How to Build a Traditional Barn Roof


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    hi, loved your video, any chance of us seeing some more ? like inside a house, renovating, redecorating? very interesting. my brother who is a vet, lives in lectoure, gers. i'm french.

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    @44:35 you know he's a British in France because we don't make roofs with batten horizontally. building regulations are a vertical batten on top of rafters, then a horizontal batten for tiles/roofing. Doing like such lets air going inside between the membrane and the tiles reducing moisture so the carpentry lasts for years... And we let the tip of the membrane 3/4 centimetres laying down in the gutter so even with a broken tile, rain water would drain off the roof. I hope this does make sens Otherwise, thanks for sharing Good Job!

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    This is in France so I have no idea about the prices there, but for the US it would easily go over 120,000

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