How Vettel Beat Raikkonen to Pole | 2018 Chinese Grand Prix


  1. Monesh S

    Monesh S9 bulan yang lalu

    Watching in 2019 after Merc has locked out 1-2 😥

  2. Friedrich nii-chan

    Friedrich nii-chan11 bulan yang lalu

    Kimi is 8kg heavier than Seb, when you take the weight with the car, could it be why Seb beat Kimi? Also the 2019 reugulation about driver weight looks good.

  3. Firemarioflower

    Firemarioflower5 bulan yang lalu

    No you oaf, Vettel has more skills than Raikkönen

  4. Nelson Miranda

    Nelson MirandaTahun Yang lalu

    Wow! That is art to my eyes.

  5. Wolfie

    WolfieTahun Yang lalu

    It seems to me that Kimi is running more downforce. Maybe that suits him and maybe that’s why he got pole in 2017 because he’s used to a setup like that

  6. A.J. Ello

    A.J. ElloTahun Yang lalu

    I love Kimi so much that I can't help but hate Vettel. Am I alone in that??

  7. raceboy55

    raceboy55Tahun Yang lalu

    Wettel has more oomph as seem to catch Kimi on straights. Kimi is far better driver.

  8. Yarskie

    YarskieTahun Yang lalu

    Vettel use of secret levers top right of the steering wheel at 1:10 that he get better speed advance to Kimi.

  9. József Lakos

    József LakosTahun Yang lalu

    More of these types of videos please!!! Great stuff!!!

  10. F1JunGT

    F1JunGTTahun Yang lalu

    kimi has a less powerful engine since that last straight, kimi was still ahead. But then vettel was faster out of nowhere

  11. James B

    James BTahun Yang lalu

    It was the second to last corner (the hairpin) that Vettel had a the better exit which gave him the pole. All other corners were quite equal despite small differences in driving lines.

  12. Rick Miller

    Rick MillerTahun Yang lalu

    Why is Vettel using a "special" toggle on the steering wheel and Kimi's wheel doesn't have it. Vettel gets more from the power unit than Kimi? What gives?

  13. Paolo Sonvilla

    Paolo SonvillaTahun Yang lalu

    my father used to say "any idiot can go fast on a straight line, real drivers go fast on bends..."

  14. AtrolinK

    AtrolinKTahun Yang lalu

    What a fantastic video and commentary.

  15. Bruno Maximiniano

    Bruno MaximinianoTahun Yang lalu

    Amazing video awesome !!!! CONGRATS

  16. A2P Advocacia Especializada

    A2P Advocacia EspecializadaTahun Yang lalu

    not quita accurate

  17. Etherion

    EtherionTahun Yang lalu

    so, kimi was faster over the whole lap, if you cut out only the one long straight.

  18. stefanholtland

    stefanholtlandTahun Yang lalu

    He turned his DRS in too late.. Vettel stole nothing, rather Kimi gave it away.

  19. Alexander Kapralov

    Alexander KapralovTahun Yang lalu

    CSR 2 LaFerarri Aperta "70th Anniversary" max tuned

  20. Олег Звеков

    Олег ЗвековTahun Yang lalu


  21. 屋小屋

    屋小屋Tahun Yang lalu

    it's weird kimi lost time 0.11 only in the long straight!

  22. lukas fenninger

    lukas fenningerTahun Yang lalu

    Looks like Vettel got a bit more power than Raikkonen. He lost it all on the straight. Nothing eh can do.

  23. Merto6

    Merto6Tahun Yang lalu

    Kimi with more downforce

  24. Ganador

    GanadorTahun Yang lalu

    It's "F" not "V"

  25. xIceman_Z7

    xIceman_Z7Tahun Yang lalu

    so basically kimi was faster and sebs car was faster on the straight so he had the faster laptime, because he got the better car, pretty cool


    ALESSIO FRAGOMENA #fragoTahun Yang lalu

    Più spesso e di più di questi video per favore!!! Sia di gara che dopo ogni pole lap!!!!

  27. Petrønas

    PetrønasTahun Yang lalu

    i just cant wait for f1tv... 4 weeks left boys.. fck rtl every 10 minutes commercial breaks

  28. louis chim

    louis chimTahun Yang lalu

    Best f1 comparison content yet

  29. Sviatoslav Andrushko

    Sviatoslav AndrushkoTahun Yang lalu

    So, Vettel lost, but the car drove him to the first place. He was behind Raikkonen before the back straight, and then Kimi lost everything in it. This looks really strange. Kimi was good on the exit.

  30. Destian Light

    Destian LightTahun Yang lalu

    So Vettel's car is faster on the straights.

