Hydro Dipping Crocs Again With A Small Amount Of Redemption But Not Really


  1. Tiffany

    Tiffany5 menit yang lalu

    I wanna see jenna and julien remake her 'Bounce That D*ck' music video

  2. K D

    K D17 menit yang lalu

    Can you please make an entire glow in the dark outfit complete with hair

  3. McKenna and Sarah

    McKenna and Sarah18 menit yang lalu


  4. Folly Fol

    Folly Fol45 menit yang lalu


  5. Идель Салтмов

    Идель СалтмовJam Yang lalu


  6. Pelles Asher

    Pelles AsherJam Yang lalu

    Sand them before spraying. Rough texture might help

  7. KathLady

    KathLady2 jam yang lalu

    As a Cosplayer I can tell you that the base is missing. You gotta use PlastiDip on bendable material like that :)) Love the result nonetheless!!

  8. Алекс Джейн

    Алекс Джейн2 jam yang lalu

    Where can i buy this top?

  9. lilleeco3

    lilleeco32 jam yang lalu

    Finishing/setting spray will make you be able to stomp around in those longer

  10. Raven Toombs

    Raven Toombs2 jam yang lalu

    none of y’all hoes can ever say that jenna clickbaits

  11. Kassidy Smith

    Kassidy Smith2 jam yang lalu

    Sooo are we getting a redemption wig video soon? Or are we accepting it for what it was?

  12. Dia Dino

    Dia Dino2 jam yang lalu

    "I don't have a patreon" "I do" [zooms in on feet]

  13. nug juggler

    nug juggler3 jam yang lalu

    You're so committed.

  14. Toy Magician

    Toy Magician3 jam yang lalu

    Hi Jenna how about to paint some clothes and make coloful outfit?

  15. Tahliah Duck

    Tahliah Duck5 jam yang lalu

    idk about anyone else but I really want to see you guys play episode again!!!! And no matter what game it is I vote you name your character beech regardless 😂❤️

  16. COSMIC

    COSMIC6 jam yang lalu

    oil & water isnt a thing yall....... shouldve known better

  17. Наталия

    Наталия7 jam yang lalu

    Frame glasses yes!

  18. zaeliyen

    zaeliyen7 jam yang lalu

    part of my pc tower is glow in the dark and it terrifies me when i walk in the room at night taking ur panels off and just going nuts with artsy stuff is Very Fun i Recommend

  19. themightypon

    themightypon7 jam yang lalu

    Jenna you need to put setting spray on them so they don't flake.

  20. Dan Treadmere

    Dan Treadmere8 jam yang lalu

    It’s just 13 mins of “that’s so cool”

  21. Svetlana Aleksandrova

    Svetlana Aleksandrova9 jam yang lalu

    Hi, Jenna! When I saw this video I immediately thought of you! You must do it! It can only be repeated by you!!! instagram.com/p/B4IIZGiArNh/?

  22. Sam’s Subliminals

    Sam’s Subliminals9 jam yang lalu

    i thought she said ‘ i hydro dipped a pair of cocks-‘ ....

  23. Cassidy S'Miles

    Cassidy S'Miles9 jam yang lalu

    Woah yeah yeah yeah

  24. Justin Steeke

    Justin Steeke9 jam yang lalu

    Video idea, making random items glow in the dark

  25. Sweetheart Cosplays

    Sweetheart Cosplays9 jam yang lalu

    Try Plastidip- it might stick to the rubber better

  26. étanhC ttonK

    étanhC ttonK9 jam yang lalu

    I wish she’d open an Etsy shop or something I want a pair crafted from her hands

  27. Josh Junon

    Josh Junon9 jam yang lalu

    you should replace all the bulbs in your house with black light bulbs and do highlighter string painting

  28. Seth Pavo

    Seth Pavo10 jam yang lalu

    I work in the paint department in Home Depot and almost never sell any of those things she bought. Minus the blue marking paint but it’s still really funny.

