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    You need a woman, dude, with a nice moist warm pussy... You're loosin' it... That's not life, that's cyberworld you're in.. It ain't real... I go spirit-visit the princess in the sun, and give her a few kisses, and request she give me three nice solar flares.. Eleven hours later the sun pops out three huge solar flares.. I reach to someones throat with my spirit-hands, and rip out their throat cancer, and suddenly their cancer has vanished, and all their doctors are trying to claim they did it, but without a clue how the cancer actually suddenly vanished... In the forests I sit with wild grizzly bears, and walk with wild cougars.. What are you doing in life and for life beside turning food into poop..? Do you kill warcraft and minecraft cartoons all day and night..? You should switch off all your electronics, and go for a long walk along the side of a river, without your electronics with you.. Maybe you could work yourself up into the long walks, by taking short walks down the street a few houses down, and back.. If you survive that, the forest and river walks will be like walks in the park...

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    Crazy how your voice didn't get louder though you put noise cancelling headphones on while talking...no change in voice at all... hmm

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    Top trending gaming5 jam yang lalu

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    Am I the only one who got a wish ad before the video?...

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    Why has wish not sponsored TechSmart yet?!

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    🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ it’s by shipping bruh

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    Hello | Dylan

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    im curious. did someone here enjoy the video lmao

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    11:11 ...really........ ok.

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    "Most phones don't have headphone jacks" ... maybe... if you consider iPhones to be most phones.

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    When you buy a Nintendo switch game for free but then you realize that the shipping is 60 bucks ;-;

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    technically, you don’t buy it if it’s free.

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    Whos here is from peru??

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    I got triggered when he said that play store rip off was PUBG

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    Nothing is free on wish.. if you find something that says free, but cost 4$ shipping, you can find the same product for 2$, but it only cost 2$ for shipping.. so in fact anything you see for free, they double the shipping.. how no one sees that scam.. clueless.. but the only good thing i can say to you is, you can get a refund if you request one right away, if it comes in late or after it's due date you do not wait anything more that a week after it comes or you will get screwed !

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    Ive never had that little blue present box at the top.....i dont have that...anyone know why?

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    Its not free you pay for shipping fix your fucking thumbnail.

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    YOU broke it ^Like if you think so too^

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    No joke, I actually got a wish ad

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    you realise those reviews are probably fake right

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    Interesting video but why is the guy acting like such a douche?

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    How did you buy all they free stuff ??

  36. Raman Bala

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    6:31 is not pubg!!😠

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    U paid shipping 😉

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    U still have to pay for shipping

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    Why is the back of that iPhone 11 metal not glass

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    Is it just me that got a wish ad while watching this?

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    Dragolix yea

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    BUYING items for FREE, that's impossible, a contradiction !

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    I have liked and subscribed on so many accounts

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    Lol he just throws a yeet

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    Bruh my name is Jude lol

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    Petition for wishbusters to be on tv 👎🏻

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    The title....If its free then it was not bought... it was given...

  53. joan joany

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    its called wish because you wish what you bought

  54. Taxonomic Quantum

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    joan joany nice copy kid

  55. Tristian Hayes

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    How do you buy something free

  56. Alex Spangler

    Alex Spangler12 hari yang lalu

    pls do a home (audio) studio setup. all the soundproofing microphones and mixers etc. maybe even instruments synths and audio interfaces. iv'e been watching some really bad reviewers to try and piece together an opinion on some of the audio devices on wish. thanks for the review on the audio splitter. used to have the same one branded as belkin and it sold for over 35$ glad i can find one for 2$ lol

  57. hippyrick24

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    you should just use geek its wish but only electronics

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    How many of these views are legitimate?

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    He didnt even aim

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    Plays to much off

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    You said “bought” but if you didn’t really pay for it doesn’t that mean you didn’t buy it you just ordered it

  66. Marek Kubáň

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    Its not 100% free u still need to pay for the shiping so its actually correct

  67. jacob darney

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    dont say its free if you paid 4$ for shipping

  68. Araedi

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    You can hear that protective screen crack when he tears into the package and you can see him bending the case yep "shipping error"