How Under-Screen Cameras Will KILL the Notch


  1. CS-GO Cheaters

    CS-GO Cheaters4 jam yang lalu

    How about privacy? Im not using front camera and i have a sticker on it, so now i'll have notch (sticker) at the middle of the screen?

  2. Kerem Ozgul

    Kerem Ozgul4 jam yang lalu

    buy redmi k20 pro (or even non pro) * 7.5 hours screen on time * all screen, no notch * as fast as any 2019 flagship (sometimes even faster) * very good camera (dxo mark scrore 102) * on screen finger print scanner (much more convenient and faster than face id) * only 300 usd (not 1000 usd OMG!) * great design and build quality * headphone jack * great sound quality (thanks to built in DAC)

  3. 8-Bit Joker

    8-Bit Joker9 jam yang lalu

    2:43 That voice crack😏

  4. Blakjackas AS3

    Blakjackas AS3Hari Yang lalu

    Thx Mister Obvious...

  5. Bas De Wolf

    Bas De WolfHari Yang lalu

    2:42 voice crack

  6. ala bader

    ala bader2 hari yang lalu

    Kill the natch? but first lats take a silfe.

  7. Alex Miller

    Alex Miller2 hari yang lalu



    DJMETTATON!!!4 hari yang lalu

    OPPO & Xiaomi gang where u at

  9. Alex Miller

    Alex Miller2 hari yang lalu

    Samsung galaxy s8 plus here!

  10. BluishGreenPro

    BluishGreenPro6 hari yang lalu

    Or you could stop making ridiculous compromises to gain a few square millimetres of screen real estate; get rid of the notch by spreading it across the whole top of the phone

  11. LiK

    LiK8 hari yang lalu

    I never use the selfie cam and I wish they would make a version without it.

  12. SA Vlogs

    SA Vlogs10 hari yang lalu

    My dad got the note 10 plus and was like where TF is the headphone jack and I'm laughing with my note 8 😂😂

  13. lol

    lol10 hari yang lalu

    -How under-screen cameras will kill the notch- How under-screen cameras will kill privacy

  14. Qowwin_keren

    Qowwin_keren11 hari yang lalu

    Samsung A80? Rotating cameras Just sayying!

  15. Captain R

    Captain R12 hari yang lalu

    Are u a relative of MGK ?

  16. snowyforestday

    snowyforestday12 hari yang lalu

    Bezels back please!!!

  17. The Pusab Plays

    The Pusab Plays13 hari yang lalu

    Oppo & Xiaomi : We have officialy relesed camera under screen! Apple : **Rght click** **Copy**

  18. IcognitoDude31

    IcognitoDude3113 hari yang lalu

    Me: *laughs in Oppa F11 Pro pop up camera*

  19. Jeff The Ripper

    Jeff The Ripper13 hari yang lalu

    Wow this gimmick is better than the non-removable batteries sucks!

  20. Gaurav Gunwal

    Gaurav Gunwal14 hari yang lalu

    i have not used the front camera thus year who the hell need that camera remove it completely

  21. Edgar Renje

    Edgar Renje14 hari yang lalu

    I couldn't care less about selfie cams. I don't need at all.

  22. Killer Aditya

    Killer Aditya17 hari yang lalu

    why dont they just remove the camera, we dont need the front camera, we are confortable with only back camera


    SPIDEY-GAMER18 hari yang lalu

    at least we have jeb

  24. Savun Oski

    Savun Oski18 hari yang lalu

    What if they invented a new type of headphone jack that doesnt take too much space AND give us adapter to use our normal 3.5 mm headphones İN THE FR*CKİNG BOX SO WE DONT PAY MONEY TO İT Edit: waterproof is needed too.

  25. Emck 1111

    Emck 111118 hari yang lalu

    The should put a tiny screen on the back of phones so you can take selfies with the rear camera.

  26. unforgettableshibe

    unforgettableshibe17 hari yang lalu

    I doubt they'd be able to fit that into the phones that are becoming thinner and thinner by every release.


    YSAMMME18 hari yang lalu

    A.K.A. cameras you cannot put stickers on.

  28. Simon's Games

    Simon's Games19 hari yang lalu

    answer:very easy.

  29. FaconYolo

    FaconYolo19 hari yang lalu

    I had this idea like 3 years ago. Why on earth didn’t I become a phone manufacturer

  30. χχкѕρ_ρlαуєяχχ

    χχкѕρ_ρlαуєяχχ21 hari yang lalu

    "What's your least favorite thing about smartphones? " The facts that they are spying devices for companies. And we pay the companies to spy on us. Just remove the selfie camera.

  31. Jhun Awel

    Jhun Awel22 hari yang lalu

    That is what I'm thinking about since the notch came out the under camera

  32. Some Random Dude

    Some Random Dude19 hari yang lalu

    What u talking about bro?

  33. WinnerMatt11

    WinnerMatt1125 hari yang lalu

    Talk about first world problems 🤦‍♂️

  34. Ivan Sagum

    Ivan Sagum25 hari yang lalu

    2:43 😂

  35. illogical

    illogical26 hari yang lalu

    Obviously first gen won't be that great but it needs to start somewhere.

  36. dont sniff me

    dont sniff me26 hari yang lalu

    I read the title and was thinking about notch u know notch from minecraft and now i feel stoopid

  37. jala penos

    jala penos27 hari yang lalu

    There are already people who are affraid to be constantly watched or shit so if you put hidden cameras they will go crazy

  38. ClaudeTan

    ClaudeTan28 hari yang lalu

    Just remove the front camera as I don't use it ....

  39. KidSemplice

    KidSempliceBulan Yang lalu

    There’d be no Minecraft if you kill “the notch”

  40. Ayano Aishi

    Ayano AishiBulan Yang lalu

    begone notch.

  41. duke605

    duke605Bulan Yang lalu

    “What’s your least favourite thing about smartphones?” Manufacturers jacking up the price with useless cameras I will never use and don’t care about

  42. Help me get 10,000 subs with no videos

    Help me get 10,000 subs with no videos22 hari yang lalu

    They made the cameras for the sole reason of using them

  43. Zane Meyer

    Zane MeyerBulan Yang lalu

    What’s wrong with the notch? It looks really cool.

  44. Zane Meyer

    Zane MeyerBulan Yang lalu

    @Manusia Ikan Well tell me, does a small notch really impact the screen size? Nothing important is ever up there. It is actually a nice place to have important info, like the time and battery.

  45. Manusia Ikan

    Manusia IkanBulan Yang lalu

    Ahh you not a gamer at all, i can see

  46. NickGamer001

    NickGamer001Bulan Yang lalu

    1:15 *cries in LCD*