How to Hypnotize Jason Momoa | Because Science Footnotes


  1. John Anderson

    John Anderson9 hari yang lalu

    Thank you. LIVE ACTION LIES! How can you promise live action without live animals?

  2. Michael Hausmann

    Michael Hausmann29 hari yang lalu

    I can dive to 20 feey

  3. MySerpentine

    MySerpentineBulan Yang lalu

    What was wrong with the recording of the Broadway version of CATS? How is that not good enough for people?

  4. Jeoffrey Auscia

    Jeoffrey Auscia2 bulan yang lalu

    Hey Kyle, I got a question. If you brought a jug with cold water in it in an environment with 0% Humidity (hypothetical) would the water that usually forms outside the container.. not... happen??? It looks like the water comes from the inside but I kind'a hypothesize that it's the water around the environment that condenses on the surface of the cold jug/mug.

  5. Rengar

    Rengar2 bulan yang lalu

    "...more supervillany than I ever be..", so you are evil mastermind. Please don't target me.

  6. maki kuzu

    maki kuzu2 bulan yang lalu

    How was thundercats created?

  7. Doing the Homework

    Doing the Homework2 bulan yang lalu

    Why arent ocean currents sufficient to provide the ventilation sharks crave so much? Couldnt they like, sit in the shallows and just kinda chill?

  8. Charles Stebbins

    Charles Stebbins2 bulan yang lalu

    Where can I get a subscription to Girl Scout Cookies?

  9. RadicalxEdward

    RadicalxEdward3 bulan yang lalu

    10:00 wow. Someone actually calling out a woman objectifying a man for once. Funny how it’s all fun and games no matter how serious (or not) it is when it’s in that direction, but a guy asking for a phone number is practically considered assault.

  10. AnomalyINC

    AnomalyINC3 bulan yang lalu

    Still waiting for that Killer Moth episode you promised! Batman's greatest adversary!

  11. T Bone

    T Bone3 bulan yang lalu

    I always spell receipt right only because of my job. I screw up every single other i-and-e-next-to-each-other word out there like freind and wierd. I totally screwed them both up didn't I. Yes, I did.

  12. Christopher Boyd

    Christopher Boyd3 bulan yang lalu

    I didn't know you could paralyze a shark by flipping it upside down!?! So Kool.. a survival situation.. Like I've seen on shark week.. Try flipping a shark to get away from it and get to safety 😂 go ahead try it

  13. Chiemeka Arize

    Chiemeka Arize3 bulan yang lalu

    Serious Kyle is kinda scary 9:15

  14. Zack Renner

    Zack Renner3 bulan yang lalu

    Hey Kyle, I once went on a touristy snorkel/scuba hybrid activity in Hawaii called Snuba (actually highly recommended), using surface O2 tanks w/ 20 ft or so tubes allowed untrained schmucks like myself get around certification for scuba diving and swim with the turtles (at a respectful distance of course). They pressurized the tubes so that your not breathing in--your lungs are simply pumped with air and you just go with it I guess. Is this the same way Scuba diving works?

  15. Maille Olgyay

    Maille Olgyay3 bulan yang lalu

    wait for kyle I think that you just admitted to being a supervillain because you said " which is way more supervillainly than I ever hoped I could be "I am not trying to be mean I just wanted to point it out ps I don't know if you are even going to see this since this isn't the most recent video anyway love your videos your awesome.

  16. Sarah Shwartze

    Sarah Shwartze3 bulan yang lalu

    Lol mAh Mann "ded" favorite part of the video

  17. Wim Heemskerk

    Wim Heemskerk3 bulan yang lalu

    I think this one guy meant the ceiling otherwise it would be awesome if we could see kyles face in google maps

  18. Bretton M

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    Receipt. just remember "wreck eept" remember how to spell tough words by pronouncing them wrong :P

  19. Affan Shaikh

    Affan Shaikh3 bulan yang lalu

    wait.... so when dory was singing "just keep swimming" does it mean.... keep moving to stay alive?

  20. Aaron Payne

    Aaron Payne3 bulan yang lalu

    Hold on a second... If a shark could die from being pulled backwards, does that mean the super intelligent sharks that can swim backwards in the movie Deep Blue Sea are actually really stupid... Also, I just realized they only did that for less than a second, but after typing all of this I'm too committed to not post it. Sooo... Great vid man.

  21. msgsgt

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    Your villain voice sounds like Lego Batman.

  22. West By God Gaming

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    And Jet Skies should have been called Boatercycles..... Damn it.

  23. Bhakeer Ameen

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    10:14 PURE GOLD

  24. rusty shackleford

    rusty shackleford3 bulan yang lalu

    I agree orcas are definitely more terrifying, Great white sharks will actually flee from orcas. They have even been observed avoiding that area for years after. Also you are defiantly not a super villain. You are more like an anti-hero getting people excited to think about and discuss things scientifically is something we need more of in this world. Keep up the good work, I love your show.

  25. Brandon O'Toole

    Brandon O'Toole3 bulan yang lalu

    Hate to be the guy but breaking down fat and glycogen creates atp using oxygen. Sooo what he would. Really need is an incredible store of creatine phosphate which can produce atp without oxygen.

