegen's amazing match as well!

  59. TheFootballAddict⚽

    TheFootballAddict⚽4 bulan yang lalu

    Even though I am a Ronaldo fan, sometimes I look at Messi and just stare...

  60. DME

    DME4 bulan yang lalu


  61. Jules Ferry

    Jules Ferry4 bulan yang lalu

    The G.0.A.T 😍

  62. Divyam Joshi

    Divyam Joshi4 bulan yang lalu

    Messi is the best player in the world. He is the greatest player

  63. Divyam Joshi

    Divyam Joshi4 bulan yang lalu

    Fans of Barcelona like☺️☺️

  64. James Harris

    James Harris4 bulan yang lalu

    I’m so happy to be alive watching this magic man!

  65. Clearn hearted Fast thinking

    Clearn hearted Fast thinking4 bulan yang lalu

    The demon of football Lionel Messi

  66. abe ja

    abe ja4 bulan yang lalu

    My friend told me that David Blaine n Criss Angle was the best magician in the world by use so many trick... And i told them messi just use the ball and he was same level as god...

  67. Wicked BLOB復製

    Wicked BLOB復製4 bulan yang lalu

    Bruh...I'm really not messi fan but I still think he is the goat of all time

  68. frozen frozen

    frozen frozen4 bulan yang lalu

    Messi is doing exactly what cr7 did last season but dined balon dor and now this year thy be giving messi completly not fair

  69. Kelvin Halluni

    Kelvin Halluni4 bulan yang lalu

    He went missing on semis and final didnt score a single goal , finished 2nd or 3rd as goal scorer in la liga and didnt have a good world cup (im not saying messi did better) while messi this season is top scorer in the league , 600 goals in 690 games ,and is the only reason barca is in game for a third historic treble and im sure if he wins the treble he ll do everything to get copa america and the other 3 trophies

  70. Movies HD

    Movies HD4 bulan yang lalu

    Messi is not human he is alien

  71. shamim daria

    shamim daria4 bulan yang lalu

    .... M E S S I ....