How to use iDrive: Basic Installation for Backup

  • 17 Mei 2019
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  1. John Turner

    John Turner5 hari yang lalu

    Over a year ago I purchased the IDrive with the 1TB HD built in. I tried to set it up as a WIFI extender as well as a local disk to back up but it totally messed up my Wi-Fi setup! Had to reset all.I would like to see how to set it up as a local drive on my home network.

  2. GiZm0

    GiZm0Bulan Yang lalu

    This app is garbage, on installing to phone it wanted permissions to allow to control phone calls ffs.

  3. Matthew Caruthers

    Matthew Caruthers7 bulan yang lalu

    Does IDrive show you which files have been backed up? Carbonite has a green dot on files backed up.