  31. Babel Ga Gravidn

    Babel Ga GravidnTahun Yang lalu


  32. AllenonStage

    AllenonStageTahun Yang lalu

    Nice comparison nice picture

  33. Александр Ефимов

    Александр ЕфимовTahun Yang lalu

    1:10 Vettel cheet.

  34. Kung Isv

    Kung IsvTahun Yang lalu

    Damn it

  35. mika34400

    mika34400Tahun Yang lalu

    1:10 vettel push TURBO button with right hand


    HE3ABICIMITahun Yang lalu

    1:10 vettel have party mode?

  37. Gopr311

    Gopr311Tahun Yang lalu

    So basically Vettel is faster on the straights.

  38. Curious George

    Curious GeorgeTahun Yang lalu

    That looks like a speed advantage that got him pole. Not better driving skills

  39. Firemarioflower

    Firemarioflower5 bulan yang lalu

    @Curious George OH PLEASE STFU you stupid fanboy. Vettel is faster in some corners. You need to shut your mouth. Also, you stupid noob, you can gain more speed on the straight BY SCRUBBING MORE SPEED FROM A CORNER YOU FUCKING TWAT, and getting an EXIT. The first turn it's so damn clear that Vetetl has to put less steering angle in the turn because of skill. Kimi SUCKS. End of.

  40. Curious George

    Curious GeorgeTahun Yang lalu

    Kashmir I'm saying that team mates cars on the straight should be equal. They clearly are not. The only significant time Vettel was faster than Kimi was on the straight. Kimi had him on 80% of the turns. So that tells me Vettel clearly has the faster car. If they swapped cars Vettel would not have caught Kimi.

  41. Chris Wyett

    Chris WyettTahun Yang lalu

    Kashmir He's saying that having superior tactics trumps the fastest car lol

  42. Kashmir

    KashmirTahun Yang lalu

    Curious George what the fuck are you talking about.

  43. Alexej Baldwin

    Alexej BaldwinTahun Yang lalu

    Verstappen is a cunt

  44. Chris Wyett

    Chris WyettTahun Yang lalu

    ronaldo7rik That stupid comment shows you know fuck all about F1. Everybody knows that McLaren have one of the best chassis. You idiot 😂😂😂😂😂

  45. ronaldo7rik

    ronaldo7rikTahun Yang lalu

    DJ Time what the fuck have McLaren done you dipshit 😂 can't even make better chassis than fucking Renault LMAO

  46. Chris Wyett

    Chris WyettTahun Yang lalu

    ronaldo7rik A Kimi fan? Now that's bullshit lol. Kimi is nothing but Vettels bitch, as proven today! A Kimi fan lol. You fucking dipshit 😂😂😂

  47. Dharma Initiative

    Dharma InitiativeTahun Yang lalu

    Verstappen drives like a fucking idiot.

  48. ronaldo7rik

    ronaldo7rikTahun Yang lalu

    DJ Time I'm a Kimi fan, stop defending verstappen it was totally his fault and this is the second race straight that he's done something stupid

  49. Seshvir Seodutt

    Seshvir SeoduttTahun Yang lalu

    Yes vettel got hit by vestal pen what a

  50. czuczi1119

    czuczi1119Tahun Yang lalu

    Sebastian Vettel mistrzem prostej!!!

  51. xWizardDE

    xWizardDETahun Yang lalu

    Verstappen is a stupid kid, what the fuck dude.

  52. pakan357

    pakan357Tahun Yang lalu

    What's up with that toilet seat above the cockpit?

  53. Chris Wyett

    Chris WyettTahun Yang lalu

    pakan357 Will you please shut the fuck up about the halo. It's for driver safety and is here to stay. GET USED TO IT!

  54. Asher Rose

    Asher RoseTahun Yang lalu

    would of been funny if he punched the halo

  55. A Streak

    A StreakTahun Yang lalu

    F1 with liberty..too good for fans

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    LUPORED10Tahun Yang lalu

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  57. cottie101

    cottie101Tahun Yang lalu

    Good job F1. More technical videos will please the fans

  58. Andrea Arcudi

    Andrea ArcudiTahun Yang lalu

    Driver Briefing with eng subs, please!

  59. Equinox Paradox

    Equinox ParadoxTahun Yang lalu

    This proves absolutely nothing, it's Kimi's final lap (instead of his fastest one...which should have been his last lap but it wasn't as I explain..) that we should be seeing where he purpled two sectors and then mysteriously had a WHITE sector 3, then again I don't think i need to point out that Raikonnen is there for Vettel's leisure which is exactly what happened during the race, they left Kimi out to block Bottas (which is something even Merc does) but let's not hide behind pinkies here. Kimi did not complete his final fast lap so that Vettel would get the chance for pole.

