How to Build an Ant Farm | Natural Formicarium


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    Hi guys. Hope you found this video of help! Just wanted to let you all know I've just launched a Patreon page! I’ve always been reluctant to make demands upon you guys. Very rarely do ask anyone to like or share my content. Which begs the question, “why start a Patreon page?” Well, what changed my mind was the realisation that, without the support of donations, pursuing my dream of producing Ants Australia videos full-time, simply can’t be done. Any contribution vastly exceeds individual ad revenue here on IDreporter. So if you enjoy my content, and want to see more, please consider chipping in. I’d like to thank you all for your overwhelming support throughout the years. Whether that be through your donations, inspiring words, or just your silent attention :)

  2. Bear the Super Nerd

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    @Slimey dosent mean there bad though and his products are better but over priced

  3. Bear the Super Nerd

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    @Slimey Personally I think ants canada videos are more for entertanment ant I do like aus's totorualis more but ants canada videos are more like fun butt useless flogs

  4. Bear the Super Nerd

    Bear the Super Nerd7 bulan yang lalu

    Hey I had a great idea witch would be to maybe try and make a tutorial on palidariums? I love your tutorials thx

  5. William Davis

    William Davis8 bulan yang lalu

    Hey Jordan, I have a question about the large Vivarium(Looks amazing by the way), For the substrate is it ok to use some kind Tropical Vivarium Mix, Such as ABG.

  6. Helena Dawson

    Helena Dawson8 hari yang lalu

    Does the colony continue to grow? What if you don’t have enough space for them?

  7. PokeTin

    PokeTin6 hari yang lalu

    Helena Dawson if they continue growing, yes.

  8. Helena Dawson

    Helena Dawson6 hari yang lalu

    PokeTin so you constantly have to increase the container size?

  9. PokeTin

    PokeTin6 hari yang lalu

    Helena Dawson the colony should grow as normal. If they run out of space, you can move them into a larger container.

  10. goatman86

    goatman869 hari yang lalu

    My ants have walled themselves in a test tube! I placed the tube in a small formicarium with some sand and few rocks and sneaky bastards have used the sand to build a 5mm wall in the tube. What's that all about?

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    Water Dragon12 hari yang lalu

    I think im inlove again

  12. No one Cares

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    This encouraged me to build a simple one

  13. haxi pitso

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    Peppermint makes ants to go away

  14. Seth Cassiel

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    6:15 pl(ANTS)

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    109 people that have no idea how to keep ants disliked this video. Idiots.

  16. Skyler Cole

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    Do not add mint plants!!!! Aswell as cinomon because Ants will try to escape and if they cant they will kill them self because they cant stand strong scents

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    Time for viewing number six of this video.

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    this is made on my birthday!

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    Ants Canada Ants australia

  20. Shaha Rothe-Khan

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    How do you make the tank so they get air but can’t escape

  21. Tithlee Chellappa

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    My 5yo ASD son today became very interested in ANTS after being bitten by a young "Jumping Jack" ant during his playtime at our local park. On his return home he excitedly started talking about ants to his father that my darling hubby begged me to try and change ours sons obsession. I instead embraced my lil mans obsession because I wanted him to have the same love for animals, insects and reptiles that my father gave me. So after our quick google search we happened upon your IDreporter channel and within hours watched several of your videos my son piped up and asked if we can make our own ant colony. So tomorrow we will be starting our new science project for his Homeschooling class!!

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    Автор молодец! С меня лайк и подписка! Взаимка. На моем канале тоже есть интересные видео про муравье и др. Заходи.

  24. Nicolas froes

    Nicolas froesBulan Yang lalu

    What type of plants attas use for the fungus?

  25. LGC_Crystal

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    What can i use instead of shadecloth

  26. Sammy Bray

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    Not water tight ... made crap then you can make one water tight by hand

  27. am zibo

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    Anybody know alternatives for coco husk/coir?

  28. am zibo

    am ziboBulan Yang lalu

    LGC_Crystal can i just skip coco husk?

  29. LGC_Crystal

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    Drift_Aventix maybe some old clothes yiu can cut them but i dont know if there gonna be fungie maybe you vould use that stuuf thay put on peaples head when they marry that thing in front of their faces that wite stuff maybe from old halloween clothes

  30. Giorno Giorvanna

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    Make more video

  31. Fancier Clover

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    What size does the Big one have?

  32. Valex Sousa

    Valex Sousa2 bulan yang lalu

    Hey! I really interested in starting a ant colony and I would love to create a ecosystem like the big aquarium... I would love to create something with cactus is there any specie of ant that would do great with cactus?

