How To Caption Your Videos On YouTube [CC]


  1. Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

    Jessica Kellgren-FozardTahun Yang lalu

    Hope you've enjoyed this second instalment in my #InternationalWeekOfTheDeaf series! Please share this video with your friends and favourite creators to spread the message of just how easy yet vital it is to caption videos on IDreporter 💘

  2. making changes

    making changes9 bulan yang lalu

    You have no idea how intimidating it is to just try to learn how to add cc/subtitles. I even think the community contributions was already turned on at some point, and I was still terrified of messing something up. Your tutorials and explanations are fantastic. I am eternally grateful!

  3. anniekate76

    anniekate76Tahun Yang lalu

    Hey did you know that US viewers are seeing the automatic (badly misinterpreted) caption words by default? Maybe you should upload your caption file as both UK and American English?

  4. 3 NaMe ChAnGes ALloWed eVerY 9o daYS !

    3 NaMe ChAnGes ALloWed eVerY 9o daYS !Tahun Yang lalu

    Jessica Kellgren-Fozard inb4 any dislikes <3

  5. Mohammad Moataz

    Mohammad MoatazBulan Yang lalu

    I have a question.. Can we upload a video with 2 or more audios for 2 or more languages? and let the audience choose which language to listen to?

  6. Rayan Agarm

    Rayan Agarm3 bulan yang lalu


  7. daryl peary

    daryl peary4 bulan yang lalu

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS. i want to caption all of my videos so my content can be accessible, and want to do it correctly!

  8. K W

    K W4 bulan yang lalu

    I watched this series of videos when you first published it and I'm revisiting it now because I want to become a community contributor! I have paid closer attention to how many IDreporterrs I subscribe to only have the automatic captions and end up with some comical mis-transcriptions, but also missing words the software didn't pick out. 😕 I truly enjoy and appreciate how educational and relevant your content is! Thanks Jessica. Hugs from Washington state in the USA!

  9. My Own Drum

    My Own Drum6 bulan yang lalu

    Thank you so much for your CC videos, my parents are deaf and hard of hearing and I was so intimidated by trying to do my own CC. Well not anymore!! This video was so incredibly helpful & now my parents can watch my videos :) :)

  10. Hearth4days

    Hearth4days7 bulan yang lalu

    Thanks for this, I do plan to subtitle everything on my channel I'm hoping I can start

  11. God Vibes

    God Vibes7 bulan yang lalu

    I know, it is really offopic, but where do you get your wonderful clothing? I love it

  12. Ziya Ahmed

    Ziya Ahmed7 bulan yang lalu

    Please watch my channel

  13. A1 ASMR

    A1 ASMR8 bulan yang lalu

    Is there an option to write my own captions in the Beta version?

  14. Mey Choedon

    Mey Choedon8 bulan yang lalu

    Another reason on why you should totally add captions to your videos is to help out a fellow rebel who loses her headphones all the time and has to watch youtube videos on mute because her parents are in the next room. Thank you so much for not driving me insane when doing homework yall.

  15. Versatile Horsemanship

    Versatile Horsemanship8 bulan yang lalu

    Fantastic video! You made a boring topic really fun. 🙌

  16. Cindi Kinsily

    Cindi Kinsily8 bulan yang lalu

    You are so beautiful, thank you so much for posting this video!! very informative. I'm setting my goal this month to caption the 75 videos that I have on my channel, because I want my channel to be welcoming and inclusive to everyone!!

  17. Rakesh Pareek Sir Hindi Waale

    Rakesh Pareek Sir Hindi Waale8 bulan yang lalu

    Nice video.. thanks

  18. North America TEN - Closed Captions

    North America TEN - Closed Captions9 bulan yang lalu

    I believe IDreporter allows you to add the video's title in multiple languages to reach a larger browsing audience, but I haven't seen any videos on exactly how it works, the benefits, etc. Do you know of any?

