How to Understand the Black Hole Image


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    OK, just over an hour to go! This is the link to the Washington DC National Science Foundation livestream: Click here for links to other live streams (there are several available in different countries):

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    @Rayagoldendropofsun Sunlightelectrorays nothing is trapped in a solid if you heat it the whol solid will get converted to vapour or react with air to form other gaseous compound

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    @Rayagoldendropofsun Sunlightelectrorays nonsense it's not the way you mention actually water molecules in cloud do not get separated as hydrogen and oxygen they remain in h2o form in vapour state they can only be separated by electrolysis or similar kind of method in which energy is required which is much larger than that is used to convert it into vapour state

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    Pradeep Yadav - Credence clear water revival is a super fine music band with a mega hit song: "Have U ever seen the rain coming down" ? If U did, U have in live motion experienced a physical act of Gravity being DEBUNKED . Water/ rain falling downward was once atmospheric gases roaming free oxygen and hydrogen, but when trapped together making water they lost their motion and falls downward, as another song goes, "raindrops keep falling on my head". Whenever rising atmospheric gases oxygen and hydrogen bonds together making water, which is a state of solid motionless mass, they fall downward as RAINDROPS from lost it's gaseous molecular motion. This shows downward falling motion has nothing to do with Gravity. The factual cause, and rightful owner of downward falling motion is TRAPPED GAS MOLECULES/ GAS BONDING. This is a simple physical fact visible to the naked eyes, unlike Newton's and Einstein's mythical theories so complex they themselves don't believe it. Another way to put it. Solid objects on fire releases trapped gas molecules with new life in rising motion upwards into the atmosphere as gas smoke visible to the naked eyes ! Those gas smoke/ gas molecules was once trapped within that solid objects keeping it grounded. All solid object stays surface grounded because of its motionless trapped gas molecules, which are connected to the earth ENERGY CONSERVATION SYSTEM by way of its Electrons, including us humans. This is grade school science, and should be easily understood. "Where is the gas molecules in a solid". Strange U ask this question when it's clearly stated in that post saying, GAS BONDING the making of solid objects. The universe is made of gas molecules, so is earth and it's solid objects ! Einstein Gravitational equations is a concepts of math and not physics, if it is, bring me a physical connection to the physical universe, same as the mechanism of GAS BONDING is physically connected as a see and touch part of the wider universe.

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    @Rayagoldendropofsun Sunlightelectrorays why would gas molecules go up why not it goes down and what is weight can you explain based on your theory ???? Stars motion ??? Etc the current theory of gravity has the answers and these things can be explained by Einstein gravitational theory but what you propose sounds absurd to me it doesn't make sense and you are not able to explain clearly what you are trying to say

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    0:29 hehe

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    Its not a photo its a radio cgi. No pixels involved.. Vlbi.. Radio telescopes.. They won a prize... Fundrazing.

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    I did not understand a single word you said as you are too elony


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    Omg you got it right

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    Then how come Quasars are spitting out light?

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    My questions are : If the material and gases within the secretion disk move with a substantial part of the speed of light being milions of degrees hot and' it leaves the edge of the secretiondisk into the black hole 1. Why does it become invisable? 2. If it travels so fast what within the black hole puts a end to it's increable speed. 3. Does te speed of the material and gases increase if it moves towards the centre.

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    @Thomas Kundera that is correct however onely when it pases the eventhorizon but ther is a lot of space between the inner adge of the secretion disc and the eventhorizon of the black hole.

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    When the matter pass the horizon, you can't see it anymore: no light will ever go out.

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    Does the view of a black hole always look the same no matter your orientation bc of how it bends light around it? Still trying to wrap my head around a 2d object in a 3d space..

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    Lol...the "gravity" of the situation...

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    That was truly amazing.. it's crystal clear right now !!

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    1.5 SSR? Wouldn't it be like just outside of it?

