How to Torte a Cake into 2 Layers for Filling & Stacking | Pastry Tutorial with James Rosselle


  1. Emily Childers

    Emily ChildersTahun Yang lalu

    Saved my life easyest time I ever had just torted 8 cakes in 5 minutes

  2. Trina Logan

    Trina LoganTahun Yang lalu

    Thanks for this tutorial! Wow I never thought about taking the bottom of the crust off a cake. I appreciate you. ☺️

  3. yrs

    yrsTahun Yang lalu

    I guess that piece that broke off isn't "professional" lol. Can we just say it's looks nicer. But if you're covering it in frosting or fondant. No one going to see how "professional" it is anyways.

  4. Jessica Foster

    Jessica FosterTahun Yang lalu


  5. Shakiyla Andino

    Shakiyla Andino2 tahun yang lalu

    Finally a useful video! Perfect

  6. Александр Маликов

    Александр Маликов2 tahun yang lalu

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  7. Trish P

    Trish P3 tahun yang lalu

    This is by far the best tutorial I have seen on how to torte a cake. This was explained so well that I am going to try this method on my next cake. I have always used a cake leveler, but the last time I used it, my cake came out uneven because I tried it on a more dense cake than what I am used to making. Thank you James Rosselle for this tutorial.

  8. thedayana1

    thedayana13 tahun yang lalu

    I feel like if you picked up the top part of the cake it would break in two 😬😬😁🙁

  9. Katherine Canon

    Katherine CanonTahun Yang lalu

    Place a board in between to move them. That's where he failed 😂

  10. Fc Ggu

    Fc GguTahun Yang lalu

    5 2 in the morning and the morning and I don't want to be in the same