How to Improve Your FICO Credit Score... Explained in 90 Seconds

  • 13 Nov 2018
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  4. ashraf eabbas

    ashraf eabbasBulan Yang lalu

    so good! I love the way the score is broken down

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  7. Sarah Ariel Brown

    Sarah Ariel BrownTahun Yang lalu

    This is such a great video! Loved how simple and easy it was to understand! Thanks! P.S. Who else loves the girl's hair?!

  8. micheal warnes

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  9. GBR

    GBRTahun Yang lalu

    So happy to help! 😍

  10. heavymechanic2

    heavymechanic2Tahun Yang lalu

    Some of the free credit score providers use the Vantage model and it is never accurate to compare to a true FICO, some banks use the FICO from Experian & TransUnion and others do not. Your credit score is also a factor for employment, utilities, insurance and other purposes in addition to asking a lender to extend you credit. This video was a little too simple but on target.

  11. GBR

    GBRTahun Yang lalu

    Thank you for watching and for the great feedback! We will look into doing a more detailed, longer video in the near future to cover some of the points you mentioned here.

  12. 77Director

    77DirectorTahun Yang lalu

    This was simple enough that even I could understand it. And I'm a dog! Woof woof!

  13. Alisa

    AlisaTahun Yang lalu

    Awesome info! I wish I’d had this when I first came to the States; I had no idea how credit worked and I was so lost. This is perfect! (Also, the presenter is wonderfully capable and NOT TO MENTION a babe😉)

  14. GBR

    GBRTahun Yang lalu

    We are so happy to help! 😁

  15. Tayler Bowen

    Tayler BowenTahun Yang lalu

    This is so quickly and easily broken down! Makes the different parts of a credit score way easier to understand! Thanks for the great video!

  16. Yuta Kaneko

    Yuta KanekoTahun Yang lalu

    Ugh I wish I knew someone cool like her!

  17. GBR

    GBRTahun Yang lalu

    Absolutely! Thank you for watching 🤑

  18. Jo De La Rosa

    Jo De La RosaTahun Yang lalu

    I love how easy it was to understand how a credit score works. Been trying to explain it to my little brother and this is so much easier just to share this video with him - thanks for making my life easier!

  19. GBR

    GBRTahun Yang lalu

    We're happy to help! 💪

  20. Cerentha Harris

    Cerentha HarrisTahun Yang lalu

    so good! I love the way the score is broken down - makes so mcuh sense

  21. GBR

    GBRTahun Yang lalu

    Thank you so much for watching!

  22. Chase Brock

    Chase BrockTahun Yang lalu

    just opened up a travel rewards credit card a few weeks ago. it's my 3rd credit card, although it'd been a few years since I'd opened up a new account. do you think this will hurt my credit score? Thanks for the insight!

  23. GBR

    GBRTahun Yang lalu

    Sounds like you're on the right track! If you have any concerns about things hurting your credit, feel free to check out this article:

  24. Tracy St. Martin

    Tracy St. MartinTahun Yang lalu

    So helpful! 🙏