  26. F18

    F183 bulan yang lalu

    Omg when you said targeted orbital strike a car honked each time XD

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    My six-year-old cat would dunk her head in to Crown and Coke she did this at least 6 times before my wife finally told me she was doing it and the cat is still alive I think my cat is Russian

  28. Kody Ross

    Kody Ross3 bulan yang lalu

    Basically it’s similar to putting someone in a room and cycling out all o2. Or a vacuum chamber but without all the sucky sucky on yo body.

  29. Josh Berstecher

    Josh Berstecher3 bulan yang lalu

    When ya called that guy out for being more villainous... shouldve been : "Thats the pot calling the kettle Black Manta..." Love the show!

  30. Atishey Thakur

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    Do a ghost rider video

  31. MISSed Bandwagon

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    The best part is Kyle conversations with his villainous contact, lol. And is it me or does Kyle read like Morgan Freeman? 🤣

  32. Grant Baugh

    Grant Baugh3 bulan yang lalu

    My brother and I actually attempted the snorkel thing Kyle was talking about when we were younger. We would use a pool noodle as a really long snorkel and have one of us on the other's shoulders because we wanted to try and walk to the deep end of the pool. We never made it all the way to the end because a) we would no longer be able to breathe and b) eventually we would still start floating, even with the other on our shoulders.

  33. Sapien

    Sapien3 bulan yang lalu

    9:16 How do they sleep?


    INFERNO3 bulan yang lalu

    Chad was like a father to me He was like a son I never had

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    Let's all objectify Kyle in a positive manner. Also when has that guy ever seen Kyle's butt. I can't think of a time when we have seen Kyle's butt? Kyle show us your butt.

  36. UNKA 757

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    well, someone should let Alinity know about this whole, leeping alcohol away from Animals, in particular...CATS oh yea, and not throw them around like an old sock into a hamper.

  37. Wayne WW Brown

    Wayne WW Brown3 bulan yang lalu

    did you talk about Saitama aka One Punch Man? if so can you link it? Sharks upside down some reptiles place upside down do the same thing plus chickens do the same but they have problems "hey there one for you" why do the chicken have problems

  38. Wayne WW Brown

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    and stop trying to kill off youtuber replyers

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    9:27 the buuurrrnnn

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    Subscribe me some Girl Scout cookies!

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    Isn't ALL work purgatory?! Also, sad that revelation about the Snorks never occurred to me before you said it. I always loved that cartoon since the original theme song! look it up

  42. SgtSupaman

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    "The hardest impression to do." Luke Skywalker can do it.

  43. Super Factory

    Super Factory3 bulan yang lalu

    For the next footnotes could you please explain why Captain Marvel's powers are called binary? I have read some things in the web, but I don't understand what it means when it comes to her powers. Thanks a lot

  44. Chase Kemp

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    Blondes do have more fun. Lol I loved that part. Lol

  45. Wolfgamez YTZ

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  46. Joey Murillo

    Joey Murillo3 bulan yang lalu

    Great video Kyle. Love how u address your audience. I've never knew why I have difficulty floating in water and you may have just answered by the pressure. I never really thought about it bcuz even in a pool or the beach my chest felt pressure, people would just tell me its anxiety but I like to think I'm pretty strong will and overcome that. I've done crazy things water related then just sitting in a pool. Could the pressure of water just enough to cover my chest be the reason my lungs cannot hold much air and help me float. Also I was a premature baby by like 2 to 3 months

  47. william pittman

    william pittman3 bulan yang lalu

    Had because science done any videos on the Destiny video game franchise? It would be cool to see a series of him looking at the various things happening in that universe is Exos, how ppl were changed to have matter manipulation (fire lightning and gravity (?)) Ghosts and how they can resurrect their guardian and why is it one Ghost per guardian. Just looking at the technology I think it would be a cool series

  48. Jason King

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    I have a subscription to girl scout cookies too. The cookies come every year, brought by young girls. I still buy them at the store though.

  49. Caitlin Yarosz

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    LOVE the evil laugh at the end 😍😂 good job to stand up to objectification! You are beautiful inside and out ❤️

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    Lmao I said "because science" in conversation. Fantastic

  51. BoomBoomBenny

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    Hey Kyle, idea for a BS episode: Is there a way, through some time travel shenanigans, to save Black Widow in Endgame? Provided we guestimate a lot of things.

  52. Katherine Seward

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    Would the Dead Sea be along those lines to stop Aquaman too?

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    1:01 Ummm...That reminds me of something...

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    Pls do opm s2 how many Force does it take to kill the elder centipede

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    Can Goku go beyond ultra instinct

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    Cooking a chicken by slapping it raw? That is such a half-baked idea...

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    Kyle, don't you DARE joke about getting a subscription to Girl Scout cookies. That is my DREAM.

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    XD I'm so glad to see you reference the hacksmith. I was laughing so hard when he did that because of how just silly it was

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    Great, now I want to see the effects of an orbital strike with a frozen chicken...

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    your hair looks like you found it on a Forever21 mannequin.

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    Receipt, err, reciept... Umm, Reeceet. Ugh, yeah, that word sucks. I avoid it too.