How Strong is Hafthor Bjornsson Vs Brian Shaw


  1. Max Mcsherry

    Max McsherryHari Yang lalu

    It says that Shaw is 37 and Thor is 30 but Shaw was born 1982 and Thor was born 1988 which means it’s wrong cause there is a 6 age difference

  2. wes r

    wes r2 hari yang lalu

    What sort of biased loon posts a video saying that there is no doubt that Shaw will lose to Mountain? You must be Democrats cause you are obviously anti American

  3. Teafuse

    Teafuse3 hari yang lalu

    Europe Viking Genes wins

  4. doc

    doc4 hari yang lalu

    You lost all credibility by saying Brian was at his peak from 2015-2017. Brian shaw won wsm title in 2011 and 2013. He wasn't in his peak condition?

  5. Scott Ratliff

    Scott Ratliff7 hari yang lalu

    Somewhere along the line wsm became worlds fastest strongman. This is why Shaw has not taken the last few titles.

  6. Frank Bean

    Frank Bean8 hari yang lalu

    Thor is younger and is more faster than I’m, Shaw is the strongest

  7. Ryan Schultz

    Ryan Schultz8 hari yang lalu

    I believe it took someone as great as Brian Shaw, to push Hafthor into fulfilling his immense potential. I do expect Shaw to continue to battle it out with Hafthor. But Hafthor has simply become the Strongest man to ever walk the earth!💯 That said, he has some ground to make up on Shaw at this point. Which I expect him to do so. On a serious note, I sincerely hope Hafthor completely recovers from his bout with cerebral palsy. Loved this video, 2 amazing athletes!👍👊

  8. m. rude

    m. rude10 hari yang lalu

    Brian: world's strongest man 4 times Bjornwhatever: world's strongest man 1 time ...

  9. KFeirg Linn

    KFeirg Linn11 hari yang lalu

    This is 100 percent Thor Biased these statt's are now old anyway's.

  10. Ni Yo

    Ni Yo11 hari yang lalu

    One thing Eddie Hall talked about is how much money is needed to train for these competitions. When he dead lifted the 1100 lbs on the stiff bar, he said he did that to get money to become the world's strongest man. Maybe this isn't a factor, but I think Hafthor benefits from having more money than Shaw. Also technique and nutrition is always getting better and both of those factors help Hafthor.

  11. Earl Leonard

    Earl Leonard14 hari yang lalu

    So their overall feats are really similar but Shaw just goes a little redder in the face? Got it

  12. \German BeatZ/

    \German BeatZ/19 hari yang lalu

    Shaw vs thor in ufc is what i wanna see

  13. J R

    J R20 hari yang lalu

    Brian Shaw-The Strongest Man Ever 👍🏼👍🏼

  14. Tree plant

    Tree plant22 hari yang lalu

    There is little dought your mouth is very big

  15. Hi guys my name is Miguel

    Hi guys my name is Miguel23 hari yang lalu

    Thor's genes seem to be better than Shaw's

  16. J. Wild

    J. Wild24 hari yang lalu

    I really like appreciate your videos, but could you change the music pls? I'm nearly falling asleep. Some rock or metal would match better i my opinion

  17. Joseph Funaro

    Joseph Funaro24 hari yang lalu

    Both amazing strength athletes. Brian will always be my favorite. he is a great ambassador of the sport.

  18. Rocky Losco

    Rocky Losco26 hari yang lalu

    I think whichever one could live in an abandoned house the longest would be the best squatter.

  19. Rocky Losco

    Rocky Losco26 hari yang lalu

    Why’s he straining like that ,it’s only an airplane?

  20. Rocky Losco

    Rocky Losco26 hari yang lalu

    Never competed?brians competed many many many times!

  21. Rocky Losco

    Rocky Losco26 hari yang lalu

    Brian no questions asked

  22. James Muscat

    James Muscat26 hari yang lalu


  23. Phillip Lewis

    Phillip Lewis27 hari yang lalu

    "randomly selected events"

  24. Santino Nollez

    Santino Nollez27 hari yang lalu

    Brain will always be the strongest man to live

  25. Jacob Onosson

    Jacob Onosson27 hari yang lalu

    Shaw is getting older, i think thor is stromger atm.

  26. Mohammad ALObaedy

    Mohammad ALObaedyBulan Yang lalu

    All Hail the mountain

  27. X Liutauras

    X LiutaurasBulan Yang lalu

    Big Z The best

  28. rj rudder

    rj rudderBulan Yang lalu

    How many world records has Thor gotten tho

  29. Mistery BOX

    Mistery BOXBulan Yang lalu

    Biased af

  30. Steven Burks

    Steven BurksBulan Yang lalu

    I like how they say Brian's bench press is a little over 500lbs. Anybody who watches Brian's IDreporter channel knows that he doesn't bench press in his regular routine. Though he did a bench press day in one of his videos and he hit 550 really easy. So I'm gonna go out on a limb and say his bench press is definitely over 600lbs.