  60. Gerogy Zurkov

    Gerogy ZurkovTahun Yang lalu

    Equinox Paradox no if you look at both Kimi and Seb screen. On seb there is a small dot in front of Seb at 1.10 of which at that time Seb started to pull away from Kimi which Kimi doesn't have. And at 1.18 time stamp a car was going through a corner is clearly shown on Seb so definitely Seb had a tow that allowed him to pip Kimi for the pole. It definitely shows that Ferrari were right on that. I mean don't get me wrong what Ferrari did to Kimi in the race was stupid though. They didn't destroy his pole as the graphics show though.

  61. Equinox Paradox

    Equinox ParadoxTahun Yang lalu

    Gerogy Zurkov my good man, what on earth are you on about? Read everything above carefully, also slipstream? Is there an invisible car there that I am unaware of? Do you understand how slipstream works? Ferrari ruined.kimis race as well by leaving him out to blocl bottas (a legit but disgusting.tactic), incredible.that you think they didmt force him to lift in his final lap at quali to give seb a chance at pole after kimo purpled.2 slipstream?? I dont even... You should research the sport more, not being sarcastic. I genuinely believe your eyes will open and you will enjoy the sport more. (Unless you are geniously being sarcastic!!)

  62. Gerogy Zurkov

    Gerogy ZurkovTahun Yang lalu

    Equinox Paradox in the straight around 1.15 there is car far in front of vettel hence why he piped Kimi out of pole. That tow is what led the difference. And even Ferrari have stated there was a slip stream coming in front of Seb that allowed him to beat Kimi to pole.

  63. Equinox Paradox

    Equinox ParadoxTahun Yang lalu Here, measure the sector differences on their BEST laps. Kimi gained .053 in the first 2 sectors and was down only 007 on his final sector :) he did not improve on his final lap. And even if he did (ie. if the laptimes shown here were the ones from the ACTUAL final laps, which for kimi it wasn't, kimi would have been on top :)

  64. Equinox Paradox

    Equinox ParadoxTahun Yang lalu

    He did not improve on his final lap :) find a rerun of the qualy and watch it again, I had my eyes nailed on the live timing (yes I pay the 26 euros...) during the last lap and his last sector was white, 49 seconds instead of the 40 it should have been. Of course that can never be proven unless you see the sectors in DETAIL and that takes a bit of research. But, Kimi did NOT improve on his final lap :) his final sector was WHITE, not green, not purple, so no need to explain further.

  65. Josh Flynn

    Josh FlynnTahun Yang lalu

    Wow that's close! Kimi is right up with vettel. Kimi will out qualify vettel very soon

  66. Sami Kämppi

    Sami KämppiTahun Yang lalu

    In DRS zone Kimi lost that Time to Sebastian

  67. Hüseyin Gürkan

    Hüseyin GürkanTahun Yang lalu

    Josh Flynn Well, it doesn't matter because Kimi's race pace is nowhere near Seb's.

  68. Rainbow Rice

    Rainbow RiceTahun Yang lalu

    Kimi was looking for the DRS button

  69. 9469832

    9469832Tahun Yang lalu

    So he gets pole by going faster on the straight, and the commentator calls that "phenomenal". Typical F1 hype and BS.

  70. AARRextremz 2000

    AARRextremz 2000Tahun Yang lalu

    Vettel p8 Ricciardo p1 Alonso p7 Bottas p2 Räikkönen p3 ham p4 ver p5

  71. Riccardo

    RiccardoTahun Yang lalu

    Verstappen is an idiot

  72. F1 2017

    F1 2017Tahun Yang lalu

    Riccardo yes

  73. Widya Savitri

    Widya SavitriTahun Yang lalu

    Ferarri Scuderia Number 7 &The Iceman (K.R) numro uno f1 2018 champion word

  74. Marino Buneta

    Marino BunetaTahun Yang lalu

    fucking verstapeen just idiot

  75. Zeus The Cade

    Zeus The CadeTahun Yang lalu

    Daniil Kvyat of the day: Max Verstappen

  76. F1 2017

    F1 2017Tahun Yang lalu

    BB-8 yes 😂

  77. WoajAeron

    WoajAeronTahun Yang lalu

    Congrats to ric!!! WOOOOOOH SHOEY!

  78. Stefan kees

    Stefan keesTahun Yang lalu

    Verstappen you are an ...

  79. 六万

    六万Tahun Yang lalu

    love the center graphic, really shows how close these things tend to get

  80. C2 Soul

    C2 SoulTahun Yang lalu

    Why on board camera not in center position?