I built a GIANT MEATBALL in Minecraft (emotional) - Part 16


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    Jeakfoodrevies Gaming,vloging12 menit yang lalu


  2. xGemx

    xGemx3 jam yang lalu

    I want puffer merch

  3. Kizaro 87654

    Kizaro 876543 jam yang lalu

    All italian will be' so proud for the meatball

  4. EyePatch

    EyePatch4 jam yang lalu

    Probably the best feelings ever when he found joergen #2 😭🤭🤣😂

  5. william edward

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    Salam PewDiePie zona Depok

  6. Bahar Topak

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  7. Arunav Agarwal

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    felix: he was like a FATHER to me also felix : he was like a SON I NEVER HAD!!!! i worry about his relations with his father

  8. Santiago Rico Dias

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    >:0 >:3


    P5-1 FAVYL KHOO ZI ERN6 jam yang lalu

    Me: Mom can we go IKEA tmr? I miss their meatballs. Mom: Did you know that their meatballs are from horse meat? Me in my mind: JJJJOERGEN

  10. Random Katt

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    Yoooooooo! He has found JÖERGEN!

  11. Gaming Demon

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    Seed?? Tell me plssss :DDDDD

  12. Christopher Savignon

    Christopher Savignon6 jam yang lalu

    Damn... This makes me realise how refined Dragon Quest Builders 2 really is. I bet you'd love to have some magnet blocks for that elevator.

  13. MuffinGoss

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    I'd like to see T-series try and suck on that Swedish meatball

  14. Barnabas Hidvegi

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    we miss you water sheep

  15. SYKOU

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    PewDiePie : Alright, let's stop playin around, we got real stuff to do. **A few moments later** PewDiePie: We're here to summon water sheep. **Bell noises**

  16. • Violett •

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    But like IS NO ONE GOING TO TALK ABOUT THE REDSTONE?? THAT IS LITERALLY SUPER IMPRESSIVE WITHOUT CREATIVE. He’s learning really fast for someone that hasn’t played in years.

  17. Mr. Hasbr

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    I love it when Sven and the Chicken were looking at Felix when buikding the Memorial

  18. Rhea A

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    Felix: WaAAat you never play tuber simulator? Me: how dare you assume I don’t play tuber simulator.

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    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that he used red stone to create a summoning circle for water sheep an joergen😂

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    I actually always loved water sheep

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    The ritual summoned an ad for me

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    The elevator is fucking awesome

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    12:48 omg Sven was sad too😩😩😫😫😞😞💔💔 A Loyal and fullhearted dog🙌💗🐶

  25. Osama Alzamareeh

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    i know how to get water sheep back just say the magical words and pay mojang 10 dollers the magic words are hipity hopity bring back my property

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    :( idreporter.net/v/video-s931EyGtY98.html

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    Why hasn’t IKEA been sponsored?

  28. Leo Miller

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    Wonder what Felix would do if Sven was jewish

  29. Ivar W

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    Make a video with Mumbo Jumbo :D

  30. Crazy Antics

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    Jöergen the movie:Ran away who else wants that

  31. Paprikan

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    Felix: Yes i found you Joergen! Joergen: No how?! Not again I Mean he escapes all the time.

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    Rip water sheep. You will be missed...

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    Rip water sheep😭😭

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    Next time i play minecraft i will bring back water sheep AKA jeb_

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    Бьюди пай пидр

  36. Manvirgameing 456

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    Sheep meet water ball

  37. Manvirgameing 456

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    You should but 1m sheep’s and water in the meet ball

  38. Leah Jaxon

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    It goes.. 1,2,3,4.... SVEN!!!

  39. M S

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    This man has too much time in his hands

  40. Princess Aniel Cupat

    Princess Aniel Cupat23 jam yang lalu

    wow, this guy builds a emerald grave for a fiction animal that he loves in minecraft i hope he will build a face with it in a wall with redstones and a tower of animal around it it would be nice in a near future. keep it up guy

  41. Wonder Gacha

    Wonder GachaHari Yang lalu

    Which water sheep are you talking about? There were three...

  42. Cube Motion4494

    Cube Motion4494Hari Yang lalu

    The title of your video was wrong... built= builD

  43. Sebuuuh Boi

    Sebuuuh BoiHari Yang lalu

    but Felix started building the giant meatball before water sheep died...

