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    Where do I sell the products?

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    Honestly, I don't see the issue with your streaming. I'm still watching. You just have commercials.

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    Love it! So helpful. From the other coast

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    Do you automate your business and have people working on your farm when your out of town or state.


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    It's heartening to hear about more and more farms boosting their incomes -- sometimes even by six digits a year -- just by opening up for a few weekends of the year for agritourism - hosting community and tourists on the farm Your agritourism rural small businesses can start small by first inviting only specific small and more predictable groups before opening up to the general public, making sure your agritourism service reflects your true farm and your own interests. For example, invite a local Audubon group for a small fee to tour the farm in the early mornings, and end with a late morning farm harvest meal and a bird feeder-making demonstration. Allow a small scout troupe to tour the farm before inviting multiple classrooms of public school kids. Offer a garden cooking demonstration for a maximum of 10 invited from your local senior center or garden club. When starting small, newbie oversights and first-time "disasters" will also be small, and the eventual success in this rural small business has a better chance of becoming both enjoyable and prosperous. Much more information is offered in the title, The New Agritourism Visit My Blog...

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    Wow backyard farming.

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    I have $300 to start a microgreen.

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    Awful and cruel industry. Hopefully this ends soon. Supporting every non-dairy alternative with more and more coming daily to help end the cruelty and exploitation of these beautiful animals. Animals are sentient beings not machines. Please consider switching to plant based options. Better for your business, health and the planet. #ditchdairy #dairyisscary #dismantledairy

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    I eat animals and support farms that use them in a holistic way. That's a far better way to do something about animal welfare. A good farm that gives the animals room to roam and live their lives much how they would in nature is actually more humane than in nature. Nature can be nasty and cruel. If you understand that, good practices can find the best of both worlds.

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    I was expecting cows and sheep lol

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    For a super cheap bubbler, you could start out with a bilge pump with some pvc.

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    What to grow in pakistan .becuse salad green is so cheap like its free 0.30 dollar /pound .any idea what i can grow in 100 square meter .

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    Use tourism as a way to make money example have a 5$ admission fee per person give 'em a sickle let them de-chaff the wheat and they pay you

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    full of shit

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    I got 2 acres in northern Arizona, ash fork to be exact.. Need to put it to use.

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    Very nice. How did this year go with all the rain?

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    I'm very interested in my own market garden. I have about acres to work with and recently purchased an older model Troy bilt horse tiller with row Hiller attachment.

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    Thanks so much for the information!

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    I have a piece of land that’s 1250 acres but I haven’t done anything with it and don’t know what to do with it.

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    Pour a concrete slab.

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    how do i find customers?

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    The green harvester ... what is it used for? How?

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    can't make a great farm without some top notch hoes thats pimpology 101 farmology 101 too

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    word up chris why BC is it better to start a farm out of the USA less regulations or is it all good anywhere ?? the suits don't like self reliance me thinks

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    how has the mesh on the washing table held up over time? any rusting? I was thinking of making one out of stainless steel mesh instead. a little more expensive but it wont rust.

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    i am looking to buy a new house and get started in a new area of living and starting fresh from a retail job and a new life, i would love to learn how to improve the quality of the soil and to get the land ready for farming

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    Great video. Heard about you guys on White House on the Hill channel. Just subbed. Check us out, we are just getting started with our channel. Thanks.

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    Save some money for electricity! And water. That isn’t mentioned at all here.

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    Would you advise starting a small farm on a property you don’t live on ? (Let’s say 20 minutes away from home)

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    Sure, that's how I started.

