How To Make an ASMR Video


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    This video is best enjoyed with headphones. Plug them in - sit back - and enjoy the relaxing ASMR sounds. Want to support the channel? Consider buying a shirt - All shirts purchased come with a FREE egg plushie!

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    Thank you for making me lmao

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    @Trending memes hi Mr beast

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    cool coke

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    Is there an official tiktok account for how to basic? If not, it means that someone on tik tok uses the name how to basic to make money

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    Danish fird8 menit yang lalu

    Aku mari sini sebab syedot jer

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    Sape dtg sini sbb syedot

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    The best asmr video in youtube

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    Ohh yeah creamy lube 😂😆 8:08

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    His house will smell like that stuff for months Also 9:09 demonitized

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    Letts just stop and think and really notice how much food he wasted in this video

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    Best asmr I ever heard

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    I feel uncortable but co fortable at the same time. Uncortable and fortable becuz of old ancient home shit and sounds with ma bros just eating like pigs

  15. Foxxynban Foxy

    Foxxynban Foxy14 jam yang lalu

    I feel uncortable but co fortable at the same time. Uncortable and fortable becuz of old ancient home shit and sounds with ma bros just eating like pigs

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    Jpp ses pets font le même bruit que ce de ma grand mère XD

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    So relaxing🥴

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    Don't waste food ok

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    ahh my uterus wet

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    True asmr show face

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    Professional... *very STONKS*

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    I’m uncomfortable:( it’s ten minutes

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    Imagine him screaming and smashing everything... *Quietely*

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    This is just normal asmr what's so wierd about this

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    Feel like we've ran out of stuff to entertain are selves

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    Did you know literally every howtobasics is an asmr

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    Uhhhh this shits weird

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    i unironically hate 90% of asmr but love eating asmr so this was definitely good for me

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    Tbh best ASMR video I've ever seen lol

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    *Me and the misophonia community:* *SCREAMING IN PAIN*

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    The what

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    That was the most annoying video ihr ever seen

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    I feel like I’m being assaulted.

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    Why did I just watch a guy squish food?

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    HowToBasic! Get the fuck off youtube you fucking cant

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    my ears feel violated.

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    It really does sound like he’s eating right next to my ear

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    I swear to god this is the only ASMR video to give me tingles I have no idea why lmao.


    DARK GOLDEN2 hari yang lalu

    Wheres the sauce of the video? 6:15 oh heres the sauce of the video except this is the worst sauce

  46. EclipseTrips

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    so this is where those hentai sound effects come from

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    Dude washes his hands between foods btw

  48. Sweet Princesa C

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    If you were wondering what it's sounds like to finger a slice of watermelon and fist a jar of yogurt... You've come to the right place.

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    I wonder if he eats tge candy with tge wrappage on it...

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    content begin at 8:40

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    What happen if ur mom know u did this

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    It was alright at the start not gonna lie 😂 But it progressively got worse 😂

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    This is one of the best ASMR, especially 8:22 it gave me the tingles

  55. Erika Yang

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    This is actually a good asmr, i didn't mind the mess but good asmr.

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    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I can’t 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Every video of howToBasic is asmr

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    Should meditate on this...

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    F O O D F E T I S H W I T H A S M R

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    1:17 lettuce suicide?

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    The lindor made me really uncomfortable 😅

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    African people: we have no food How to basic:

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    •Pastel Wonder•3 hari yang lalu

    When you try to make same asmr....but it goes wrong

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    I’m wearing headphones at max volume, wish me luck

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    My favorite part is when he eats chocolate

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    Realyy goood

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    You know that you could feed 10 homeless people with that huh ?