How To Raise An Ant Colony


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    So cute MasyaAllah

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    Thanks for the informative video. My son and I have our first captured queen in test tube. She has eggs. Most likely a common black ant. Just wondering if we just let it sit in warm dark place till the eggs hatch? Then start feeding them and leave it closed for a bit before releasing them into our habitat?

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    Umm if my queen has so much larvae and eggs that mostly covered the tube what do i do?

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    This reminds me of Spartacus

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    Stop copying antscanada all you did is change the last part of your name

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    Me : **has cockroach problem** Me at 1:40 : **screams loudly**

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    whats the best hardiest species for beginners

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    Weetbix and cerial mate, carbs for days

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    Can someone tell me how often you have to re apply the fluon barrier

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    Thank you very much for a informative and helpful video. It helps a lot.

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    Seing those ants being zoomed in makes me *AAA ITS A COCKROACH*

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    Nice job lot’s information thanks

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    Is it possible to keep a colony small? I don’t want to invest to much in bigger enclosures and nests.

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    I scare of ant... :((

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    Jourdan kume imas glas imas glas na seriski ubiec

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    Great vid J

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    Always loved ants. I'm think more people than know it, givin the chance to observe then would realize they too have a fascination with them! Your own personal army lol (Mostly mid-evil fantasy loving nerds I'm guessing), but seriously if my living and financial situation were better I'd love to have a colony.

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    You will have good luck for ten years Smile to activate

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    SJandEmily ‘ 😀

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    I have just got a queen ant and this video has really helped me

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    How to raise a South American Bullet Ant colony?

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    I like this detail information :)

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    Waaaaaait ants Canada,ant Australia... I’m not saying someone’s copying someone

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    A dilo dude, the channel was made before ants Canada got popular, and look up other ant channels, you’ll find that a whole lot of them say the word “ant” and whatever country they live in

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    who is better antscanada or antsaustralia

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    your a copy cat!!!!!!! ants canata is the best

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    Ants Canada isn't the only human in the world who's hobby is ant colonies.

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    I’m glad I found this. The voice is much calmer than ants Canada and doesn’t sound like constant Clickbait. To the point and informative with no filler or suspense. I could sleep to this

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    My cat would knock it over and I'd have to flamethrower em


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    I see queen ant but i pinch it now i watch this video. im so interested now in ants i wish i can go back to past.

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    Lol ants Australia instead of ants Canada

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    Iam from indonesian and i like your video dude

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    How long does it take for ant queens to lay their first eggs?

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    The 331 dislikes are from people that cant see/find any queen ants

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    Plz help me:my trap jaw queen doesn't lay any eggs for 5 day,pls help me why my queen doesn't lay eggs.btw my queen it's not virgin anymore I cought his when he try to find the perfect place for start colony in my backyard. BTW am trying to gave him food too,I give him a Flies and she doesn't I give him a tiny drop honey too.

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    Can you use polistiren to make the tunnels for the ants?? Or has it gotta be that brick stuff on the video?

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    "...just take care not to cut yourself," has been said in the sweetest way I've ever heard in my life ever 😍

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    Are srsly taking cricket's "feelings" into consideration?

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    Sometimes I give some raw bits of salmon to my black crazy ants also water,fruit' and honey

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    Super cool! A bit off topic maybe, but which video editing software did you use to put this all together? Looks great!

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    How cool would it be to raise a colony of slave making ants and some colonies of the ants they enslave and when the slave making ones are ready to raid, connect the colonies!

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    A C

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    do i feed the queen before it lays?

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    RP101 Aquatics That depends on the type of queen you have. If you have the type that needs feeding, you give her a tiny drop of honey but only once every 2-3 weeks bc the queen fasts and doesn’t eat. If you have the latter type, you give her the foods he mentioned in bits bc that type leaves their eggs to hunt.

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    Is the nesting environment mandatory ? Please reply

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    i have ants in my home

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    I would just give them a stake

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    How do the soldier ants come about?


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    Thank you

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    Ants Canada and Ants Australia... cool

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    @Ants Australia : I am starting a colony of Fire Ants (Solenopsis Invicta [RIFA]). If I am relocating the colony in order to clean a section of the nest and some remain in the section I want to remove, is there a quick, easy way to locate the queen (assuming I have other reproductive ants in the colony...I know she'll be the one without wings they are small it could take a while to locate her amongst thousands of others) to make sure she's in a section I'm not removing?

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    thanks man you helped

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    Could you feed them superworms cutted

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    This guy creeps me out

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    After you move your colony from the old nest and wash it can you move your colony back into that nest ?

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    How many army ants would I need to make a 88kg human male dissapear?

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    Make sure you pull the teeth out first and dispose of them properly. Preferably grind them into dust. Hope this helps. 😂

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    I’m confused because the stuff you call honey is clear is that a special type of honey or something else?

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    Honey is different colors and shades depending on what type of flowers the bees were feeding on while making honey. Any honey will work.

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    AA!! trying to reach you~~ check this brand new ant keeping channel!b My Antics!

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    Great video ants australia!!

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    I’m making a colony to feed my dart frog as an absolute last resort food source incase I’m unable to acquire fruit flies for a few days. (At least that’s the excuse I used)