How to get to new JYPE [My luckiest day in my life ]ran into TWICE and Stray Kids


  1. Kwin Shen

    Kwin ShenTahun Yang lalu

    Thank you for watching this video but I think I need to clarify something since I kept getting similar comments asking about these things. 1. I showed at the very beginning of the video, it's a GoPro attached in front of my chest, you can easily see it if you're facing me. I didn't hide it from the first place. 2. I have filmed the whole way going to the building, but it's like an hour long so I cut it into 3 minutes and leave the necessary part. I had never thought about TWICE being there as it was the day of their come back (7.9) . 3. I did not intend to film them secretly, as you can see the majority of this video is my legs and hands. It's because I love them so much that I was extremely nervous and didn't even dare to turn my body or to ask for a picture or even greet. If there were just another random celebrity, I might just film them directly.( although it's kinda impolite) 4. The cafe is open to the public and I believe filming inside is not restricted as I'm not the first or only one who has filmed inside. The JYPE staff can go into the cafe through a door connecting the main building and the cafe, other people can only go from the door facing the street. 5. I'm a Chinese ONCE and I am in south Korea because it's summer break. I have studied in United States for 2 years and going to stay longer for college, so English is fine to me. I have learned some Korean so I can speak and understand a little bit of Korean. 很感谢大家的关注,但是我觉得我应该说明一些东西 1. 我在影片的一开始有拍,我录制的相机是挂在我胸前的GoPro,如果你面对我的话相机实际上是相当显眼的,我并没有想着藏相机 2. 我在过去的路上一直在拍摄,一个小时的路程我只留下了大概3分钟必要的内容。我从来没想过TWICE会在那里因为那一天是她们回归的日子(7.9) 3. 我没有偷拍她们,毕竟这个视频拍的几乎全是我的手的大腿。我就是因为太喜欢她们才会紧张到不敢动或是要合照打招呼。如果是其他艺人我可能就会直接拍了 4. 咖啡厅是对外开放的 在里面摄影应该也是允许的 我也有看到其他人在里面拍的视频。 JYPE的员工可以从一个连接着主大楼和咖啡厅的门进去,外人只能从外面的咖啡厅大门进 5. 我是来自中国的ONCE,但是我已经在美国留学两年并且会留更久,我以前有学过一点韩语,所以中文韩文英文我都没关系。

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  4. 김소희

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    Ur so talented & lucky

  5. Chou Tzuyu

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    You are so lucky! And you were respectful dont worry sweetheart♡

  6. Jaja Mendoza

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    You're so luckyyyy 😭😭

  7. i s a b e l l e

    i s a b e l l e13 hari yang lalu

    who were the three members of skz that appeared in this video??

  8. Hachi

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    For me i’ll actually ask for a pic each one of them if can. But, in very polite way and calm because its my chance and its TWICE its like they’re my Goddesses, i cant live without them 😂 and im from another country. And i’ll not over react that i may actually hurt them. I will be calm on the outside but inside its like “Avengers Endgame” 😂💖

  9. Tenzin Reyang

    Tenzin Reyang26 hari yang lalu

    i didn’t see stray kids.. please tell me when she saw them!💜

  10. howtopasstime

    howtopasstime26 hari yang lalu

    If you guys actually do bump into them like this I hope you are as respectful of their space as she is!

  11. 홉이ᄋᄉᄋ

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    omg this is uploaded on my birthday :]

  12. Jellyfaith

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    Idk why but as u walked into the cafe and with that slow motion it feels like im having heart attack for u lmao

  13. klara b

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    When she sat there and was nervous and said it's the luckiest day of her life I felt that I mean I met got7 yesterday so my best day of my life happened What will come next

  14. walknthrough

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    omg.... I would have fainted when SKZ got there too. Too much emotions at once!!! I´m watching from home and I´m almost throwing up X-X

  15. jeff handley

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    I felt nervous for you as you stirred your coffee. You were very nice to not disturb there routine and go about there day as normal.

