How To Raise A Queen Ant


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    Thanks for all the feedback everyone. Sorry for the choppy audio in some parts of the video. Looking to get a better microphone soon.

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    @Ants Australia nerd 😊


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    I want to make an ant colony but I am too nervous

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    Got me wanting to bring ants in my yard but waiting 3 months looool I dunno if I have that kinda patience but excellent video, my neices and nephews are home schooled I sent my bro this video for them to do 👍

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    Ants Australia how dose it eat

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    @Flying Cat you should do some research on your species, if you dont know your species you could go to a forum and ask for help. So far the only one i know is the ants canada ant forum...

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    Now teach me how to raise my boyfriend.

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    Queen ant already butes me i got so much pain i and u washed it so many soap but it didn't work so i just wait till the pain is gone.

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    This helped a lot :D thinks

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    no one: absolutely no one: me on youtube at 3 am: how to raise a queen ant

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    Britney Lakes hahaha me too lol

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    Why are you breeding ants? Here in Australia they are in excess.

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    How do you kill all the queens in a yard

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    Protect queen at all cost

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    hey you copie ac but your vid is good

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    Isn't it essential for a sugar medium with water?

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    teach me how to raise a baby bear

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    Plagiat antcanada ??????¿?


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    The queen is so lonely and sad :(


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    Is there two country channel? Ant Canada and Ant Australia?! (No hate i love both Channel)

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    I find it fascinating that I can create different worlds for the ants to live in *I A M A G O D !*

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    I think when i was a kid i was scared of the queen ant i just thought it was a big ant and i used something to squish it ;-;

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    Ants canada Ants australia Lol🤣

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    You made it boring

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    Is a bedroom a good place to store an ant in the UK?

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    Highly interesting... Thanks!

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    Amazing video and instructions

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    hey did you copied ants canada

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    Kill the queen to conquer the throne

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    I want an ant colony! Me: *sees the video* I want a Baby instead!

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    I just finally got an ant to the stage she's starting to raise her first workers, and I hope she is successful completely. I've liked her since I saw her and she's the biggest ant I think I've seen in my state, though possibly the red carpenter ant queen I saw one time might be bigger, I think my girl is bigger by a bit. She took quite the time to start raising but to be fair my setup isn't ideal.

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    You forgot to Feed it Sugur Mixed with Borax!

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    Ants Canada now ants Australia what is this continental maddnes

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    wow you love your Queen eh!

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    His voice is so calming

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    the ants: 😡🐜

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    Am I the only one who thinks the queen literlly has no space at all in that tube

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    Hi, could you please elaborate as to how queen ants are born? If there is only one queen in every nest then what happens when a queen gives birth to another queen? Sorry if my question seems stupid but I know nothing about ants or insects for that matter.

  39. Treestump

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    Queen ants are specially raised, and are treated carefully until their naptual flight, where most fly away to mate and start their own colonies, and some may remove their wings and live as workers. They are bigger than other ants at every stage, and male ants are raised similarly to princesses

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    If u asked me to babysit that ant tomorrow it's dead

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    Am I the only one who is curious to see what he looks like!? His voice is soo calming, I originally started with “how to kill ants in your home” now I’m buying test tubes on amazon🤨🤦🏻‍♀️

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    Hi I have a question plz answer it is that cotton that you use and water?

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    How often should i feed/Switch water ?

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    The most useful and professional video for taking care of a new queen I have found. Thank you bud 👍🏻

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    WOW. Great vid.

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    Now when I see ant. I keep on remembering Webtoon Hive series. It's one of the best there.

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    Sister: Dont worry Bucko! The sting of an injection is like a bite of an ant. Me: **sees a queen bullet ant** Me: You mean that a- Sister: *yes*

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    So i have 3 more queens this year, last year my 2 died sadly in spring. They are Carpenter queens and its been 2 months of them being in a box in my room that is covered and dark. First queen had eggs growing but they are gone, other 2 had eggs growing but now there are only small ones. Could sound be bothering them? Im in my room regularly. I decided today to put them in the dark and quiet closest in a new small box. Would this help?

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    Aa vs ac

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    Why did I watch this, I hate ants

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    Do they not need a male to fertilize the eggs ?

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    So when i get the queen she must still have her wings?

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    Wow IDreporter you give me random videos to watch, but this shit is interesting lol

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    I think I stressed out my ant queen she ate one of her pupae 😭

  55. I be a DOCTOR

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    Can anyone possibly help me to identify what I believe is a queen? I found 2 queens today (August 3rd): this one I need help identifying and a Solenopsis Invicta (Fire Ant or RIFA)...I know 100% that the one is a Fire Ant queen and I've occasionally found Carpenter Ant queens before so I DO know how to differentiate between queens and other ants, and this one appears to be a queen. While my Fire Ant Queen is red and maybe 7mm long, this other one is a good bit darker (but not black) and only maybe 3mm or 4mm long. I also found it walking around alone, not in a trail of ants, so the behavior and it's general shape lead me to believe it's a queen.....or is it simply a lone worker that looks suspiciously like a queen? I'm in extreme North East Florida, US. Any help would be appreciated!

  56. I be a DOCTOR

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    @Mouze I still have to take a picture when I get home after work and try to upload them somewhere so I can get you a link. Thanks! 😎 👍

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    I be a DOCTOR wait If you can give me a link to the photos I can help you in a few minutes

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    @Mouze I went on AntsCanada forum. I'm not very technologically proficient...I need to figure out how to send a pic. Lol! Thanks! 😎

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    I be a DOCTOR Go on a ant keeping discord and send photos

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    I thought queen kill each other

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    I dont have a test tube

  62. I be a DOCTOR

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    Use anything clear (so you can see if there are eggs) and tubular shaped. Just block one end so that it's water-tight. I used 3/8" clear plastic flexible tubing and tightly fit the head of a screw in one end so it'll hold water.

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    Do I have ants? No. Do I consider getting ants? On purpose No. Why am I watching this? I dunno

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    Hello everyone, We sell antfarm at

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    Nice to see you are curious about stuff but they really don't belong in test tubes - even if you care for them, you know you are still taking them out of the evolution game and destroying their purpose in life. Even though it's highly unlikely judging by the views on your vids, I genuinely hope you stop some day and leave them where they belong to their own devices.

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    Ants Australia: *makes a random video* AntsCanada: you werent supposed to do that *War between Australia and Canada has formed*

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    What kind of ant is the clostrus queen that was first shown?? She looks exactly like my queen and i have NO idea what she is... every time i try to search identifiers,i get nowhere Oklahoma, USA

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    At 7:38 I thought your hand was your foot

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    scott? is that you?

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    I got a pest guard add when I went in the video

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