  19. Mama Mei

    Mama Mei9 bulan yang lalu

    This is so helpful and informative, thank you!

  20. Medictel

    Medictel9 bulan yang lalu

    my interface on video manager looks nothing like yours

  21. Rowie Eka

    Rowie Eka9 bulan yang lalu

    I can't click on the transcript and auto sync button

  22. Somashankar Bhattacharya

    Somashankar Bhattacharya9 bulan yang lalu

    Thanks for helping me understand, Jessica. Those of us with all six senses (yes, let's not forget proprioception) normal tend to think it's no big deal - except that it actually is.

  23. The Irritable Vegan

    The Irritable Vegan10 bulan yang lalu

    Hi Jessica, I've been inspired by these videos to begin captioning my channel with automatic captions. It's slow going as I'm trying to work backward through my old videos. One thing I've realised which may be a good tip to share with your viewers is that a lot of my videos have not been automatically captioned by IDreporter. I can't be sure but I think it's any video that doesn't feature a face at the beginning, this makes sense but also sucks. I make a lot of recipe videos with the directions added as a voice over but which my face doesn't appear in the video. I think the way around this in the future is to do a quick intro to camera before the recipe begins. Hopefully, anyone thinking of getting started with automatic captions will see this and find it helpful. Thanks for the inspiration xoxo

  24. Siriuslygeeky -Batman

    Siriuslygeeky -Batman10 bulan yang lalu

    That awkward moment when you’re on mobile and don’t have a laptop or desktop

  25. Carolyn's Art Adventures

    Carolyn's Art Adventures11 bulan yang lalu

    Thank you so much for this. I just (literally a month ago) decided to start playing around with a youtube channel, and hadn't thought about this yet. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I just went through and edited the autocaptioning, and among other things it showed me a lot about how rambly my voice-overs really are. Somehow it's much more obvious in print how often I start sentences with and or so...I learned a bunch and I hope to improve not only my accessibility but my coherence as well.

  26. Sew Scoundrel

    Sew ScoundrelTahun Yang lalu

    Thank you for this video series, it inspired me to take the time and add captions for my sewing tutorial. The task of adding captions always seemed a bit daunting and I had no idea I could copy+paste the voiceover script and youtube would automatically set the captions in the right spots. (Well, it didn't get them all correct, but it was easy enough to tweak the captions.) After adding the captions from my voiceover script it was super easy to add translations based on the existing captions, so I also translated them into Finnish. Again, thank you so much for these informative videos!

  27. brit gordon

    brit gordonTahun Yang lalu

    This is of no use to me whatsoever but it's still enjoyable/interesting coming from you

  28. ugh

    ughTahun Yang lalu

    as someone who has sensory processing disorder captions come in handy sometimes, i don't need them all the time, but when my SPD is playing up i hear everything at the same volume, think: the tv, the washing machine (in the other room), and my own breathing, all at the same time and can't tune in and out to hear what i actually want, captioning comes in useful during those times because it gives me focus and allows me to catch everything people are saying! 😊

  29. Sarah Bent

    Sarah BentTahun Yang lalu

    For any and all skeptics who've watched this - I only have 5 videos. I have only captioned one. That one has over 100 views and appears in the first 10 results of you search for wet set tutorials. As opposed to the others which are hard to find if you aren't on the channel and have less than 10. I will be captioning the other videos. But I wanted to post first to show the benefits!

  30. Josette Arnauld

    Josette ArnauldTahun Yang lalu

    Totally didn't know we could submit captions! Spent all of last night captioning videos - glad to know we can contribute to making things more accessible.