  31. Toby Rutledge

    Toby RutledgeBulan Yang lalu

    I think Hafthor has Brian only in speed when it comes to strength I think Brian dominates.

  32. Logan .-.

    Logan .-.Bulan Yang lalu

    Wait thirs middle name is Julias lol I never knew that

  33. Colin Ackleson

    Colin AcklesonBulan Yang lalu

    Even if Thor loses anything, his wife is sexy as so he still winning.

  34. Steven Burks

    Steven BurksBulan Yang lalu

    So is Brian's wife. But the bigger question is why are they both married to such tiny women?

  35. wolfsfire

    wolfsfireBulan Yang lalu

    I think Brian could out bench Hafthor. I saw him crank out 5 reps of 500lbs on some dude's channel and he could have done more reps.

  36. Stefan Vitali

    Stefan VitaliBulan Yang lalu

    Elbows were not locked out on that third log press.

  37. Ismail Ndizeye

    Ismail NdizeyeBulan Yang lalu

    The biggest factor for me is that Thor has youth on his side overall i go with Brian but Thor is pretty awsome in his own way wouldnt compare these two really.

  38. wekker090

    wekker090Bulan Yang lalu

    Both good strong men. Just a stupid vid.

  39. P4F Ace

    P4F AceBulan Yang lalu

    Brain is overall better

  40. James Dang

    James DangBulan Yang lalu

    Brain is a little past him prime, and Thor is in his prime now. But if we compare prime Brain vs Prime Thor. No doubt that brain is stronger.

  41. Mynne140

    Mynne140Bulan Yang lalu

    00:58 He could have done 470 there

  42. Hyperkaoss

    HyperkaossBulan Yang lalu

    You based this video more on there times then strength ........

  43. Odessy

    OdessyBulan Yang lalu

    Yeah but how many times did bryan win americas strongest man

  44. Sergio alexandre Sousa

    Sergio alexandre SousaBulan Yang lalu

    very good strongmans

  45. Sergio alexandre Sousa

    Sergio alexandre SousaBulan Yang lalu

    i like both

  46. peepee poopoo privileges

    peepee poopoo privilegesBulan Yang lalu

    shaw really only loses some events bc hes not as fast as the others


    ISHFAQ HYDARBulan Yang lalu

    Who Are these 211 Dislike

  48. Matthew Jenkins

    Matthew JenkinsBulan Yang lalu

    Brian is without a doubt stronger than haftthor, but way less agile.

  49. 이름TOZ OT9

    이름TOZ OT9Bulan Yang lalu

    Like Brian once said he is the strongest man alive, not the fastest They are both really strong prob the strongest people this world will ever see for a while, until their children surpass them😆 if their children do start train for WSM

  50. Clifford Appla

    Clifford ApplaBulan Yang lalu

    Brad Castleberry is stronger than either one of em

  51. longbeacheli

    longbeacheliBulan Yang lalu


  52. [Ꮩ៩ɳ̶o̶̴m̴]

    [Ꮩ៩ɳ̶o̶̴m̴]Bulan Yang lalu

    I think brian has advantage in arm but disadvantage in legs and hafthor have disadvantage in arms and advatage on legs

  53. Shahil Rai

    Shahil Rai2 bulan yang lalu

    next vid: Hafthor vs FulThor

  54. Joshua Olds

    Joshua Olds2 bulan yang lalu

    They are both legends and role models. Love em both.

  55. Dominick Mccurdy

    Dominick Mccurdy2 bulan yang lalu

    It’s sad because hafthor is 7 years younger and brain is still right there with him

  56. Silly Rukus

    Silly Rukus2 bulan yang lalu

    Brian is 4x SM Champion and world records so I would consider Brian Shaw the GOAT. Hafthor has the potential to get a couple more trophies.

  57. H S

    H S2 bulan yang lalu

    thor had that plantar injury and prevented his best showing in the squat lift this year. but theres no doubt, and credit the Australian Strength coach, seb oreb for Thors improvement. That guy is one of the best strength coaches in the world

  58. DethroneKing MMA

    DethroneKing MMA2 bulan yang lalu

    dude im sorry but anyone who knows WSM knows Thor isnt anywere close to brians level ya Thor is a huge guy sure kick my ass but brian is on the same level as eddie hall... those 2 ARE THE LEVEL...5x wsm vs 1x wsm..... thor is arguably in his prime right now while brian sadly is ...on the downslope but who can blame him hes done so much and now he has a family to take care of and spend time with... thor is a great guy all the best to him but u cant put him vs brian in a comparison thats comparing a motorcycle to a bicycle....

  59. Dead X productions

    Dead X productions2 bulan yang lalu

    Brian is 4x worlds strongest man

  60. Jack Lonnquist

    Jack Lonnquist2 bulan yang lalu

    This is a really well put together video man thanks for making it

  61. Joseph King

    Joseph King2 bulan yang lalu

    I don't care, both of these guys are enormous beasts. They are impressive as hell.