how to ACTUALLY catfish people (makeup tutorial + beauty secrets)


  1. Alina Gabrial

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    I love this mke up easy nt too many things need to apply on face 😍

  2. Alina Gabrial

    Alina Gabrial5 jam yang lalu

    My passport photo look miserable😅😂

  3. Emiko Orange

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    I've never seen eyes like hers 💙 So very pretty

  4. cookiebarsxtreme

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    When she fucking draggggged the eyelash in the glue! that damn sound omg lmfaooooo

  5. ana

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    oh my god that 720p resolution is killing me tho

  6. EtherealAsshole

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    Where did you get your necklace?

  7. TheTilotama

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    So gorgeous xo

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    Etude House is a Korean brand, and typically when a Korean makeup product or skincare product says "toneup," it basically means it lightens or 'tones up' your skin tone so that it doesn't look as "dull" and gives you a paler complexion.

  9. SayWhat Now?

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    you ain't fooling anyone, nobody thinks that's your natural face but the makeup looks great tho ;)

  10. LALA

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    So much energy in the morning . Ilove it 😍

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    new to your account and OMG i love this video lmao you're so beautiful and got mad jokes!

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    You are cool

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    what? but like...even without makeup,, she's still gorgeous

  14. cara22

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    how are your eyes real

  15. It's Maggienator

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    The maybelline concealer is great for people like me with dry and flaky skin. Btw your eyes are so pretty

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    Her eyes are so beautiful like WHAT

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    8:22 that actually made me jump

  18. aishah abdelnoor

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    I’ve worked in the beauty industry for many years and nobody that looks good with makeup looks bad without it. You have to be naturally pretty to pull off makeup. Makeup isnt for everybody. If you wear it for the heck of it, cool! If you wear it thinking it will alter your appearance! And somehow go from Amy Schumer to Margot Robbie, you’re wrong! Even plastic surgery can’t do that! What makes folks think makeup will?!?! these ppl that look drastically different online in their before and after are using surgery, filters, photoshop! Makeup alone doesn’t alter appearance drastically. makeup was not intended for the ugly and the hard faced. Wendy williams is as ugly with makeup as she is without. Someone with soft feminine features like Beyonce looks good without it and with it. also poorly applied makeup doesn’t suit anyone. So of course a person with horribly applied makeup looks better without it. When we oggle at someone’s makeup skills we are really noticing how the makeup suits that person’s complexion, face, features, etc. Sarah Jessica Parker wears makeup but not one person has asked to do her look or compliment her. But ppl oggle at Kim K or Charlize Theron. Makeup is nothing without an attractive face. I’ve seen many females wear makeup, and alot of them don’t get noticed at all. The makeup just sits on them. Making them look cringeworthy. We have a misconception that makeup is some miracle worker, but it’s not. Makeup actually shows your true beauty. I remember sitting with an older relative of mine that has very high standards for looks. We watched a special on some village that was saved from the Taliban. The women were now free from Taliban rule. There was this group of women the camera zoomed in on! Wow! They were poor women who can’t afford makeup much less wear it! Their faces were so attractive my eyes strained from staring at them. My picky relative said this: This is how attractive they are without makeup, can you imagine if they wore makeup?!?!? My relative isn’t a makeup artist! But she knows beauty when she sees it. A similar thing happened when a friend of mine was walking near the Halal food/middle eastern/southeast asian store. There was a woman who walked outside and only had on eyeliner. My friend swore that every man on the whole street was in amazement! Her eyes were so wide and lovely! Her lips pouty and full… she was a stunner!! Men of all ethnic backgrounds were trying to sneak looks, many just outright stated at her. Eyeliner!! She was wearing eyeliner!!! How many gals wear eyeliner?!? Alot! How many get that reaction? Not so much! Makeup only draws attention to features you were naturally blessed with!! I can’t go and put eyeliner on and think I will look like her! It won’t. Im not her and I don’t have her eye shape! Every makeup artist wants to rip their hair out when someone brings in a magazine or holds their phone up to a girl online and says: “ make me look like her” what I also noticed is people doing things that are not suitable for them. We all have different eyeshapes, lip shapes etc! Makeup is not one size fits all. People follow what they see on Instagram and try to transfer it to their own face. We are not carbon copies. If I took off my clothes and gave them to you… they might not fit! And if they do, it wont fit as well as if you would of went to the store and picked a pair for yourself. Makeup is personal. Below is a photo of Wendy Williams with and without makeup and Nawras Sattar,Arab makeup artist before and after! Only one of them looks good with and without makeup. The other looks just as unfortunate with or without makeup:

  19. Samantha Kressevich

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    Nooooo this lip piercing is just noooo

  20. Divinity noname

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    Hold on right there! I do understand what you mean but hunny your no catfish you are gorgeous both ways 100% but thx for the tips 😉 just making sure you know

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    Your EYES!!!!!!!!. Bye

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    Your eyes are my new favorite color

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    HAHAHAH 13:23 "I'm gonna catfish everyone todahyyy...bitch" love this ahah but also, you're beautiful without make up anyways but damn, issa look

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    Step one:have nice features

  26. T S

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    only young women vigorously apply makeup to their entire face and under the delicate skin under the eyes lol

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    Step 1: Be naturally beautiful... I already failed :(

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    You're soo beautiful and your eyes are gorgeous😍❤

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    Girl so pretty without makeup

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    "ok so let's start by being a pretty young adult and then ..."

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    You look beautiful without the makeup and the lashes, your eyes are amazing.

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    I tried go find the buying wigs video you mentioned at the end, but can't find it... 😢 that wig is so cute and realistic!! I want to find out which one it is ^///^

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    This isn't a catfish. You'd have to be ugly before lol

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    How to catfish people, Step 1: Already be attractive

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    “i don’t rlly recommend it bc it sucks but it’s the only one i have” 😂 i-

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    Can you do a beginner version of this?

  39. Marissa Lopes

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    Thank you for taking the time and effort to film this to help others

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    I follow back people, please leave me a comment and ill do thanks