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    Minf*ed and I love it!🤩

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    fail lol

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    This is based on the assumption that the so-called Accretion disk exists. It could be a sphear of objects orbiting the large mass and not a disk. I would also like to point out that this image does not prove the existence of so-called Black Holes. It shows only that there is a large mass present which is bending light in this way. I have good reason to be skeptical about these things. Please message me for more information.

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    @RobertsMrtn : Why did you had to publish in a scam journal? None of the regular ones would accept your work?

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    @Thomas Kundera I had it on but the journal asked me to delete it because it was being picked up by their plagiarism checks. I can give you the gist of what the paper is about. It uses the Equivalence Principle developed by Einstien to drive formulas relating time dilation and acceleration due to gravity. It concludes that it is not possible to slow the propagation of light to zero with gravitational fields.

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    @RobertsMrtn : [repost] It's not already in preprint on arxiv or something?

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    @Thomas Kundera I have written a paper on this topic which is being reviewed for publication by Annals of Mathematics and Physics. I will be happy to provide you with the link if/when the paper is published.

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    _". I have good reason to be skeptical about these things. "_ Fine. Then you should be one of the top world-class astrophysicist of the word. May we see your credentials? And links to the certainly very praised scientific publications where you develop your ideas? Or, way more likely, maybe just another EU crank?

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    Most likely many people before me realized this, but I truly am amazed by that in theory, by looking at a black hole, we could see the past of our own planet. I guess that that is not too probable, since we are not stacionary, to be in the way of the returning photons, wich started their journey a couple million years ago from Earth...

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    You just blew my mind like 2 or 3 times in one video 😂 haha

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    0:32 - the GRAVITY of the situation you say? 🤣😉

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    Came here from Joe Scott, looking to be mesmerised

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    Thank you, this is explained so clearly, especially with visuals.

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    U cleared my doubts tq u

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    Why are they not called black balls? no, seriously...

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    I have a couple of questions - 1. Why is that part of the of accretion disc not visible which is diametrically across the black hole. 2. Why is imaging of black hole at center of our galaxy more difficult that imaging the M87 black hole.

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    Чувак то почти угадал...

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    Memories of you and Bill Nye on gender binary still has me questioning your veracity. Sorry, but you should know there's only two sexes. Unless you can name a third? That was the most embarrassing video I've ever seen from people who claim to be scientific. Cred. -10.

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    From Which calculation or a idea, the black hole was introduced and at how much degree it’s an accurate. Plz say me 👍👍

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    Really well laid out explanation, thank you - subscribed!

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    Does anyone else have a feeling he's parroting other channels?

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    Starts off with "on Wednesday, April 10, 2019" me: *checks date it was uploaded* Date: *April 9th 2019*

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    Wow, now I can explain it to my 5 year old son... Wish there were pics of Black Holes when I was 5 lol...

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    Very good !!

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    7:27 그럼 어느 방향에서 블랙홀을 보더라도 다 저렇게 보일려나? 예시에서는 종이로 표현했으니 옆에서 보면 옆면이 보이지만..실제 블랙홀을 네명이 동서남북으로 쳐다보면 다 같은 이미지를 보게 되는 거겠죠?

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    This is the best and simple explanation of how a black hole is. Thank you!

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    You are a genius! :) fantastically explained... Thank you! :)

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    saying "looking perpendecular to the acc disc" doesn't make a lot of sense. we see the exact same shape/pattern of the disc on every angle.

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    I have a question, where god stands here?

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    8:13 could someone try to explain to me why the matter traveling towards us looks brighter?

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    @magnvsmarcvs ill look into it. thanks

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    Doppler effect , wavelenghts compression and shieeet .

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    That's the best explanation. But my question is, Black holes are always represented as 2d with well and singularity. 🌍. 🚀 🕳️ 🌪️ So is it a black sphere?

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    Sphered hole , everything you observe is 2d , you cannot percieve 3d . NOBODY CAN :)