How To: Natural Nail Manicure


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    Lol my nails are oval and square, help meee

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    Katy is gorgeous. Wow

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    Professor Susie teaching her classes on IDreporter university . Thank you 🙏🏼

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    I don't wanna do things like pushing my cuticles back. I just wanna take care of my nails without pushing or cutting anything.

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    Please next time invite someone with horrible nails.. (like me) 🥴

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    You sound like a doctor, you are so educated.

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    I've been doing my own nails wrong this whole time >_

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    How do you get rid of ridges other than using the polish?

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    My nails are so FAT! How do I fix it?

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    The model kind of looks like Taylor Swift in the eyes and nose

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    Barely even showed how you filed and shaped the clients nails and talked too much. Talk while your working on her nails, don’t stop and talk over and over. Geeze.

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    Im only doing that for the purpose of educating

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    can you use ridge filler for prepping acrylic nails?

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    I did not know about the ridge filler... will have to get some... I have natural nails, and I just love the French Tip. Okay so I may be out of date but its my favourite... Thanks Suzie... love your videos...

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    I would love to see a video on natural nail growth.

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    Base Coat nail polish is also for the purpose of giving the nail polish a bonding agent thus for a lasting manicure.

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    Thank you for explaining all of this.

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    Very interesting about the square nails. It's my favorite nail shape anyway. This video is chock-full of great information!

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    Pls do a video how to fix cracked nails ...

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    I like her what she said is exactly nail technician should know and should do 💕

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    Thank you for a great video. Could you post one for those of us who wish to manicure our nails but without using any varnish?

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    If we were close I would let you play with my natural nails. 🤩 sadly in in Ontario Canada.

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    Hey guys. What is a hang nail? I'm not a native speaker so I don't get all the "nicknames" without some context.

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    Sometime I polish my nails twice a week. Is that safe to do. But don't manicure.

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