1. Knife

    Knife15 hari yang lalu


  2. Michael jeffrey

    Michael jeffreyBulan Yang lalu

    Hello guys and today is gonna be epic Quote from Sam pilgrim 2019

  3. Adam Linden

    Adam LindenBulan Yang lalu

    Definitely one of my favourite videos! Sick spot!!

  4. Craig Lee White

    Craig Lee WhiteBulan Yang lalu

    The dream Sam. From Craig.

  5. sharz

    sharzBulan Yang lalu

    My girlfriend: come to me Me: im too tired My girlfriend: im homealone Me: 8:12

  6. sharz

    sharzBulan Yang lalu

    @Lepro okk

  7. Lepro

    LeproBulan Yang lalu

    I thought the time stamp would have been when Sam said "droppin" Lol

  8. Zak Guymer

    Zak GuymerBulan Yang lalu

    I got some of your send it merch you are the best I watch you every day even if i am bizzy


    SCAPE0GOATBulan Yang lalu

    The mansion looks brilliant. You get to some amazing places. Great video. Thanks Sam & all the guys. 👍👍👍😄

  10. ANG A

    ANG ABulan Yang lalu

    Hi I from Malaga, I want yo know where are that place?

  11. Nicki Holm

    Nicki HolmBulan Yang lalu

    I love how Sam says droppin

  12. Patrick Williment

    Patrick WillimentBulan Yang lalu

    7:38 ..... What the actual f@#k

  13. Krystal Collazo

    Krystal CollazoBulan Yang lalu

    does anybody see the kid in the hallway time is 7:37

  14. Adam Tomlin

    Adam TomlinBulan Yang lalu

    Look at 7:38 in the doorway on the left

  15. WooozerHD

    WooozerHDBulan Yang lalu

    Anyone know the name/brand of sams helmet at 2:00 please ?

  16. de lol gaming

    de lol gamingBulan Yang lalu

    WooozerHD he has a custom monster helmet not sure what brand it is if you search his soponsuors it might say

  17. Ben Martin

    Ben MartinBulan Yang lalu

    What a spot!!! ❤️

  18. The stuff we come up with

    The stuff we come up withBulan Yang lalu

    I have been to Malaga so many times and love it

  19. senorkevinlong

    senorkevinlongBulan Yang lalu

    Notice at 7:05 the huge ramps in the background

  20. FlyingMeta

    FlyingMetaBulan Yang lalu

    They shot some mx videos there before so probably left them there

  21. Cohen Keating

    Cohen KeatingBulan Yang lalu

    send it

  22. Chris Baguley

    Chris BaguleyBulan Yang lalu

    The dream 😁🤙

  23. Sean Wilson

    Sean WilsonBulan Yang lalu

    Coca-Cola adverts 😮 what will monster say....

  24. philipp ehmke

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  25. Jake Dougherty

    Jake DoughertyBulan Yang lalu

    Have you ever thought of building a trampoline bike

  26. FlyingMeta

    FlyingMetaBulan Yang lalu

    He can do the stuff on a real bike so probs there is no need for that

  27. Brandon Jones

    Brandon JonesBulan Yang lalu

    Go to burnish top

  28. viki pro

    viki proBulan Yang lalu

    Sam pliz go to croatia in town rakitje. Its bike park in rakitje

  29. JGee

    JGeeBulan Yang lalu

    A place to have raves I think you said 🤔

  30. Mike Springer

    Mike SpringerBulan Yang lalu

    That place is AWESOME

  31. Harley Jackson

    Harley JacksonBulan Yang lalu

    'got full suspension so lets send' cracks me up man hahahah

  32. AzE Sniping

    AzE SnipingBulan Yang lalu

    omg i would be sooo scared

  33. Rhys 76

    Rhys 76Bulan Yang lalu

    Check, the background at 7:19 that looks like a free style ramp on that trailer

  34. MTB Nathan Croft

    MTB Nathan CroftBulan Yang lalu

    Sam what the hell was that trying in the upstairs room like a very small person 😂😂 sick video as usual

  35. FlyingMeta

    FlyingMetaBulan Yang lalu

    It's his mate on the ground floor ffs

  36. MTB Nathan Croft

    MTB Nathan CroftBulan Yang lalu

    Haha 7.38 mins in Just seen it is a window not a room looks spooky tho

  37. IvoOpluštil Official

    IvoOpluštil OfficialBulan Yang lalu

    To The Sky

  38. Lazar R

    Lazar RBulan Yang lalu

    Where did "HOW I SEE IT: TOKYO" go?