  31. Flora Films

    Flora FilmsTahun Yang lalu

    So helpful! We'll be captioning all of our videos, thank you :)

  32. Chronically Fabulous

    Chronically FabulousTahun Yang lalu

    I've been unable to figure out how to apply captions to my videos since I started my channel and couldn't find any instructions online that made sense to me 😓 I have a lot of my own medical issues to contend with. But you have such a knack for explaining things clearly and concisely in plain language and I FINALLY get it!! 🤣 I'll be spending this evening adding comprehensive captions to as many of my videos as I can and finishing the rest across the remainder of this week 😁 Thank you so much!! Off to go watch the rest of your captions series to make sure I get this right 🙂

  33. suleiny beltre

    suleiny beltreTahun Yang lalu

    She’s so fun and cute when she’s explaining anything !

  34. No other Like my own skin

    No other Like my own skinTahun Yang lalu

    Every 1st and 3rd Saturday's during 10am - 2pm at Rogue Roasters 610 SW 6th St, Grants Pass, OR 97526 through "amBI" starting in October 2018. Can you share this with your community?

  35. Miss Jazzmatazz

    Miss JazzmatazzTahun Yang lalu

    I just starting working as a captioner this week, and I can already tell these videos are going to be super helpful. Atmospherics and cross talking are some of the things I really struggle with.

  36. TheQueenofland

    TheQueenoflandTahun Yang lalu

    All the people disliking is because they forgot to turn on their captions. I always turn on my captions for any video. It helps me to learn how to spell bigger and more advanced words. Sometimes with the auto captions there hilarious though.

  37. Shala Carter

    Shala CarterTahun Yang lalu

    I'd always wondered what it meant when ppl would ask their viewers to submit subtitles.

  38. Brandon Hiatt

    Brandon HiattTahun Yang lalu

    IDreporter tells me about the first video. IDreporter doesn't tell me about this video. I swear - these days, you have to actively seek out your favorite IDreporterr's newest videos. That's not a big deal for fans, but it's not fostering new viewership.

  39. Brieanna Gamache

    Brieanna GamacheTahun Yang lalu

    This is really informative and helpful! If i ever get my butt into making videos I'll definitely caption them, it's so much easier than it seems!

  40. trollfunk

    trollfunkTahun Yang lalu

    Wow! I had no idea how easy it is and how important too, I'm editing my videos to be caption friendly now♡♡ Thanks so much for the amazing instructions.

  41. Becky Baker

    Becky BakerTahun Yang lalu

    Yes to more captions! I search for the CC button on every video I watch, so that I don't have to turn the volume all the way up and blast my not hard-of-hearing husband's eardrums out of orbit :)

  42. jo grant

    jo grantTahun Yang lalu

    I saw this & thought of you! Amazing vid X

  43. ilonanne

    ilonanneTahun Yang lalu

    Hello Lovely people: Does anyone of you know how to edit the automatic _translations_ that IDreporter provides for subtitles? I'm making my videos in Finnish and captioning them. Then IDreporter provides automatic translations for them, they are almost correct but sometimes they go horribly wrong :( How I edit them?

  44. chilltime Manatee

    chilltime ManateeTahun Yang lalu

    The only problem with user submitted captions are that they are sometimes jokes made by viewers which is frustrating.

  45. 18th century addict

    18th century addictTahun Yang lalu

    i have always wondered how youtubers added captions to their videos

  46. Catt Root

    Catt RootTahun Yang lalu

    Thank you for this! I'll definitely start putting captions on my videos. I never want anyone to feel excluded.

  47. simplyharry

    simplyharryTahun Yang lalu

    I really hope that I will be able to caption my videos really soon because I'm profoundly deaf and I do Sims Content on my channel, but the issue is that, I can't even do the captions either, like it's difficult for me to hear and understand my strong Scottish accent, I only and try start from short videos and do the captions but, I really want to be able to put captions on my longer videos, I basically had to look for someone who would help me with captions but they said, "I'm sorry, your Scottish accent is strong" I'm like UGH seriously, the reason why it's hard for me to do it because I also have auditory processing disorder with my cochlear implant and, this video has helped me so much! Hopefully I'll be able to do it one day or get someone to do it for me!

