I Became A Father At 16. I Was So Naive!



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    Thank you for listening to this story. By the way, did you notice that this Teddy bear appeared several times? Can you count how many? Write the answer in the comments

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    5 also happy for you becoming a father don't let it become anything like the biological dad and you'll be fine

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    5 times

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    5 times

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    Hi Fell *as* My name is Luc *as*

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    Dated a woman at 41 Her kids older than me All I can say award asf ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    10 times

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    U know jasmin parents ain’t white

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    Oh sex

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    He may not be the father, but he is the dad

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    He looks like a character from big mouth

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    Maury show would solve this quickly

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    Too naive?? More like too soon or too long (to pull out too late or cm too soon, wich is the same thing i guess) or raw for no condom. Having a kid at 16, for being naive, for me, would be being naive to have a planned pregnancy at that age, to get pregnant on purpose.

  17. Wiz Loo

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    IF you get a girl pregnant you have to take responsibility for your actions. KIlling a human because you just want to have fun is SATANIC and CRAZY. ABortion is the worst thing humans have done 😔

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    The teddy bear appeared 4 times

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    Nah.. You played yourself 😂😂

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    Stuped mike 😂

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    So it’s obvious he banged her.Cause he never said how did it come in you. :3

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    7:56 cute little mike 😋

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    "MIKE.....FREAKING MIKE." 1:13

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    *f r e a k i n g m i k e f r o m d r a m a c l a s s*

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    Now that wut happend to my cusin at 17

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    Mike is no differnt from an anime dad💀

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    👦 👕 👖 👞👞 Is name what my age my and

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    Where can I find a guy like u omggg😭😭

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    We're near you, beside you, around you. We're just too ugly or in the friendzone

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    I cried so hard that I never stop

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    When Jasmine say that the baby wasn't his father puts "have a bad day" song

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    This is the same story from my dad ..

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    Then you really loved her

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    2 or 3

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    Why everybody start from McDonald

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    For everyone One like one protection

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    HALF GIRLS?🙊🤯😱

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    The typical guy all girls drool over

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    When the baby is half way bigger the its parent

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    Stay away from Dumb Girls.

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    How doesn't he know he banged her or not?

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    Dangggg that’s tough mike smash and leave her and then she baited a friend in 😭😭

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    Lmao rebounded like wtf

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    8:00 the baby looked like a girl.😂😂

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    Myyy pregnant at 16....

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    It wasnt his baby

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    Let me be that man and I’m out my dude u got played

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    jasmine was pregnent.. he says .. wow.

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    4 times

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    Wtf this is EXACTLY like my story but it happened when I was 13 lmao

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    Ye kya cheap hai me toh apni gf ko mother p

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    I understand the taking care of the baby... but what I don’t get is how you took care of a baby PAID FOR ANOTHER NIGGAS child support paid for everything had your parents yell at you had a girl use your just because she’s has gone through a breakup see that’s a bad friend why would she drag you with her problem??? She made you work 24/7 for a baby that wasn’t yours a girl that didn’t like you and a dude that doesn’t pay for anything wow. I’m shook

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    Sooooo u let a guy smash ur girl get her pregnant ruined ur future of having a great life and gets go live his life and u having to raise his child 🤦🏾‍♂️u really are dumb


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    🧒🏽 👚 👖 This is Dora. 1 like = One bottle of water for Dora

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    I disliked

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    You are not the father

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    Soon I’ll have child ... wtf it’s not my child JASMINE ohh wait we didn’t have .. well $h1t

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    See that is a father would do

  67. Ronell Brooks

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    Teddy:5 times I mean

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    This poor kid is an idiot... Nothing about it is endearing or heroic. It's just sad.

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    That is mike son why they came to your house?

  71. Ronell Brooks

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    That’s not your son

  72. Ronell Brooks

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    Mike is Stupid

  73. Ronell Brooks

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    Mike I Stupid

  74. Ronell Brooks

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    4 times

  76. Sarah Al_Saady

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    To all the men who are saying that the girl used him, you guys are WRONG, her parents know ther are dating so they absolutely thought that he's the father and she obviously was afraid so she kept quiet, and you guys say he's weak ,will you're WRONG again, he's young but he's one of the strongest ,bravest and kindest men I've ever heard about. A little advice, you shouldn't talk bad about him or her , you should learn from him. And for Lewis, you're really a great man❤

  77. Ignas Vesoir

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    He's stupid to decide to take care of the baby that isn't't his after being stupid enough to just let the girl who rejected him use him as emotional tampon and rebound

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    The only time a person wasn’t happy when they weren’t the parent

  79. Gerald GERALDSON

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    He sounds a bit insane a few minutes into the video

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    Stupid Mike

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    Mike's very smart lol

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    This hit close to home OMG 😭

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    Too bad it was mikes sperm that ruined it all

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    Mike looks like Jimmy Neutron

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    Yk what this sounds like? Glee!!

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    Woooooow....he BETTER than me...🤐🤐🤐

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    Plot twist: he's lying