  39. FlyingMeta

    FlyingMetaBulan Yang lalu

    Taken off as Japanese pl got offended

  40. Probably Jammin

    Probably JamminBulan Yang lalu

    Excellent location

  41. Probably Jammin

    Probably JamminBulan Yang lalu

    That triple bar spin was gnar-lee-bros

  42. FlyingMeta

    FlyingMetaBulan Yang lalu

    Triple Gnar

  43. zofrix goat-lord

    zofrix goat-lordBulan Yang lalu

    This is so cool!

  44. Harri

    HarriBulan Yang lalu

    When you put the spinny mount on I was ducking my head the whole time

  45. FlyingMeta

    FlyingMetaBulan Yang lalu


  46. sunny bg

    sunny bgBulan Yang lalu

    I love MTB biking Sam🔝🔝🔝

  47. Official S #mosthated

    Official S #mosthatedBulan Yang lalu

    What's the video of the intro clip where you hop from bike rail to bike rail

  48. Tim Messer

    Tim MesserBulan Yang lalu

    hi Sam don't know if you will see this but i was wandering when the pilgrips will be back in stock?

  49. norepetitivebeats

    norepetitivebeatsBulan Yang lalu

    Amazing place to rave! Any footage anyone knows about?

  50. Fabio Wibmer

    Fabio WibmerBulan Yang lalu

    Sick! man

  51. Daniel Croxson

    Daniel CroxsonBulan Yang lalu

    Are you still friends with Tom cardey

  52. FlyingMeta

    FlyingMetaBulan Yang lalu


  53. 1000 subs with no Videos

    1000 subs with no VideosBulan Yang lalu

    I now say droppin

  54. J B

    J BBulan Yang lalu

    Why is your free wheel so loud?

  55. FlyingMeta

    FlyingMetaBulan Yang lalu

    Halo hubs boiii

  56. Colin

    ColinBulan Yang lalu

    Who's Lukas Nopf?

  57. gregorizi

    gregoriziBulan Yang lalu

    Get out of my land, houses

  58. Weebtastic

    WeebtasticBulan Yang lalu

    Lukas Nopf😂 I like how you say it

  59. FANNANE vevo

    FANNANE vevoBulan Yang lalu

    7.37 there is a kid in the mansion😶

  60. FlyingMeta

    FlyingMetaBulan Yang lalu

    What kid? He's on the 1st floor looking down on the ground floor, it's his adult mate 😂🤣🤣🤯🤯

  61. Corey Schmick

    Corey SchmickBulan Yang lalu

    Did anyone else see those ramps in that cart when then went inside the house? They were just chilling in the cart! Imagine if they would have seen em, or got them out, I am still wondering why they didn't use them?

  62. O J

    O JBulan Yang lalu

    Go to Woburn with Matt Jones

  63. 2easy4us

    2easy4usBulan Yang lalu

    Huge, huge, huge, huge, huge, giant, giant, giant, insane, insane, insane, huge, huge, huge

  64. Force Majeure

    Force MajeureBulan Yang lalu

    Nice one, get sorted

  65. Mr flying bird man

    Mr flying bird manBulan Yang lalu

    Can u pls give me some bike parts plssss...becouse they always say that my bike is so chip😢

  66. FlyingMeta

    FlyingMetaBulan Yang lalu

    Bro u ain't gonna get nothing for free. Save up urself just like everyone else and don't care about what people sya bout ur bike. Just ride it!

  67. Hildegard

    HildegardBulan Yang lalu

    Lukas nopf 😂😂😂😂

  68. Robert Lewandowski

    Robert LewandowskiBulan Yang lalu

    Sam always says that this will be epic and its always epic he knows what he's saying

  69. Andrew's POV

    Andrew's POVBulan Yang lalu

    love your channel dude. i only use my mountain bike for regular riding but your channel has made me fall in love with all kinds of mountain biking especially downhill!

  70. FlyingMeta

    FlyingMetaBulan Yang lalu

    Check my channel out lad for some UK spots u can hit 💯💯

  71. SoiBoi

    SoiBoiBulan Yang lalu

    oi sam would you ever come to australia to mtb

  72. Heath Kowalczyk

    Heath KowalczykBulan Yang lalu

    you and fabio have the best bike vids

  73. FlyingMeta

    FlyingMetaBulan Yang lalu

    Me 3rd 🤔🤔💯

  74. G L

    G LBulan Yang lalu

    Just ace.

  75. Kemo Sabi

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  76. Dylan LP

    Dylan LPBulan Yang lalu

    Damn I want to ride each time I see your videos