  44. GraniteYogi

    GraniteYogiHari Yang lalu

    Felix: (talk about friendship whit water sheep) Also Felix couple epizodes ago: you are so annoying water sheep.

  45. Bryne Josava

    Bryne JosavaHari Yang lalu

    You could've made the elevator with soul sand and water dude

  46. R Daria

    R DariaHari Yang lalu

    *R.I.P. WATER SHIPP* 2019-2019

  47. mgaming19 estonia

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    Sven is water dog

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  50. Arbaz Kobir

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    I miss water sheep :(

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    thykHari Yang lalu

    One two three four SVEEEN

  52. Queen Bee

    Queen BeeHari Yang lalu

    Pewdiepie:it goes 1,2,3,4,SVEN!!!! GOD, I'M DYING OF LAUGHTER 🤣😭😂

  53. Roman Tar

    Roman TarHari Yang lalu

    реально за душу берёт

  54. Toucan Torque

    Toucan TorqueHari Yang lalu

    Soulsand elevator

  55. floral as fuck

    floral as fuckHari Yang lalu

    When he said “don’t even try console me😴” I felt that

  56. Pan Cakes

    Pan CakesHari Yang lalu

    Pewdiepie: spends a long time making an elevator with pistons Me: or u could just find some bamboo and make an elevator out of scaffolding

  57. внz ɢɪɴ

    внz ɢɪɴHari Yang lalu

    You should put sheeps inside the meatball to also add reference to og water sheep

  58. WaterSheep

    WaterSheepHari Yang lalu

    Praise me for meatball 1 like = 1 meatball

  59. MalachiGacha YT

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    He said "Water Drinking Potion" HAHAHA

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    You should build a mansion

  61. Blake

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    Felix: enough joking around we have actual things to do *Proceeds to frick around with the chickens and make a summoning circle lol

  62. Brian Rodriguez

    Brian RodriguezHari Yang lalu

    Tell pewds to build a new meatball on the Left to Ikea tower o🗼o

  63. Taylor Wright

    Taylor WrightHari Yang lalu

    Both Sean and Felix’s dogs have experienced tragedy with water.🤔coincidence I think not.

  64. nick nickerson

    nick nickersonHari Yang lalu

    He should put a floor in the meatball and turn the inside into a memorial for all the lost pets

  65. PatataDivazah

    PatataDivazahHari Yang lalu

    English is not my mother language, so when Felix said "wheat" o always thought he said "weed"

  66. Willis The Whale

    Willis The WhaleHari Yang lalu

    “Sorry Sven you’re too short” My entire life lmao.

  67. ok nilem

    ok nilemHari Yang lalu

    Seeing felix make his own joy in minecraft is inspiring. Keep on going you crazy Swede 😘

  68. EnergySombrero

    EnergySombreroHari Yang lalu

    I'm 10000% sure pewds went into creative to build that meatball

  69. felixgagnon8

    felixgagnon8Hari Yang lalu

    11:20 That's got to be the funniest jump cut I've ever seen hahaha


    GACHAVERSEMASTER !!!Hari Yang lalu

    Poor chicken😭

  71. Water Sheep

    Water SheepHari Yang lalu

    You have done good

  72. Robody Boy

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    I got a ad on the second ring

  73. LULU AJ

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    I almost cried when he found Joergen

  74. Jack Reitenour

    Jack ReitenourHari Yang lalu

    sven is protecting water sheep chicken 10:32

  75. Rachel Walker

    Rachel Walker2 hari yang lalu

    Who else waits till the very end just to hear the WHAT? U HAVENT PLAYED TUBER SIMULATOR

  76. Aino R

    Aino R2 hari yang lalu

    When Joergen rushed up to hug him... Gosh i've never felt happier.

  77. CHi-chan

    CHi-chan2 hari yang lalu

    Dinnerbone to the right of Sven's tail!! 15:43

  78. Aerodactyl 21

    Aerodactyl 212 hari yang lalu

    Wait what happen to iron golem

  79. Octane

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    OMG JEORGEN!!! i felt that

  80. Ohcirej Gaming

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    Lmao he watched some mumbo's video lmao