  48. Love The New Name

    Love The New NameTahun Yang lalu

    This is a very important video. It's probably one of the most important IDreporter videos released today. Thank you.

  49. Autumn of Pellinor

    Autumn of PellinorTahun Yang lalu

    Thank you so much! You replied to my comment on the last video where I said I found it difficult and time consuming, I just thought I'd let you know that I captioned my latest video in around 20 minutes using the last method! (the perks of a relatively rp English accent!) From now on this is part of my video routine and (unless I forget!) non of my videos will go up without captions! I'm so happy I can actually do this now without feeling like it's a massive chore! Thank you again!!!

  50. Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

    Jessica Kellgren-FozardTahun Yang lalu

    Awesome sauce! 👍😀

  51. Lumisumu

    LumisumuTahun Yang lalu

    I've missed Jessica's dance moves in the outro.

  52. Rikki Poynter

    Rikki PoynterTahun Yang lalu

    Thank you for the shoutout!

  53. Cheyenne Blythe

    Cheyenne BlytheTahun Yang lalu

    You sound so posh. Nor do you sound deaf.

  54. Hasna Safira

    Hasna SafiraTahun Yang lalu

    fascinating as always ❤️

  55. PhoebeFay RuthLouise

    PhoebeFay RuthLouiseTahun Yang lalu

    Thank you, Jessica, for another terrific video on the important topic of IDreporter captions! Since you began this series, I’ve been thinking about all situations where I use the captions, and one of them is because I often watch videos late at night! So often when there are not captions, I find myself going back and listening over and over whenever I can’t understand what someone said! Unfortunately not everyone speaks as clearly as you!

  56. EvaSavesTheInternet

    EvaSavesTheInternetTahun Yang lalu

    this is so helpful! i think i’ll go back and make community captions an option, on the off chance someone is interested in helping me out! haha

  57. Jenna Gets Creative

    Jenna Gets CreativeTahun Yang lalu

    As an art channel, I almost always do voice overs because my face generally isn't on screen and the majority of my content is sped up so it isn't boring to watch. I don't script, though, so I don't have a script document to drop into the IDreporter tools. This means I either actually listen to my video in that second option and type it all out, then make timing adjustments as needed, or (if it worked in the first place), edit the auto-generated captions. (edit to add) I'm partially deaf myself, so I'm a frequent user of captions on others' content. For some reason, when I started uploading (rather than just being a viewer) I figured speed paints where I rambled about something random to fill the silence for hearing viewers don't need edited captions. Then I watched one of my videos with auto captions turned on. Yeah, no. Not good enough. If they're going to be captioned anyway, gosh darn it the captions are going to make sense!

  58. Ginny B

    Ginny BTahun Yang lalu

    I'm not a creator I shall how ever pass this on to new creators I am aware of. You as ever are a charming and lovely hostess. Give Claudia my regards. Thank you for sharing

  59. Jim W

    Jim WTahun Yang lalu

    This was quite informative and fantastic editing in this one. I'm totally hooked on your outro song.

  60. luciana *.+

    luciana *.+Tahun Yang lalu

    I submitted a spanish translation! I hope its helpful

  61. adam smith

    adam smithTahun Yang lalu

    You're so amazing! Easily one of my two favorite LGBT IDreporterrs.(Sorry Connor Franta is my number one.)

  62. TheLongHairedFlapper

    TheLongHairedFlapperTahun Yang lalu

    Thank you so much for this!! I've wanted to caption more of my videos for a while, but as a small creator I just don't have the resources to manually caption every video. I had no idea there was an automatic feature! I will definitely be playing around with that later tonight. Thanks again!

  63. Paula dos Santos

    Paula dos SantosTahun Yang lalu

    what's the difference between CC and subtitle?

  64. fjjsktk4kkdk

    fjjsktk4kkdkTahun Yang lalu

    Glad it looks like you were feeling good the day you filmed this!