  16. taesbngtn ig

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    omg you‘re so lucky!

  17. Shin Hanyeol

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    Darn wish my house is just few blocks away from JYP. My parents would probably ask me why do I suddenly spend most of my time in a cafe 😅😂

  18. Victoria A

    Victoria ABulan Yang lalu

    I dont know what I would have done if I were put in that situation. What would you have done ??? Leave comments I'm curious

  19. Namjoon is my president

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  20. Lil RE

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    are all the members there?

  21. Wook Jamiah

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    You so lucky...

  22. its' HARA

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    Ooww i want to see them

  23. Freethinker

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    *cries in European*

  24. SodaxCans

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    Sana all.

  25. planetcheck

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    You are one creepy dude for filming these women without their permission. You should be in jail, you creep!

  26. Sohayle Macauna

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    If it were me. My knees would probably buckle the moment that door opened. I probably would not even see twice just sadness manager before I faint and wake up that its a dream.

  27. Carat yh

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    Could u not say hi to them?

  28. Rave Rantz

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    not allowed to take pictures with them?

  29. sam

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    Sana is literally right behind him I would have been sobbing

  30. Namjoon is my president

    Namjoon is my presidentBulan Yang lalu

    she’s a girl...

  31. Alliyah Lebitania

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    Here in the philippines we call that Sana ol

  32. Madel Guevarra

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    jihyo and jeongyeon

  33. Enzou CHEN

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    which 3 stray kids members is it? Felix, Woojin and who?

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  35. Ash

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    Dude I must apply as a barista here 😭

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  37. Julius Jimenez

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    sana ol

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  39. umiumi xio

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    Oh hell if stray kids sat a table by me I think I would choke

  40. Melanie

    MelanieBulan Yang lalu

    this is like one of those POV videos i’m

  41. 世界上最好的1個我

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  42. Zara Kaya

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    I would just scream and run if i saw twice

  43. Diana Chi

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    Men you're so luckyyy

  44. QuentashMe

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    Tbh it would’ve been a little creepy to just go into their building and speak to them so good job for keeping your distance

  45. Rodrigo Manhita

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  46. Bea Ayuste

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    *Looking calm on the outside, freaking out on the inside* Omg so lucky! Ph Once here.

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  48. Celine Grell

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    how did u came alive out of the cafe? I would swallow on that coffee if i see that stray kids come into the room xD I think I can not drink something because my hands would shake so much xDD

  49. Daniel Allen

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    When i was a kid:i wanna be a doctor Me rn:i wanna work at jyp cafe

  50. Oi Felix come here bRoU

    Oi Felix come here bRoUBulan Yang lalu

    I would yeet my cup away if I saw stray kids

  51. ullihi

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  52. s sss

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    omgggg u met sanaaaaa gosh,they just like normal ppl,if that was me i’m sure that i will cry in front of themmm godddd

  53. Raffin Hasan

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    wow!! you were so polite !!! and obviously did better when u seen them infront of you ..! im probably gonna faint out if i was in your place! 🤧

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    I would have had a heart attack

  55. bunnyeon

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    why is nobody talking about that michaeng isn't there

  56. Live Event

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    No way.... XD

  57. WIZ*ONCE

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    I really thought she was going to drop her drink I was bout to catch second hand embarrassment

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  59. Lareina JoDanielle anne

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  60. Universee Slimes

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    i never want to have soooo many lucky

  61. twiceoncrack

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    i just cried because i know ill never meet them:(

  62. mochalex

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    I always wondered what would happen if were to go directly to their building and hang around for a bit. What a cool experience! No need to get so nervous. They're human, too.

  63. Sofia Sandoval Flores

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    So any person can enter JYPE?

  64. Jaime Mullin

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    Y/N: shook

  65. Fatma Alnuaimi

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    OMG super lucky and I'm happy for you. Im going this weekend and hopefully see GOT7 . Wanna ask dose the stuff speaks english because Iam not that good with korean.