  33. Regina Bradshaw

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    I have just started watching ants on IDreporter. However, they always amazed me as long as they stayed out of my house. I would try to redirect them. But about 20 years ago I hated them and killed them out. Oh Yes Im sorry. :'( They are very awesome creatures and I don't try to kill them now. They haven't been back to my house. I do have many colonies ourside. I run across them when planting my herbs. I have to say I want to have my 60 gallon aquarium set up now and start a colonie of them after I have spent 4 whole days doing nothing but watching ants on IDreporter. I want to watch my own. I want to video them for my grandchildten. Im sure they would love to watch. I love your big aquarium place, so beautifully done. I raise worms for my garden. Some are like snakes they are so big. I just wonder if the ants would eat them? Im in Western Ky and I don't know the names of ants. I do wish some one could help me identify them. So I just joined ypur channel today Aug/ 07/2019

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    Oh God I feel myself being dragged back to ant vids heeeelp

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    Dude all those ant farms are so amazing. You are so passionate.

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    What I do when there’s is silicone is simply put some clear tape and replace it after a while. Great video btw

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    O ok,ok,ok,ok,okmomkomokmkokomokmok,ko,ok,ok,okmokmijnhbuyvtfceszwazrtfb

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    I like youuuu


    PICKLE RICK3 bulan yang lalu

    I literally just started keeping ants, i have a queen whith 15 pupae in a test tube ( still trying to figure out what species lol ) but yeah it'll be a fun experience.

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    please tell me your products are compatible withe antscanadas products, because that would be epic

  43. Quentin Faust

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    bull ant pupae look like corndogs-

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    You are like Ants Canada but for ppl who like ants

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    And Canada copy

  46. Lena Polin

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    totally convinced to do a natural terrarium for my camponotus japonicus

  47. Play list City!

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    OMG those peppermint plants do indeed look adorable! They fit so perfectly in with the environment! Thanks so much for making this video, I am so inspired and I have been for almost a year now! I am not keeping ants because I can’t find a dang queen! I’ve been looking and looking but can’t seem to find anything? It’s Jun 28 and I don’t know if I am too late or what. I just hope that I can find one this year!

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    Też chce

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    Myrmica ruba

  50. Faro light

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    A jakie mroweczki?

  51. Avisto Avisto

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    Tak. :D

  52. Faro light

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    Ale że vivarium ?

  53. Avisto Avisto

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    Ja już mam . :D

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    Ants Canada and Ants Australia.... Cool x3

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    i dont raise ants but this is fun to see. Thanks Ants Australia

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    This video was very helpful thank you

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    Ants are sow amazing!!

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    the one reason im not keeping ants... havent found much queens and the ones i caught died before founding colonies

  59. Kris

    Kris4 bulan yang lalu

    Don't most species of ants absolutely hate peppermint?...

  60. Pizza Gun

    Pizza Gun4 bulan yang lalu

    hey cool video. im wondering if one could capture a bunch of ants from the wild and put them in a similar set up. or do you have to get a queen somehow?

  61. asleen alee

    asleen alee4 bulan yang lalu

    Iam in Malaysia not Australia

  62. Radio Rebel

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    I keep ants cause of antscanada

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    Fish Tank setup all the way

  64. 1000 subscribers with no videos

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  66. Treaborz Grover

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    Is it possible if you decided to put a cap on the jar the plants would provide the oxygen to the ants and the clean up crew

  67. Corey S Duckworth

    Corey S Duckworth4 bulan yang lalu

    Thanks for this video my friend!

  68. deathproofduck smith

    deathproofduck smith4 bulan yang lalu

    Ironic that you describe green headed ants as pretty, considering Rhytidoponera means ugly wrinkled face (or something like that).

  69. Sigmania Gibran

    Sigmania Gibran4 bulan yang lalu

    Why should I build an ant farm? Like, I mean, there's already plenty in my walls sooo...

  70. Ultimate Chaos

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    Not gonna lie but i thought the larvae were meal worms and the orange things carrots lol

  71. Dinogamer

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    Could I just put a lid with hundred little holes just no way to get In or out unless you slide it open

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    I think such formicariums are the best

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    your so awesome

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    My plants dried out in the first 20 mins

  75. Coby Dickes

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    I am getting black carpenter ants and they live in the same area and conditions as I do so can I use the same type of plants that are outside?

  76. Random Liam

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    I thought ant keeping was gonna be such a fun and exciting job and it is I love watching these little guys everytime i can and I love to see that more and more people are starting to join the community of ant keeping

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    Hello, its a beautiful tank! I want see this tank which past so many month.