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    was easier in Stardew Valley

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    I love everything you are doing Curtis. I have been watching your videos for a while and purchased your book a few months back. I have recently decided to sell my current small business and my little VW campervan too as they are really the only high value things I own. I will use the money to take the plunge and gett into farming. I am looking to start with microgreens and work my way to producing suitable high value high rotation crops for here in Scotland. As you are a business man and on top of you game I wondered if we could do something that would benefit both of us on a joint project. Due to my physical disability (pseudoachondroplasia) I have always been restricted from working outdoors or with nature but I am sure there will be ways I can overcome these obstacles. I wanted to see if maybe you would consider doing a collaboration video or mini series of videos together. Taking someone not only with no farming background but also a physical disability from just a block of land to a fully working farm. I would do most of the work and fund it. I would just enjoy working with you to film the process as it will be some totally unique content for your channel and would be incredibly popular. It would also give me publicity and help with a boost in the early stages. Please let me know if this is something you would consider. I am sure if we can make it happen that it would inspire so many others who feel that they are physically limited and as such have not made the move into starting their own urban farm to give it a go. You are amazing at what you do and the world loves unique content, this could potentially be a win win for everyone. I can raise the money by stretching what I have. I am also incredibly motivated and determined. My children, one of whom also has my condition, will also be helping me with the farm. I am looking to show the world what is possible even in the face of adversity. Long term I want to build something that inches towards a more sustainable future whilst also being able to work as a team with my family instead of being away from them all the time pigeon holed into a job I do not enjoy. Would love to hear your thoughts. Hope to speak soon. Best Regards Steve (AKA the JuicyVeganDwarf)

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    1:42 I like that idea in thinking about spending....look at the perspective! as little room as herbs take grow them indoors in a green house, seems you can spare a 10 by 30 foot area???

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    Well, growing is not a problem. What about selling, that's the hardest part no?

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    My problem is I have the money but don't have the land. I am conStantly looking for land to buy of even lease but no such luck so far...

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    It's really hard to rent small spaces of land.

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    Thousands of people are doing this? @Urban Farmer Curtis Stone

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    Depends where you are I guess. It’s been easy for me and thousands of my students.

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    Let's start with $50. what can I do?

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    I'll be doing videos about cannabis for my membership site, but not on IDreporter.

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    You reference a list of most profitable crops (greens, baby roots etc...) and 'point' off the video screen for a link but that was obviously meant for another site where this video is hosted. Do you have that link to share since it isn't included on this YT page?

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    Water is a big issue in my place and many others. And it seems to be an increasing problem... Anyway thank you for your helpful and interesting video

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    this isn't farming, this mainly growing good for ya self, actual farming is actual crops such as hay, wheat, corn, ECT then add in livestock that's real farming these videos are for gardeners

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    You have a garden, not a farm.

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    You have a useless comment.

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    One thing 99.9% people will give up once they figure out that farming is WORK.

  65. Urban Farmer Curtis Stone

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    More like 98%, but yes, this is very true and partly why only 2% of people globally work in agriculture.

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    Boutta start with 5 square feet and $23

  67. Fishing With T Slaunch

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    What are the hours pr week on something that size to do $20k in 6 months?

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    Impossible to say. I don't know how you work. For myself, that would be much more than 8 hours a week.

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    Thank you for your videos. I have a quick question. I work away from home for two weeks and then am home for 7 days straight. So 2 weeks working then one week off and so on... Is it realistic that I could farm a small area like in this video while working my explained work schedule?

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    Hi ....Plz tell me . Per acre price.. And your email

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    Well how can I build a greenhouse I have 2 1/2 acres in north Carolina to harvest hemp

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    Got permits? Can't just grow hemp without them

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    I'd like to learn more about why you go with the homemade green-washing jacuzzi device

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    Summary: 1. Walk-in cooler 5:36 2. Washing table 6:15 3. Bubbler 7:10 4. Greens spinner 7:40 5. Greens drying screen 8:05 6. Quick Cut Greens Harvester 8:44 7. Seeder 9:20 8. Rubbermaid Bins 9:44 9. Basic tools 10:04 - Shovel, bed rake, digging fork, stirrup hoe, standard rake

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    This is a wonderful video. Th a m you for being transparent and sharing your wisdom. I'm wondering about laws pertaining to how sanitary the washing and crying stations are. I !I've your creative crying table with the box fans but the have to kick up dust. Am I worrying about things that aren't really problems?

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    Ugh. My tablet keeps auto correcting the word Drying

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