  29. Bobby Jo

    Bobby Jo10 jam yang lalu

    draw bee's on the mediocre ones. bzzzzzdflsnmg.. Make them GLOWO


    SISTER_AUDREYYYYYY10 jam yang lalu

    Jenna trying to do work. Julianne epepepepep

  31. bicboi4tres2uno

    bicboi4tres2uno10 jam yang lalu

    Jenna, wearing rainbow crocs: “yeah I could use more rainbow crocs”

  32. beany Thompson

    beany Thompson10 jam yang lalu

    This intro is spooky idk why

  33. Heather ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Heather ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ11 jam yang lalu

    Couldn't you just spray the paint directly on the crocs... and basically get the same result? lol

  34. Kristy Littlejohn

    Kristy Littlejohn11 jam yang lalu

    I have the same AC/DC sweater 😂😂

  35. seeriu ciihy

    seeriu ciihy11 jam yang lalu

    Julien: Can you spray me Glow In The Dark? Everyone: has to be an Aries

  36. Lolita

    Lolita11 jam yang lalu

    9:20 me when I was little shushing my sibling after I hit them DONT CRY DONT CRY 😂 DONT TELL MOM

  37. Kimberlee Nealon

    Kimberlee Nealon11 jam yang lalu

    what if jenna saran wrapped julien and spray painted him glow in the dark

  38. imnotartisticatall

    imnotartisticatall11 jam yang lalu

    Sand the crocs first, then dip them once, then SEAL it uppp

  39. seeriu ciihy

    seeriu ciihy11 jam yang lalu

    Hi were u just went to good look skin center to day

  40. Maranda Crawford

    Maranda Crawford12 jam yang lalu

    Paint pouring crocs/shoes needs to be a video

  41. dagan middleton

    dagan middleton12 jam yang lalu

    now i just want glow in the dark paintings to hang on your wall

  42. dana delano

    dana delano12 jam yang lalu

    jenna u need clear sealant (setting) spray :(

  43. Misty Gomez

    Misty Gomez13 jam yang lalu

    Who's gonna tell her she needed to spray it with a setting spray

  44. Vanukas Mestari

    Vanukas Mestari13 jam yang lalu

    Spray paint all of your christmas ornaments glow in the dark and dont tell julien. PRANKS.

  45. Teeny_ Tamoe

    Teeny_ Tamoe13 jam yang lalu

    Petition to get Jenna a new pair of hydro dip crocs

  46. Meme Queen The Maimer

    Meme Queen The Maimer13 jam yang lalu

    Either spray with translucent setting spray or with spray able glue dipshit?! I love you please don't block me bbbbbbbb

  47. livinlavida1

    livinlavida113 jam yang lalu

    The aerosols:/ the environment:(

  48. UFOz NoJoke

    UFOz NoJoke14 jam yang lalu

    Who pays for this house?

  49. Alena Galindo

    Alena Galindo14 jam yang lalu

    You should try to paint those paintings that have secret glow in the dark pictures in them without checking progress

  50. Rebecca Staub

    Rebecca Staub14 jam yang lalu

    Have you seen the new trend? Gluing fake eyelashes on your eyebrows???

  51. Austin S.

    Austin S.14 jam yang lalu

    Jenna I heard you say you want to quote "glow in the dark". Please make an entire outfit/ use glow in the dark body paint and make a video PLEASE

  52. iRose

    iRose14 jam yang lalu

    They look like landscape paintings

  53. Jesse Worden

    Jesse Worden14 jam yang lalu

    Oi ive waited all week its Wednesday. Ik she says Wednesday/thursday but its been a week from this video and i want more content

  54. ismael arellano

    ismael arellano15 jam yang lalu

    Hi were u just went to good look skin center to day

  55. Naelynn Torres

    Naelynn Torres15 jam yang lalu


  56. Danelle Septhon

    Danelle Septhon15 jam yang lalu

    you should try to paint portraits of your dogs. put them on stools and hope they don’t move. marbles at least should be easy

  57. Colton Rentmeister

    Colton Rentmeister15 jam yang lalu

    or try using some paint sealer after youre done!

  58. Colton Rentmeister

    Colton Rentmeister15 jam yang lalu

    try using paint primer??

  59. Easy Kitchen 2.0

    Easy Kitchen 2.015 jam yang lalu

    10:11 awesome.

  60. Lily Pientka

    Lily Pientka16 jam yang lalu

    Jenna, you really need to change your profile picture 😅😂

  61. Mia L.

    Mia L.16 jam yang lalu

    Spray paint fake plants!