How to Build a Traditional Barn Roof


  1. Drew Hudson

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    chop saw at 35min x50 pieces could of chopped both cuts no?

  2. T4nK0r

    T4nK0rHari Yang lalu

    Whats the cost of such a job?

  3. Per Oskarsson

    Per OskarssonHari Yang lalu

    A very good work from these guys, though not professionals. The concrete rim is by far too thick and cutting off the new beams instead of making support when making the rim wasn’t optional. This is a low weight roof and changing the supporting beams is questionable. The result was good but the concrete atop looks awful.

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    God bless your age and give you health and wellness thousand greetings from Iraq

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    الله يبارك في عمالك… وفي صحتك تحياتي الك من العراق

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    maravilloso y buen trabajo felicidades .

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  9. Michael Hermann

    Michael Hermann4 hari yang lalu

    How do you finance 3 months of working x2 full days ?

  10. Alvarez Gomes

    Alvarez Gomes5 hari yang lalu

    corrugated-wawes asbestos please handle carefully it is carcinogenic !!

  11. Jagdish Medok

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    U need to edit this video not >>FF

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    ale bym to styropianem dookoła okleił :D

  14. Ryan Abbotts

    Ryan Abbotts11 hari yang lalu

    Weren’t those asbestos sheets you were ripping off

  15. me me

    me me14 hari yang lalu

    I have been preparing myself do do a rammed earth project for the past few years. The roof, especially rafter types, has always confounded me. NO MORE! Thank you so much for this wonderful video. Surely one amongst top three videos on old-school home building. Fantastic job by your team. Kudos !

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    OMG 😱, muito bom!

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    What can I say .. . Wow wow wow wow The best part is 🐈 cats paw very humoristic I rewind few times just to see the paw....and 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Keep the good job up and god bless....

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    I have made many beautiful videos and I have no viewers, give me advice.

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    I've been farting in my room all night it smells like a dead mans coffin..


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    obra muito bem feita verdadeiro artista que equipe fantastica maravilhosa vcs tem o dom de deus em suas vidas trabalham em equipe deus lhes abençoe grandiosamente ;

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  22. Will Datsun

    Will Datsun18 hari yang lalu

    nice vid. why cut rafters at birdmouth and bolt on extensions ? why not longer rafter?

  23. Kennyfuckingpowers

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    Apologies for the sound ?!?!? R u kidding me that was probably the best part of this wonderful video!!! Great job guys 👍🏽👍🏽

  24. Roy Gunawan

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    Is Ok

  25. Manuel Jardón

    Manuel Jardón22 hari yang lalu

    Congrats. for the job! Sorry for the question but why did you remove all the wood structure? I can imagine it state of conservation was very bad. And another question, why did you use concrete instead lime with stone like traditional construction? Thanks

  26. Rossana Sanchez

    Rossana Sanchez23 hari yang lalu

    i loved the whole video! i didn't miss a bit! =)

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  28. Timothe Merague

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    Aucun lignage des tuiles pas de soudure à gradin dans la goutiére en espérant que vous avez respecter le dilatation mais pas mal fais

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    В Россию приходи научать.

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    Фигня это ,с гниёт .

  31. MG- ɹǝʍoʇ

    MG- ɹǝʍoʇ25 hari yang lalu

    In the USA "double rafters to save on time and money" are called "scabs" whenever and wherever applicable. Nice scabs!

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  33. Trev Tassie

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    Looks like there is a refreshingly lax attitude to asbestos removal.... but at least they had some kind of dust mask on....

  34. Arjen Vreeken

    Arjen Vreeken24 hari yang lalu

    My very first thought watching this. Especially the pushing one plate under another is creating a lot of dangerous dust. Wetting the plates with water and better protective clothes/covering brings risks down. Eternite/asbestos is not something to be messed with. Of course my compliments for the way the renovation is done.

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    Bravo le pro j'aime cette vidéo merci

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    Excelente! También el juego con el gato! XD

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    Very nice :)

  38. irene staples

    irene staplesBulan Yang lalu

    Not to disrespect Asian workers who I have seen on many videos, working super fast and efficiently, but... I just have to say how refreshingly good to watch traditional work being done. To me it looks like it is being done correctly and won't weaken or crumble before it should.

  39. Alexandr Chel

    Alexandr ChelBulan Yang lalu

    It's nice to watch 😍👍 Noticed some mistakes 🙈 When you put a tree on the concrete there should be parchment 👍 This is to ensure that the tree does not rot 👍 I'm a roofer 😊🔨⚒️ I have been working in this field for more than 4 years 🙈😅 I wish you success and prosperity in this business 🚀

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    Двум идиотам нечем заниматься кроме как страдать хернёй!

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    Q canal buceta é esse ? Afff

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    i enjoyed your video bro. keep well and God bless you

  43. Dimitris Kaparakis

    Dimitris KaparakisBulan Yang lalu

    Great Work! BUT the plates material that exist before and you moved it in the beggining of the video contain ASBESTOS. It was a cheap and easy material, and was used until 2000. it requires special handling and disposal by specialist wearing masks and special uniforms. When the cement that contains asbestos fibres deteriorates it release these fibres in the air. There is no safe limit for asbestos inhalation. even the smallest amount is possible cancer cause

  44. MrTkamine

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    They cut with an old fashion saw but use a drill for the screws they should be using a screw driver.


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    Как-то странно, ремонтировали частями, вместо того, что бы сразу снять крышу целиком и заменить , делали частями, не понятно, для чего... И работы больше и неудобно. Особенно переживала в начале, когда у крыши подрезали укосины, не сняв шифер, думала, ну все, трындец, обвалится на голову. Техника безопасности кровью написана, берегите себя.

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    Great job. I'd learn how to fix it after watching.

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    Ottimo lavoro voto 10

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    Muy buen trabajo asen en la carpintería amigos un buen abrazo 👍

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    Awesome good work broo

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    لو هدم وبناء اسهل واسرع

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    Qeseydi superdi ba qaqa canı deyrem sene😁

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    Great Job 🌠

  55. Tom Smith

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    It's a shame you haven't chosen to use a lime based mortar for this work.

  56. Hellenic pride

    Hellenic prideBulan Yang lalu

    How you calculate how much OCB you need for the roof.?

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    beau travail ,chapeau bas les artistes!

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    Amazing! Great work!!

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    wow ,big work ,you have kind family . 💕🌹

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    блин,как тёлка появилась-я думал порнуха начнётся! голяк!!!

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    Indonesian roof tiles is more strong, simple, cheap and easy to use... we cal it "Genteng"

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    @Fahmie Kurniawan asik tuh, adem... 😂

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    Iya kalo rumahku masih pakai atap ilalang 😆

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    @Fahmie Kurniawan dalam bahasa Teknik Sipil, Atap adalah penutup atas suatu bangunan, jenis atap ada banyak, ada atap genteng, atap seng, atap kayu ulin, atap beton cor, atap galvalum, atap carbonat atap daun (daun kelapa/nipah), dll yg paling keren atap langit... 😁

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    Indonesian genteng is atap